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  1. 27 minutes ago, spankin_panda said:

    Against Hearts he was fantastic and I ate some humble pie. 

    He has been excellent. He is clearly better in that more central role. His tackling and intercepting in the middle was key on Saturday.

    And the fact he created the chance on Saturday and bust his backside to get into a position for a re-bound was excellent. Watch that run again from Saturday and you appreciate the goal (scrappy finish) even more as it was from determination.


    Well done Flynn!! 

    In his earlier years, Flynn was all about pace and on the wing.  As the years have went on, he has developed more into a central player who can tackle, has an eye for a pass and can chip in going forward. He has been one of the main driving forces behind our recent turn of results. To get that winning goal on Saturday was very fitting for him. Take a bow Mr Flynn.

  2. 9 hours ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

    On the contrary I thought Sunderland was the perfect move for him. Working with JR again and I thought he’d really shine at that level. I now beginning to think that Lewis maybe isn’t as good as we all thought he was. Maybe just a very good Championship player.

    There's a possibility JR doesn't want to upset the apple cart by giving him a place in his team immediately without earning it. Could be looking to bed him in, bring him off the bench as an impact player then if he shows up well enough give him a start.

  3. 59 minutes ago, scrappy coco said:

    Why would Sutton hate us because of his brother, that's just being silly..

    We're no different from any other team in the league, it was a poor tackle and should have been a red card..

    Your beginning to sound like a Sevconian.... 

    More to do with his pal Stubbs i reckon when he was running accusations.

  4. 8 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

    Not sure what the buy option is on Mihai but surely given we've negotiated one, it must be something remotely affordable. 

    I'd be pushing the boat out to take Bucharest up on it straight away. What a find this guy has been. Absolutely superb and along with Hladky (who is thankfully ours) a constant shining light through some difficult times in the last 4 weeks. 

    The sort of guy you build a defence around. 

    Think it all could depends on what league we are playing next season, though i agree in the very short time he has been with us, he is already looking like a magnificent find. Makes you wish the Heaton fee was instead spent on this lad. 

    I would be inclined to ask for an extended loan deal if he was not within our transfer budget, if we are playing in the top flight next season.

  5. 19 minutes ago, munoz said:

    Looks like Lee Hodson has played his last game for us according to the press. 


    I wonder if the loan agreement will be terminated or if he will be still registered with us.  If he will be not playing the rest of the season, would be good to know that we have freed up a wage and the signing of Corbu now fills that gap.

  6. 9 minutes ago, alexang5 said:

    “The forum is run as a separate entity from the main website, it just links from there as it was actually part of the old website (www.saintmirren.net)”


    This was the reply I got on Monday regarding the forum, I may be wrong but it looks like whoever the host was has either shut the server down or spotted that St Mirren were getting a service they were not paying for and pulled the plug.


    That seems plausible. I have never agreed with official forums anyway. 

  7. 9 minutes ago, Doakes said:

    Reading that statement again, I’m a bit confused about why the club even released it. 

    “It’s alleged something happened, we have no proof that it did happen, but people are talking on social media so here’s a statement to confirm that we have no idea who was involved or what actually happened” 

    Seems like another public dig from our chairman towards a certain supporterer. Embarrassing after using the clubs official account to have a “debate” last time

    Surely just a simple “if anyone has information on the incident in W7, here’s our phone number”, would have been better? Regardless of what happened it’s a strange way to handle things, especially in public

    I think the club are taking abuse from every angle over this and purely wanted to voice their side of the recent accusations of wrong doing on social media, which looked like a one-sided story, without them getting a say.  The longer the club stayed silent, there would be people moaning about how quiet they are.

    They have used the Utd fans injury as an example of what can happen if you surge forward and (most likely) to warn of standing on seats could cause the same result in injury.

    Whether the incident happened or not (coin and spitting), its a pretty strong statement to release if there is no truth to it. If it did happen and it was one or two who were involved, the whole of W7 would have not seen said incident anyways. The fact a coin was thrown at Morelos a few months back really doesn't do this end of the ground any favours. As i said, if it did happen, its one or two ruining it for everyone else who puts in the effort in that section of the stand every game. I doubt anyone would shop their mate though.

  8. We can't keep going on the assumption that an alternatively experienced manager would turn this mess round. Yogi Hughes at Raith, Butcher at Hibs and Inverness, the list goes on were all failures.

    Despite picking up 3 points at the weekend, the appointment of Brian Rice at Accies for me, was as big a risk as when we appointed Tommy Craig. Well established coach, though certainly not much experience as a manager. 

    Chopping and changing the manager consistently is not going to make our club an attractive gig, so you are left with the same names in the pot everytime the vacancy opens up.

    People will always debate the standard of the Northern Irish league too in comparison. Setting that aside, the size and rep of the club he built up to be title contenders. national cup winners and access to the europa league qualifiers, was all through patience. Our fans simply do not have that. 

    We HAVE TO give OK the rest of the season. It's his team now. 

  9. Badly need Magennis back as an option. Agree we need a tough as nails no nonsense midfielder who will run through brick walls for us. Are we relying on injured players returning rather than spending? I thought Hodson done a rather good sweeper job behind midfield second half Vs Alloa. Similar minded player needed for that role?

    When we lose possession we seem to be all over the place with big gaps forming in the centre of the park. 

  10. 11 hours ago, norrie82 said:

    Am I the only one to hear our fans say they’re looking forward to the championship and winning again. I am really annoyed when I hear this defeatist chat. I accept its 70-30 we will be back there next year but please don’t try and tell me that it’s the best we can do or that I should look forward to it. Look forward to gates of 2500 against Queens , Ict and Alloa. Playing with the away stand empty bar the ball boys. Look forward to losing Kyle Macgennis in the cheap? Or maybe look forward to the mighty Renfrewshire derby which we all know is a shitty fixture that does nothing to increase our status in the game.


    Give me our team playing at Tynecastle or Easter Road, let’s see if we can establish ourselves again as a team in Scotland’s top league. We used to be an ever present until the 90s. The championship has some tough teams and we could be down for years. It’s a crap shit fest of a league if your mid table or worse lower half. The play offs are Unfair and to win the title is tough. People say we were not ready to gain promotion?eh try tellin this to Livingston and their 1200 home support. Try telling Hamilton who surprised many with a playoff win five years ago. I don’t but that shitty argument.

    We had the blank canvas and we appointed a manager who was not upto the job. Then chaos. I support the manager and want him to do well but Kearney surely would have hoped to return more than 9 points since mid sept ?

    Regardless of how bad a team are surely as professionals you can be hard to beat- something we are not . It’s not looking good but as a club to progress and to move to the next level relegation will be a disaster and will be financially terrible. Missing out on the new tv deal would be typical and it would hurt our club greatly.

    We have it all there for us a great stadium, training ground and a support that Hamilton, Livingston and St Johnstone can only dream of. I won’t accept he championship it’s basically a league of empty grounds and little cash. We need to survive this year somehow . 

    Yeah, i bet the Partick Thistle fans were delighted to be relegated, to then be within a baw hair of going down another level this season.

    This is the reality of dropping down to the Championship. It almost happened on two occasions last time round when we went down. Falkirk are an example of a club who have came close to promotion on many occasions, though have now got to the point that poor finances, has resulted in youth football being scrapped and they are on the brink of collapse if they don't turn around their fortunes this season.

    We have the infrastructure of a Premier league team and really should be doing better. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Cornwall_Saint said:

    Thing is, it’s a different game at 1-0. Having survived the first wrong decision, we were still in the game at 55 minutes. If we held onto that for another 20 mins, then 75-80mins we could have started pushing for the equaliser. Point is, the game would have panned out differently. We may have still lost, we may still have not achieved a shot on target. But we don’t know for sure. 

    Agree with this. We had a couple of half chances at best that fell to Jackson, though the longer the game could have went on at 1-0 we could have had a bit of self belief and the subs could have made a difference, even to the point where we see it's worthwhile sticking on McAllister to run at them for the last 15. That chance passed when the referee malfunctioned.

  12. 11 hours ago, St.Ricky said:

    A wee bit soon to be writing Tansey  off perhaps. 


    Impatience creeping in and rightly so with results, though unfair to judge a player after a couple of games. I know it's not ideal though he is still working on his fitness and getting back to first team game time.


  13. 9 hours ago, Callum Gilhooley said:

    Just find it strange he isnt listed and hasnt had the official obligatory strip n a scarf  pics . Are we struggling to get international clearance ? 

    The clearance came through on Monday. I'd imagine it has been so manic over the last few days, its still on the to-do-list for official press release with pictures, since we had the game on Sunday and the window is just about to close. Maybe awaiting the other player(s) to arrive today and get it all done in one go.

  14. 10 minutes ago, aldo_j said:

    Yeah, I think it’s got to be someone who is desperate to get back in to to full time football, and not someone like Goodwin who’s star is on the rise.

    Someone from D. Lennon, Yogi or Hartley from an experienced point of view, or someone like Donati from an inexperienced point of view.

    The same names as usual will be punted about. Wouldn't surprise me though if Buezilin hangs on to it as he is highly rated.  Unless they have a recruitment team on the staff, they have left themselves short of bringing in any new players, though maybe there wasn't money there to add any more.

  15. 36 minutes ago, shull said:

    No more than ten pounds. 

    Ideally eight pounds. 

    Maybe Season Tickets valid but as we share the gate, that is out of the question. 

    All Clubs should maybe get together and work out a better deal for all. 

    Twenty pounds is outrageous. 

    I know you are a fan of watching the Juniors. That's what level you will be watching football at with St. Mirren if our club was charging £8 a skull for adults.

  16. 6 minutes ago, waldorf34 said:

    Full backs,midfield players ,Will not win us games,we need strikers , they should have been a priority.

    All this loan stuff for a few months may save us,but I doubt it, so then we start all over again??

    Our issue is the risk of relegation really weakens  your chance of attracting a player committing long term. We have done well to tie the Hladky and Tansey beyond this season. 

    I am sure within the next week we will see some activity and I am fairly confident a striker is a high priority.

  17. My thoughts on it are that if the referee thought it was a dive, why did he not continue play and have a word with the player. He had only booked him a few minutes earlier for a challenge. 

    It was so far out from goal, i couldnt see why he would want to go down, as if he beats his man, he has a chance of a shot on goal as the other defenders are pulled away from him with other players runs.

    You can clearly see from the replay the defender is showing his left shoulder out, waiting for Brad to get closer to him, then when he sees that he is going to continue his run by his open side (the defenders right), he puts his right shoulder in front to put up a block and prevent him getting by.  There is no simulation, clear contact. If he did play for the foul fair play, though weigh this up against Alloa player going down in the box 2nd half, waving his arms about in frustration, ref  waves play on. I've never understood this one. If you think he went down in the box and no penalty, could the player have dived to win a pen, therefore merit a booking? 

  18. 42 minutes ago, barrhead saint said:

    Totally agree. Aside from season ticket costs, money spent at the ground on matchdays,monthly SMISA costs, you are also expected to subscribe to buddie f**king vision to hear interviews from the players and manager ?

    It's a total piss take.

    You are not expected to, it's your own choice and there is no long term commitment. I choose to use it now and again. I've renewed 3 times this season on a monthly basis, so £15 i've spent. What's that, the price on average of 4 extra pints in the pub this season. 

    I'm sure it will be reviewed end of season, though i do agree, maybe offering a 1-3 months free subscription to season ticket holders and free to annual St Mirren TV users, would be a good idea.