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  1. Could be why the Belgian guy has been linked. Seems to play a similar role in midfield.
  2. I never actually considered this. Scales could be brought in as their left-back or their centre half, with Dunne doing a similar job. I doubt they would spend 350k, though may come back with an improved offer.
  3. One thing that got me thinking was the difference Gogic could have potentially made to out starting 11, if Goody had managed to sign him first time round before he went to Hibs a couple of years ago.
  4. Yeah I agree its unfair to label a player rubbish due to his small goals return, when it seems he has been playing out wide most of his career. He's been labelled a wide player/striker, though seems to have played the majority if not the latter part of his career 'out wide'. Jay Henderson has 2 goals from playing in a wide position, doesn't make him a bad player.
  5. I was hoping that change of manager, may convince him he has more playing time, IF Robinsons sees him in the mould of a regular starter.
  6. I know there was probably a bit of pressure on Goodwin to play him at such a young age last season, so it looks like we may have to sell this summer if he isn't guaranteed regular game time and all we would get is a dev fee next summer. Would be hoping for something close to John McGinn's sell-on or at least alternative add-ons. When you see the likes of Ramsay after one season at Aberdeen and Doig after one season at Hibs being touted for big money moves, it makes you wonder if he had more exposure this season, could we have added value to his price tag?
  7. Was surprised when he signed 2 yr deal last year, we hadn't pushed for at least a 3 yr (unless there is a rule for that young age) as his first year in first team could have been limited which it has been. There was a similar sort of buzz around his academy development to that of John McGinn. His trials with Bayern and Benfica a couple of years ago only confirm this. And here we are, as per usual, down to last 12 months of a promising players contract. Only hope is that change in manager could encourage him to sign an extension. After all, he is only just turned 17. This is a massive season for him if he decides to stay.
  8. St. Mirren have given him a pathway. I would hope the offer of a 2-3 year extension is already on the table. These 12 month remaining situations we repeatedly get into is costing us a good selling fee. I think a 3 year deal is very low risk, considering he is already on a reported smaller wage, he has just made his international debut and is only going to get better.
  9. My bad. That would mean since October he has probably covered most games this season. I will let the gaffer be the judge of if he is good enough, though could be playing to his level at Kelty.
  10. For whatever reason he only featured in around 15 games for Kelty this season. From what I seen of his limited game time with us, he looked very raw. At the age of 21 years old, you should be as good as ready. Imo he didn't look any better than Jack Baird at that age.
  11. Can't see Dunne staying beyond summer with links to Aberdeen and also from what I have seen of Finlayson, I'm not sure if he has enough quality for this level to be kept on.
  12. He's originally from Erskine.
  13. 200k for Dunne would be very decent. I don't think we have seen enough of him to justify his value being much more. If he were to leave I wouldn't be that disappointed. I would have liked McCarthy to have stayed, though with the interest down south in him last summer, I am sure he will feel he can get a similar interest when his contract expires.
  14. We had a bid accepted by Peterborough two summers ago, though Motherwell matched it and he chose them over us after spending half a season on loan there. I only remember some of his earlier career when he looked quite promising at Killie and Dundee, which led to a move to Peterborough around same time as Jason Naismith.
  15. What a great interview with the great man himself. Quite emotional watch at times. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to get notified of more interviews by Jed.
  16. I think some of the remaining 150k probably went towards topping up his salary from Jims one. Still, should hopefully be left with some profit.
  17. Gary, take a look at Morecambes league positions over the last 20 years or so. They were battling in bottom 4 or 5 in league 2 up until finishing 4th last season, where they went on to win promotion for first time to league 1 (Derek Adams got them promoted). They have lowest budget in the league and are punching well above their weight with games in hand over other clubs. If you dig a little deeper he had majority backing from their fans. He did a decent job at Motherwell on a similar if not less budget than ours and stuck with a lot of youth players. This is far from a bad appointment imo. Like any appointment, it can go either way in terms of results.
  18. They haven't thought this through have they...
  19. McInnes was certainly on that type of salary, though I'm sure (only my thoughts) that he would have been easier to negotiate a lesser contract, due to it being his first proper managerial position. As mentioned elsewhere, the figures you have quoted are more that of his earnings throughout the length of his contract rather than per season.
  20. Whoever takes on the Aberdeen job has a potential avoid relegation job on their hands this season. and build for next season if that's avoided (never went well for killie). It's never an overnight job to turn a clubs fortunes. Money does speak, though I'd like to think what you have referenced is enough for Jim to hold out for better success with us this season, raising his stock at the end of the season. A strong finish may even make him consider staying a little longer. Jack Ross left early, though as the same with Jim, there was an opportunity to make life changing money. The difference from my opinion, is the size of a club Sunderland are, tripling his wages and with the potential to take the club to the English Championship. It really was too good an offer to turn down, considering they were an EPL team only 2-3 years previously. Our clubs ambitions match Jims and at times, we may not be able to stretch further in our budget, I think he has been given great resources to build the squad he has ended up with this season.
  21. Ethan has a year left on his contract. He is the type of player who we should be tying down on an extension and work on his weaknesses as he has the makings of a very good player. I do get the feeling though that if he's not in the team he's probably making negative noise about it. I have no doubt if it wasn't for covid lockdown, he would have most likely have signed for Barnsley, before we signed him on an extension. There is certainly a player in there. He is very different with his type of role, to that of academy players from the past that have went on to play at a higher level. I thought last season he was one of our better players, though had a bit of a dip in form at the turn of the year last year.
  22. I seen Sam Baldocks name mentioned, though he's just signed for Oxford.
  23. https://www.nzfootball.co.nz/newsarticle/111692?newsfeedId=1275622 Hopefully Alex isn't one of the positive cases, though it is likely he may need to isolate before travelling back if close contact.
  24. Both are not part of their long term plans under Maloney and they are also into the final 5-6 months of their contracts. It's all good and well giving players a run out, though if you have players who are part of your future plans in the waiting and these guys are not, they go further down the pecking order.
  25. A perfect scenario if an English comes in and signs him now. Use some of the fee we receive towards going for Allan.
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