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  1. 2 hours ago, Sonny said:

    You are totally deluded living in your Stubbs wonderland and spouting the same bullshit.

    Stubbs only wanted to keep 3 players that had won the Championship only months before - Magennis, Samson and Smith and that was based on a chat with a  gibbering journalist. What manager chooses a squad based on a journalist's opinion? The rest could all go according to Stubbs.

    He told MacKenzie to find a new club weeks after he had signed a new contract and even before Stubbs had watched him play. The same MacKenzie who was great and undefeated in the last six games of the season to keep us up but Stubbs wanted Kpekawa and Heaton as his centre halfs. £80k on a donkey that did not even attend the playoffs for the team that gave him a chance and pay his wages. Heaton over MacKenzie?  What an idiot. He never even gave Heaton 5 mins in League games after watching him being torn apart by amateurs of Spartans and Queens Park.

    He told Baird to find a new club.

    Flynn started only one League game under Stubbs with Stubbs preferring Willock.

    Stubbs demanded the Board get rid of Captain Fantastic but the Board refused. They wisely got rid of Stubbs instead.

    Paul McGinn, Player of the Year, was dropped as soon as Hodson was signed.

    Stubbs started Smith in 4 of the 5 League games and only decided to get rid of him when Smith called him out for being a wanker.

    With the exception of Magennis and Samson the players that were from last season and the mainstay for keeping us up were not wanted by Stubbs. What manager tells players to find new clubs when there is little chance of that happening and he has no replacements?


    The guy signed the worst squad of new players ever assembled by a St Mirren manager. He wanted rid of the players who Kearney realised were the only decent pros that he had in the squad.

    Stubbs' signings :

    Coulson - loaned out to Cambridge in January - never played for them.

    Kpekawa -  no club since we released him from a 2 year deal (2 years?????).

    Heaton - 5 starts for non League Kidderminster and not played in months.

    Willock - went on loan again to Crawley Town. Released by Man U. Signed for Gillingham today.

    Jones - back to Southampton's U23 side.

    Brock-Marsden - released by Birmingham, returned to Denmark.

    Jeff King - without a club.

    Ryan Edwards - returned to Hearts. Played 4 games for them.

    Hodson - now with Gillingham.

    Cooke - still with St Mirren. 3 starts all season.

    Rogers - now back at Aberdeen after failing to get in the first team.

    Aye, Stubbs sure had an eye for a player :):):)



    I went to see Carlisle play Cambridge in March and Coulson played the full game. 

  2. 9 hours ago, Lord Pityme said:


    it will be interesting to see who Kearney actually signs, rather than who he chases!

    Lyons offered no more than say Edwards or Willock. He obviously has something about him, but it didnt work/fit in our midfield set up. Would be nice to see Popescu back, and to hang on to Hladky, but the reality of the summer transfer window is good players with a pedigree are happy to wait till after the window shuts if need be to get the best possible deal for themselves. And those two will be snapped up!

    last season Stubbs set off at. A cracking pace announcing signing, upon signing. The trouble we know was most were young loanees, possibly with bright futures, and young non league players who had never played full time pro football. Add in players like Kpweka who had barely played and you had a recipe for disaster.

    he did work out his obvious mistakes by trying to compensate by signing Hodson, Edwards  etc, but the squad was completely inbalanced in experience and professional knowledge.

    Kearney spent a mini fortune on Ferdinand, Hammil and Jackson, although it didnt really change much as the remainder of Ross's squad were playing badly. January strangely for clubs like us is a better window, as players need to get fixed up quickly, and no one is keen on signing an unfit, off the pace player after the window shuts. Enter our Eastern European etc players like Hladky, Popescu, Dryer, Musek, and laterally a bedded in Cody Cooke to give Kearney just enough to dodge relegation in a penalty kick shoot out.

    we dont have the funds to buy the quality of Popescu, but think on what a couple of additions like Willock, Coulson, Jones or indeed Edwards could add now they have a bit more under their belt?i dont for a minute think we'll resign any of those guys, but that is the market we will end up seeking to exploit, perhaps having to take old bigot loanees, that we probably wont get till the season starts.

    the Hammil, Popescu and Hladky's of this world will be out of our reach until the window shuts, by then we will inevitably be chasing our tails given the spine of the squad that got results in the last quarter are gone!

    The system the board put in place for identifying players post Stubbs, worked fairly successful in such a short space of time, when you look at the January window. I'd like to think leading into the summer window we will be much better prepared to bring in players capable of playing at this level. 

  3. 20 hours ago, DougJamie said:

    Window opens tomorrow

    Gus will have his targets


    Watch this space

    I reckon first we will get Corbu , and then hopefully Poppy..................

    Then the Marquee loan signings of Morgan, McAllister and McCorrie..................... 


    You reckon Corbu may be an option now that Hodson is now away? Thought he looked pretty good for all i seen of him. I am not sure how versatile he is right enough. Can he fill more than right-back if required?

    There will be players announced very soon. It's all about the window opening, players contracts expiring and negotiations in general whilst players are on holiday. I'd like to think we will have some business done within the next few weeks.

  4. 1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

    This nonsense always gets trotted out........better than being negative....... who's being negative? 

    You're another doesn't know the difference between reality and ambition. 

    It's not just Tony people are laughing at, it's our club. If that's ok with you, crack on. 

    I'm sure they had more of a laugh at the Celtic branded club shop. 

  5. 36 minutes ago, mattman said:

    From a Romanian reporter - 50k is a big difference to what I’d seen others say the release clause was...


    If that is the case then i think we would be in a better position if the board are willing to spend. Bloody Josh Heaton transfer really has screwed things hasn't it. 50k is a very good investment imo for a player we know who can do a job.

  6. Apart from last May, we rarely know in advance what league we would be playing in the following season. 

    Top of OK's list will be to retain whatever players he worked with the season just passed, that he wants to keep. Whether thats offering out of contract players the chance to stay, or to extend already contracted players on to longer deals. The rest will be happening behind the scenes.

    I do firmly believe that 2 scenarios would have been drawn up to what types of players we could attract for each level.

    Most of our squad are now on their holidays. May take a couple of weeks to hear of players re-signing, then comes the new arrivals.

  7. 11 hours ago, pod said:

    Heard rumour, Livingston. :(

    I don't feel too concerned about Livingstons interest. Hods seems to have enjoyed his time with us and has fitted in well to the club environment. If he doesnt have offers down south he may consider, I can see us being pole position to get him if the finances can be worked out of course. 

  8. 26 minutes ago, antrin said:


    Mibbe I’m being a wee bit devilshly advocating, here....

    ...but I am always seriously proud that the last all-Scottish club to win the Scottish Cup was a Paisley one.


    I am also proud of the StMirren academy’s products in recent years.

    I’m not so easily seduced by a new fixation on Eastern Europeans , cos they’re the only players Saints can afford.

    As am i.

    I am also proud of our youth academy and the players we are bringing through. John McGinn for example was a long-term developed player from an early age, whereas Kyle McAllister came through via Rangers when he was around 15/16.

    You have to find a market of ready made players that are within your budget for the first team. It's been well documented that up here, clubs struggle to compete with some National League clubs in England.

    You surely cannot deny the signings in the last window from overseas was a success? 


  9. 10 hours ago, antrin said:

    What about it being a Paisley club?  Why not try to employ people from the Paisley area?

    I say that rather than look to employ cheap labour from relatively impoverished overseas countries to do the jobs that I thought the youth  and academy scheme were meant to fill.


    I obviously like Popescu and Hladky, but...

    I hardly imaging they are playing for cheap labour unless that was a tongue in cheek comment.

    We already have the latest batch from the youths in and around the first team (Erhahon, MacPherson, Magennis etc) and plenty of recruitment at that level i am sure will be still ongoing through Allan McManus and his coaches to unearth the next gem. They have to be ready though.

  10. 3 hours ago, Kemp said:

    Has been pointed out elsewhere on here that his (very) poor performance yesterday could be a blessing in disguise. I don't think there is going to be huge competition for his signature and Dinamo Bucharest clearly don't want him. If the 6 figures are around the 100k mark then we will surely pay up.

    I believe it is 3 times that figure. That's what was quoted when he first signed from Romania. It was in Euros, though it converts to around £300k.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Kemp said:

    I agree we could have waited a few days before starting this debate, but hopefully Gus & Tony are already working on bringing new faces in.

    The first thing we need is a settled squad going in to the friendlies and League Cup ties. Not this nonsense of using competitive games to try and work what needs to be done with the squad. Gordon Scott is making all the right noises regarding Gus MacPherson's role in ensuring this happens.

    I hope next season we can play more attacking football and will be happy to take more risks, particularly with a quite weak looking Livingston surely favourites for 12th spot.

    The first major problem we have is distribution from the back (other than Hladky). I honestly would be looking for replacements for everyone except Popescu. McGinn and Baird should be our back up players, not automatic first picks. If we are to compete we need defenders who are better on the ball, and full backs who can put in a more dangerous cross.

    In midfield we lack creativity, I would only have Ryan Flynn down as first pick from the current squad. Magennis can hopefully improve with a run without injuries, but he is far from an automatic first pick. I'd like to see Erhanon in midfield when he does get a game, not left back ever again.

    Up front Danny Mullen showed yesterday how could he could be either behind or beside a proper target man. Clearly bringing in a top quality striker or two must be our absolute priority, and hopefully we have been actively searching across Europe over the past months.

    So only Hladky, Popescu, Flynn and Mullen should be down as automatic first picks for next season. We should be looking to make 7 or 8 top quality signings, and have the current guys like Paul and Stephen McGinn, Magennis and Cooke ready to fight for their spots.

    With regards to Popescu, his club are looking for a 6 figure sum. Whether that can be negotiated, or we can extend his loan into next season is the question. Would love to keep him.

  12. 14 minutes ago, Sonny said:

    Since the default for smart card users is that games are added to the card and at no time during my transaction did it mention collection then I am taking it that it is on my smart card. But just in case I have taken a screen shot of my transaction to prove I have paid for my seat (My Account / Purchase History)

    It seems like their auto generated email system in general is down if it is not sending emails for purchases as well as password resets

  13. 4 minutes ago, Doakes said:


    Seems they take between 4% and 5.5% depending on which option of account you have (+49p) 

    Doesn't seem unreasonable. Think ticketmaster costs a lot more though!

    When i booked my tickets for Livingston away via their site, it was £24 for 1 adults, £16 for  1 concession, total £43.00.

    Tickets sent via email for print off. 

    So either £24 is the standard adult price for all games there and the percentage is factored into tickets prior to the booking fees etc.

  14. 11 minutes ago, Doakes said:

    SMISA have used "eventbrite" a few times, really easy - just scan the QR code at the gates. A company like that would be ideal, scan your phone or print your own ticket on A4. Job done

    Quick look on their site shows that they do various sporting events, rugby 7's at Twickenham you can either print at home or collect at the venue 


    I am not sure of the whole ins and outs of percentages, though Eventbrite or Ticketmaster may take a bigger percentage of sales, though surely its better than fans dropping off. Money lost through that already even though I still expect a sell-out.

  15. They have also deliberately removed the 'security code/cpatcha' field on the contact form so that you cannot submit your enquiry. Also having issues with password reset. No email sent to my address. Really annoyed.

    How many times has this company been given a chance? Surely what Livingston and Motherwell have in place with Ticketmaster is the way forward? When you read fans saying they have given up with trying to buy tickets, how many fans realistically are dropping off each week?

  16. 8 minutes ago, Kemp said:

    It does make you wonder what on earth was going on with him being played out on the wing for so long!

    Points off for Jack Ross there.

    Glad Kearney finally saw sense.

    To be fair that was his natural position. He was always about running with the ball on the wing, though he has matured into a very mobile central player. It was completely night and day when he came on for Lyons. No disrespect to the latter, though we got the ball moving quicker and more forward.

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