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  1. I have never understood why we have never explored the USA player market. I'm not sure how the Andy Dorman deal came around though was one of the most effective signings in the last 25 years easily. I watch the MLS and although the standard isn't brilliant, there are some very good players there. The whole academy systems also have some players I am sure that can be unearthed. I always thought if possible it would be great to have some linkup with a club or youth academy over there in some capacity.
  2. The board to be fair have only been in charge for 3 years. Some may say that's plenty of time to out things into action, others differently. I believe the club ARE exploring new ways of generating new income, it's just all cannot be a big reveal to the public until these things are in place. That's just my opinion though. Hospitality isn't something I've done a lot of, though I haven't had any complaints with what you get for your money. Still one of the lowest costs in the league. I am sure if there is any question over standards, the club are probably doing their best to keep everything within budget without charging fans a huge increase due to now playing back in the top league. Campbell and Tommy do a magnificent job for the resources at the club they have. A lot of clubs have a bigger backroom team behind them, though we are currently operating with very few people behind the scenes. No ideas on funerals, though it is advertised in the commercial brochure and on the website. Would be interesting to see how the fakes generate interest from this. To be fair, business club has been re-launched and has been going for the last 3-4 months. There are so many networking events out there. Once this one starts to gain exposure it will be one of the most popular ones in the area. I have already brought along a number of business owners who have since returned. Agree on the youth side of things. I'm not sure how the club approaches this currently. When I was younger they used to dish out free tickets to schools. Could be some incentive attached to the free tickets for parents. Did you enjoy your free matchday experience? Why not sign up for an adult season ticket and get X amount of kids free season tickets Included.
  3. This time last season will still be fresh in the boards mind from the cluster f**k of bad signings we made. We are trimming the squad this year though looking to spend on better quality. 5 would still take us close to the numbers we tried to bring the squad down to in January. Still think if we move one or two on, that will free up space for a couple more. I don't believe we are skint, just trying to be shrewd, however frustrating the length of time it is taking to get more bodies in.
  4. kevo_smfc

    David Riley Q&A

    Payoffs and an oversized squad as well as the extra couple of players in January.
  5. This is all just pure speculation. Nowhere whatsoever does it say anywhere that Tansey is surplus to requirements and been told to move on. Heaton is not owed two years wages. As far as I am aware, we have told him he is free to find another club. I also believe (could be wrong), the transfer fee of £75k was not paid in full and was broken down into installments/milestones depending on certain criteria. Kearney is not owed 2 years wages.
  6. He has had such a massive set back with his fitness, maybe the club/coaches didn't want to risk him incase he broke down again regardless if it is 20mins or not. .
  7. Possibly the difference in intensity of training sessions. Goody will have the players in on tough training session and maybe its something that is too strenuous for the stage Tansey is at?
  8. Can you get lettering and numbers printed there and then at the shop? How much roughly, as was going to get the wee fellas done.
  9. I don't think the club are forcibly trying to start a bidding war by making up offer/ We want to keep him at the club. If anything, mentioning other clubs are interested is certainly a way of forcing the bidding teams hand to up their offer. Did Oran get a pay off though? You seem to be in the know.
  10. I'd also be very surprised if we don't see at least two in before Sunday. Imo the transition in manager, if we already had targets identified should have only set us back a week or two max.
  11. This should have been put to bed. 'No comment', or 'we are here to discuss Jim Goodwin' should have been the response to the media. It's not fair on the. We management that we are still talking about the past management. And for what it's worth, if OK DID have any wrongdoing and was trying to buy a ticket back home, do you think he would publicly admit it? It has all coincidentally fallen into place rather well for him. Let's move on and focus ahead on JG and LS
  12. You think guys of this standard have been "identified". Get real this is trialist tombola. No way we have spotted guys who have literally no experience at any decent level. Longridge ffs I'd be pissed signing him for the Championship. All that is left is basically the pre Jan squad plus the keeper not a shred of the quality we have all seen is required. There have been plenty players in the past who have come from no experience to turning out well. You can't just dismiss a players ability because you have had a wee look online at his stats.
  13. The club now only do their own dealings and dont rely on agents, so of a list of identified players, these ones must have been brought in through the same method. My thoughts are that of the 4 or 5 Goody is looking to bring in, maybe only 2 or 3 at most of those may have featured at some point tonight.
  14. The James Walker on the bench is a youth player we picked up from Rangers last summer.
  15. I think interest may gather over the summer, though he has said his ambition is to play in England one day. As much as Qarabag may offer good wages, he would be pulling himself further away from his dream by moving to a country that takes about 2months to travel to.
  16. I don't believe that was the case. We had Rodgers on our books and were already on the verge of bringing in Hladky. The club couldn't afford to have 3 goalies. Unfortunate the Rodgers situation left him with no other option than to take an offer down the leagues. Possibly was assured we would come back for him in the summer if he kept himself ticking over and Rodgers was off our books
  17. The club off the back of the money received so far for John McGinns move to Villa, should hopefully put us in a financial position, where we stand by our players value with not the need to sell unless someone matches his valuation? Jack Ross asked the board to hold on to Morgan the summer of 2017 for the season, as he seen more value of him being part of his team and help challenge for the title than sell him. We ended up with a really good win win situation in the end, where he contributed massively and he probably went for no less than he would have that summer of 2017. Sign him on an extension if he is willing to, drop in some realistic clauses and send Qarabag on their way unless they are willing to pay a less insulting fee.
  18. GS spoke a few weeks ago to the press about a contract extension. I wonder how far along these negotiations are, if they have already started. This should be high on the priority list.
  19. Bounce game today vs Peterborough. I wonder if this will be the final assessment of the other trialists today in terms of offering terms or not, or if they will travel back to Ralston for the week and play in the Stenny game too.
  20. I'm not sure how accurate these stats are from online. You usually find with B teams and reserves these things don't tend to be updated much. If he has come in via our talent finding network, then he must have something to show. We haven't done too badly so far going by the January windows results.
  21. It hasn't been clarified that we are not pursuing a transfer. The newspapers are assuming due to his social media post that he was off for good. His loan deal ended on 30th June. He couldn't fly out with the squad to Spain as he is still contracted to Dinamo. We wouldn't have brought him back for the remainder of his loan deal if we didn't feel we were in a position to sign him. It's all about timings in my opinion. Wouldn't surprise me if we see Mihai back in a couple of weeks.
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