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  1. Seems as though he was brought in on a short term deal with Blackpool to cover injuries in that position. Excellent bit of business and probably Gus' highest profile signing yet.
  2. What browser are you using mate? If its Explorer, change to Mozilla Firefox and that may solve your problems.
  3. I think the name came about from a Paisley man who worked across there as a businessman and co-founded the club. He was St.Mirren fan
  4. http://www.mp3fiesta.com its an american website, so everything is priced in dollars, but it works out at around £1 for most albums. I put a tenners worth in it a few month ago and hadn't been on it for a while. Went back at the end of last week to see how much money was in my account and they ended up giving me $10 free to spend. 100% legal and virus free website
  5. Not sure if it has been mentioned, though Iona Skye has changed back to The Bar Point. Just a wee bit of advertising.lol
  6. Arrived back home at around 9.30pm the nite after having an overnight stay in Newcastle:) Great weekend, but my only regret is missing the goal:( Was having a pint in the enclosure downstairs, thinking that Eff all would happen within the first 5 mins...and it did! Hear rave reviews of the goal though. From my personal opinion, i didn't think that we looked as if we got out of 1st gear, and that it looked merely like a fitness exercise for the players. The trialist , i thought done not too badly.He wasn't a standout, but he didn't do owt wrong imo over the 90. felt really concerned for dorman. It got to the stage where Andy Millen ran on to the park to check on him and the first aid wanks took about a day and a half to finally get to our player Overall, tremendous weekend. Really enjoyed meeting some familiar noggings in the boot n shoe beer garden:) Few pics from ame attached!
  7. Leaving at 7.50am Newcastle bound, then hopefully be in Darlo for lunchtime after checking in to my hotel in the toon!
  8. I posted on the Darlington forum for some suggestions on where is best to go pre-match, and was given the following details: Some cheap watering holes for you to visit in the town centre : The Tanners Hall : Skinnergate Frankies : Duke Street The William Stead : Crown Street There are a number of buses that take you up to the stadium, from the centre. £1.25p per journey. Get a taxi off the rank in the town. It'll cost about £6.
  9. Im heading to Newcastle for 10.30 am Saturday, and checking in to hotel. Dropping my gear there, then heading back to train station for the 40 minute train journey to Darlo. Hoping to be there for around lunchtime. After the game, may hang around for an hour or so, then its back to the Toon for a night on the lash:)
  10. Stayed in the one @ Washington, just outside Newcastle,which was reasonably cheap. Was trying to do a google search on any little independent B&B's for a much more cheapness with failed result.
  11. Any1 got good tips for accomodation within the Newcastle are the weekend of this game?
  12. Ive stayed at that travelodge in Washington while having nite out in Newcastle.
  13. I entered the competition to design their logo when they first opened. Got no reply from them, though the logo they currently use has a very very high striking resemblance to the one that I entered.
  14. learned my lesson on that one lol.
  15. Butterflies kicking in now.
  16. Is there going to be any problems with the date and avaialability of Gus and Andy for the game since Rangers qualified for the final and our last game will now be on the 20th?
  17. Ive got Fitzy in my back pocket.lol
  18. Secured my No.11 jersey for the away team...sorry about that Mr Zo, but I see you have now taken the same number for the home team. Can't wait!
  19. I find playing a network game really slow to the point that you end up losing interest.
  20. Top 3 Movies[/u] 1 - Die Hard 4.0 2 - Transformers 3 - Superbad Top 3 Albums 1 - Babyshambles ---- Shotter's Nation 2 - Klaxons --- Myths Of The Near Future 3 -The Rifles --- No Love Lost Top 3 Singles 1 - Babyshambles ---- Blinding 2 - The Good The Bad & The Queen --- History Song 3 - The Gossip --- Standing in The Way of Control Sorry David, edited mines to a top 3 of each, as I aint seen many movies this year.lol
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