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  1. Secured my No.11 jersey for the away team...sorry about that Mr Zo, but I see you have now taken the same number for the home team. Can't wait!
  2. I find playing a network game really slow to the point that you end up losing interest.
  3. Top 3 Movies[/u] 1 - Die Hard 4.0 2 - Transformers 3 - Superbad Top 3 Albums 1 - Babyshambles ---- Shotter's Nation 2 - Klaxons --- Myths Of The Near Future 3 -The Rifles --- No Love Lost Top 3 Singles 1 - Babyshambles ---- Blinding 2 - The Good The Bad & The Queen --- History Song 3 - The Gossip --- Standing in The Way of Control Sorry David, edited mines to a top 3 of each, as I aint seen many movies this year.lol
  4. Shuggies testimonial against Derby probably isn't possible to add. Renfrewshire Cup every pre-season?
  5. Couldn't get that one to download mate.Any other suggestions? lol
  6. Was just wondering if anyone knew how to grab the audio from a video on you tube. There was a Libertines rare live acoustic set i wanted as an mp3, but don't know if its possible to take it from a youtube file. Help would be most appeciated anyone?
  7. Just started a new season with all of Saints new signings installed. Ive played pre-season, which included a home match against Villareal.............Saints won 3-2 p.s Dargo is amazin with Keano upfront.
  8. Ive already got Templeton signed up on a pre-contract...he has done the business in the past when ive signed him and scores barrell loads. Im currently Peterhead in the 2nd Division. My first season,its January 2007 so far and joint 3rd. Added the Hong Kong league and signed a 53 year former Chinese international for nothing.lol..hes actually amazing along with another player from the Hong kong league i signed called John Moore,a 40 year old striker.haha Didnt realise the boy Templeton had actually signed for Hearts.
  9. Anyone got suggestions of bargain buys, willing to come to your club if you are a lower league Scottish team?
  10. I got banned from the Morton forum once for winding their fans up,when they bawsed up the league on that 'betting scandal' year.
  11. kevo_smfc

    Mp3 Players

    If you havent got one yet Herb ,whatever you do,don't touch the packard bell mp3 players.Ive got one and had nothing but trouble.its Ideal for its size but durability is minging.
  12. kevo_smfc


    Lol at such a hilarious topic rant from Lees.
  13. Yeah should be more exciting playing fifa this time round as the buds are back in it. Ive purchased all of the Fifas apart from FIFA World Cup France98, as they released a Road to the World Cup only months beforehand.
  14. kevo_smfc


    mines @ http://www.myspace.com/kevboyo
  15. Iowenbrau,Tennents Velvet,Hoegarden, Tennents,Kronenburg Cold
  16. Download a free trial of 'Acoustica Audio Mixer' That should do the trick.
  17. i just bought it 2 week ago and can't get enough of it. The players abilities seem to be more realistic than previous editions,but some transfers are over exaggerated. If someone offers u say,85k for kean,chnage his value to say 850 k and ask the team thats the fee u want,more biger teams will join the chase and offer u this valuation. p.s but dont sell kean,hes a great goalscorer and assist. Sometimes hard to pick ur front starting two,as Mehmet is a goal machine.
  18. Arctic Monkeys-I bet that you look good on the dancefloor
  19. And now for my 5 irritating twats. Andy Walker George Bush Rangers Fans complaining about their pish season when they are not the only pish side in Scotland. Graham Spiers Graham Norton
  20. when the f**k did Live TV make a comeback???????? that channel was f**king ace. Remember the midgets on the trampolines, and of course the Swedish weathergirl and topless darts.
  21. guys up in glasgow pissed oot his nut with his trousers down running aboot george square with a welly boot over his p***k. the polis finally arrive after a few phonecalls from passers by................................. polis approaches him and asks him what the f**k hes doin and he answers..... im just f**kin A BOOT!
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