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  1. Download a free trial of 'Acoustica Audio Mixer' That should do the trick.
  2. i just bought it 2 week ago and can't get enough of it. The players abilities seem to be more realistic than previous editions,but some transfers are over exaggerated. If someone offers u say,85k for kean,chnage his value to say 850 k and ask the team thats the fee u want,more biger teams will join the chase and offer u this valuation. p.s but dont sell kean,hes a great goalscorer and assist. Sometimes hard to pick ur front starting two,as Mehmet is a goal machine.
  3. Arctic Monkeys-I bet that you look good on the dancefloor
  4. And now for my 5 irritating twats. Andy Walker George Bush Rangers Fans complaining about their pish season when they are not the only pish side in Scotland. Graham Spiers Graham Norton
  5. when the f**k did Live TV make a comeback???????? that channel was f**king ace. Remember the midgets on the trampolines, and of course the Swedish weathergirl and topless darts.
  6. guys up in glasgow pissed oot his nut with his trousers down running aboot george square with a welly boot over his p***k. the polis finally arrive after a few phonecalls from passers by................................. polis approaches him and asks him what the f**k hes doin and he answers..... im just f**kin A BOOT!
  7. She looks like she is wearing a Pat Sharpe wig, but apart from that........nice arse
  8. Capricey baby looking like a very fit disco ball indeed
  9. Top burd today, with her tits out would top it off
  10. not bad. should her zip not serve its purpose and go down a bit further though?
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