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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from insaintee in I Just Told Super Ally To Bolt....   
    Some other driver afterwards then had the pleasure of shouting "taxi for mccoist"
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from well st bud in I Just Told Super Ally To Bolt....   
    Some other driver afterwards then had the pleasure of shouting "taxi for mccoist"
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    kevo_smfc reacted to HSS in I Just Told Super Ally To Bolt....   
    The Sevco manager just tried to get in my motor.I politely told him it wasn't his taxi.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to davidg in Centre Half Pairing   
    Only takes one bad game and the cheesy bashing begins again.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Sonny in Adam Campbell In January   
    The Press Release (ie its in the bag and no longer a rumour ) ....
    St Mirren are in line to take Newcastle youngster Adam Campbell on loan come January 1, an agent working for both clubs claims.
    Spencer Downey has already helped to arrange moves for Paul Dummet and Conor Newton to the Paisley club as part of an affiliation agreement with the Geordies and says England Under-19 cap Campbell could be next.
    The 18-year-old - who turns 19 on New Year's Day - was close to agreeing a deal with the Buddies during the summer but moved to Carlisle on a short-term switch instead.
    But now Downey says Saints boss Danny Lennon could finally get his man.
    He said: "We're hoping to have that one tied up for January 1 and get Adam up there for the match with Kilmarnock the day after.
    "Danny thinks he is fantastic. He's wanted Adam for a while and probably should have gone up there in August but it didn't work out that way.
    "Newcastle value what St Mirren have done for Paul and Conor and believe sending Adam up there would be good for him.
    "He's a live-wire striker and will bring so much to that team. Steven Thompson will love him. He has so much energy and is rapid. He has a good shot off of both feet and will score goals."
    Campbell is highly rated by United manager Alan Pardew and made three Premier League appearances last season and another two in Europa League ties - but has yet to feature for Newcastle this term.
    Meanwhile, Downey is also working on a deal that will see Newton's own loan stay extended until the end of the season.
    The 22-year-old first joined Saints last January as he linked up with best friend Dummett - now back playing for the Magpies first-team.
    The duo helped the Scottish Premiership side to the League Cup, with Newton scoring in the 3-2 win over Hearts in the final at Hampden.
    St Mirren chief executive Brian Caldwell hopes to have the paperwork "concluded soon rather than later".
    However, Downey - who represents the player - admits there is competition from clubs south of the border.
    He said: "Because of how well Conor is doing right now he is attracting interest from clubs in the Championship.
    "But he wants to stay where he is. Newcastle would like him to stay because he's progressing week in, week out.
    "However, a lot of people are watching the SPL because it's a great breeding ground.
    "But the question remains that with Conor doing so well, do we leave him where he is, or allow him to move on to a club in the Championship where he may have to settle in all over again?
    "Both Danny Lennon and his assistant Tommy Craig are both clear when they say he is good enough for the Championship. He has good energy and skill."
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    kevo_smfc reacted to div in Dome Damaged In The Storm   
    Seems whoever sent the initial text this morning was a bit over dramatic !
    Brian has contact me and advised of the situation.
    The emergency doors had blown in overnight, which of course caused the air to escape and the Dome deflated.
    The structure of the Dome itself is fine.
    There are contractors there at the moment working to repair the doors and then it should just be a case of re-inflating once they have completed their work.
    Good stuff !!
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    kevo_smfc reacted to JM1 in Speculation Thread   
    Billy Mehmet would be good back-up striker for the Thommohawk.
    And he's cool as fuck.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Slash in St Mirren V Qots Scottish Cup Round 4 Replay   
    QOTS deserved a replay.
    Saints have gone out to lower league opposition on more occasions that I can remember.
    League form goes out the window with cup ties.
    I'm sure Motherwell would love to still be in the cup - after all the last time the Steelmen won a major honour was 1991. Another year goes by despite all the money they have spent in the last 20 years.
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    kevo_smfc reacted in Jake Nicholson   
    He's crossed 'The Border' now where 'Blood and Wine' flow in equal measure, so no chance of him taking 'The Pledge' soon.
    Dunno if i read it in 'The Evening Star' or caught it on 'Broadcast News' that he 'Hoffa-ed' to 'Wolf' up the chances cteated by Ton's 'Crossing Guard' and look less like a 'Man (in) Trouble' when he takes care of 'Every last Detail'.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to stevo123 in Allan Moore : You Are The Weakest Link. Goodbye !   
    no sympathy with the ton , that's what happens when you employ a manager with the biggest ears in football. He just didn't use them to listen .
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    kevo_smfc reacted to faraway saint in Turned Around?   
    Well, a mere 6 games ago the lynch squad were getting into a frenzy and even the level headed were, quite rightly, showing some concern.
    Here we are and have now won 4, drawn 1 and lost one from these 6 games.
    Same manager, same players. (I'll leave the tactics etc to the experts)
    I've touched on this before but in my view it's rare for the same set up to have such a dramatic change of fortune.
    Normally this takes a change in manager or is the result of some major transfers.
    Nothing is certain, St Mirren supporters know that, but it's good to be in this position and certainly wouldn't be outrageous to see us attempting to aim for that elusive top 6 position.
    Still a long way to go but at this moment EVERYONE at the club deserves great credit.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Bloomsbury Bud in St Mirren V Ross County Top League 17/11/13   
    Goodwin's handball entirely irresponsible and could've easily soured the match for us, I like JG but he has to learn to reign it in every so often
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    kevo_smfc reacted to PaisleyPanda in Sunday - Minutes Applause (Minute 68)   
    Lets do this for Simon and I hope the Saints get the 3 points for him today aswell
    "Simons nephew"
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    kevo_smfc reacted to cockles1987 in Buddies In Melbourne?   
    Yer right, imagine having to have a beer with you.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to PaisleyPanda in Tragic News, R.i.p. Good Buddie   
    I spent Saturday with Simon and his mates at the thistle game. We had drinks before and after the game and had a great fun day together, which was just like any normal day with Simon.
    Little did I know when I said goodbye to him that was the last time I would ever see him.
    I could tell hysterical, fun stories about Simon all day then we would have to take a break and save more for another day
    Some of the tributes on this have been incredible and paint the picture of the great man himself
    The reason I got to meet a lot of the saints fans was because Simon was kind enough to take me to the games
    Thank u to everyone for all their best wishes and kind messages.
    The world will be a sadder place without him
    Uncle Simon I miss u so much and would do anything to bring u back for one more day to watch the saints
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    kevo_smfc reacted to div in Tragic News, R.i.p. Good Buddie   
    Let's just be careful and sensitive about posting anything related to the actual incident on here. Leave the police and the courts to deal with it.
    Last thing we would want is for anyone to get in bother for posting stuff about it in public, and worse even that anything could at all prejudice the case.
    Hopefully justice will be done but let's use this thread to remember Simon and pay our respects.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to dave.j in Tragic News, R.i.p. Good Buddie   
    I first met Simon when Jane and I started going out, maybe 4 years ago. He welcomed me into the crowd with open arms and really made me feel part of the gang and in general, made me feel welcome in paisley.
    One of my favourite times was after the Aberdeen cup game, we watched it on the Saturday lunchtime in Borgia. Me, Jane, Simon, herbie, Danny Carnon and Jane's pal Kay, what a laugh we had, Simon, Danny and herbie were in great form playing off each other, old jokes and stories from their youth. I really felt part of it, and probably that day had a big effect on my interest in St Mirren.
    Danny headed up the road and the rest of us headed on to the wee howf, via that place that's now hamish's hoose. I really have no idea what time we left at, but it had been an all dayer to beat any. And we all laughed from start to finish.
    From that day on he'd always say hi, talking in length about Thistle, St Mirren and music. He'd always come for a chat at half time if I was at a st mirren game.
    Last Thursday he messages Jane asking what the plans were for the game and where I was suggesting for a drink. Star n Garter, it would be. He was in great form as usual, and in even better form after it. Me, Jane, herbie and a few jags fans were heading down to the Woody, so I went over and said Cheerios. A couple of the lads were having a laugh with me about the score, but Simon put them right, go easy, Big Dave's a good guy.
    So many things have went through my head since hearing this on Sunday night, what if I'd said to them, mon down to the Woody with us. It would have changed the whole timeline of his night... But you can't think like that. He was having a great night, and I was proud the St Mirren boys were enjoying their night in a thistle pub, my pub. And off we went with a hug goodbye, I think I may have joked he hAd really effeminate soft hands, but I can't recall. I just rember that big smile of his as I walked out the door.
    So often when you hear of a tragedy like this, words like, kind hearted, genuinely honest, good natured, lovable, always smiling, are used to describe the person... Well every one of them, and more could be used to describe Simon. He really was all of these things and more.
    Although I only knew you for a few short years, I'm honoured to have. I'm going to miss you Simon.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Howard Hughes in BlueSuedeShoes in Tragic News, R.i.p. Good Buddie   
    One Friday in May last year I had the day off and was contemplating a wee day trip someplace. Whilst considering my options I went for a lunchtime pint & read of the paper in Malarky's. Just as I was about to leave Simon walked in, said hello, ordered a pint for himself & whatever I was having then asked how I was getting on. That was us until closing time. In fact I think I threw in the towel at 10pm.
    The talk was the usual stuff; Saints, general fitba, work, music, etc. We were both fortunate enough to be visitors to New York & it was he who informed me of a fine pub on 3rd Avenue called PJ Clarke's, which has since become a favourite watering hole. It was a cracking day, just one of those inadvertent sessions that kept getting extended to the next round, throw in a fish supper to get the second wind and keep going.
    He was in the catering business & had spent a bit of time overseas so had many great stories and they were always worth listening to. We both had an appreciation for each other's company and when I bumped into him we'd chat for two minutes or two hours.
    Like a lot of guys I know from seeing Saints I don't recall when we first met but it was sometime in the mid-90s and if it wasn't at Love Street then it would've been in the pub. As a few have already said he was never backward at standing his round, and I've even seen him stand the round for other folk as well.

    Herbie mentioning the wedding photography was something I'd forgotten but remember it well now it's been mentioned. That was the measure of the guy.

    I was talking to him in the Star & Garter after the game last Saturday. It was about 7pm and as he left to go elsewhere he asked if I was coming along to another pub. I said I had to get the train back home but I might venture along. He replied with a jovial "Nae bother" then walked out the door. That was the last time I saw him.
    Simon, you were a fúcking good mate. Thanks for the time. Take easy, bud.
    Edited to add:- I never did get round to that day trip. Maybe I should.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Herbie in Tragic News, R.i.p. Good Buddie   
    I was with Simon on Saturday afternoon in the Star and Garter before the game with davej.
    Words cannot describe how I've been feeling since I found out on Sunday night. The police had requested that this didn't hit social media, hence why I hadn't posted anything earlier, but I guess it's out now.
    Simon was a true gentleman (with emphasis on the word "gentle") and a fantastic friend. Always there for you when you needed anything and always up for a beer and a laugh. A staunch Saints fan as well.
    I have many, many memories from over the years and a lasting reminder everytime I look at my wedding photos, as Simon took them all for us free of charge, just because he wanted to. That's the kind of guy he was.
    He will be sorely missed. Absolutely tragic.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Kendo in Dannys Contract Renewal   
    Does Danny deserve a new contract? I'm not sure, the jury is out.
    He has made some fantastic signings though.
    Dummet, Thommo, Isma, Newton, Teale, McGowan, Samson, Dillo, Kello. McAusland, DVZ, Tesselar, Hasselbaink, Travner, Goodwin, Mc Gregor, to name a few.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to santaponsasaint in Dannys Contract Renewal   
    Think the board will wait a bit longer yet before decided, Its still only three wins this season, But to be fair to Danny he has turned it round in the past few weeks, All started when he started playing good players in the right position, Kenny McLean come to mind, But I hope he keeps doing well,
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Murray7 in Free Agents   
    Bahoken will come good.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Slash in Kenny Mclean   
    Well done Kenny. You deserve the call up.
    Don't know why John McGinn is also not in the squad in place of 19year old John Herron of Celtic who has played 7minutes as a sub last December against Ross County.
    Would John Herron be in the squad if he was playing every week for Acrington Stanley?
    Who is he? FTOF.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to FS in Where Are They Now?   
    My sister-in-law got married to him and he's also full time father to my nephew and niece !
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Katie Bear in Paul Mcgowan In Trouble   
    No problems....This is Paul McGowan the person not Paul McGowan the football player who is a subsiduary entity and just run by Paul McGowan the person. If there's fines or community service etc Paul McGowan the person can be listed as a naughty boy who has committed a crime under the influence of others while Paul McGowan the footballer gets on with his job as normal.
    Phil to announce on tannoy " Number 9.....Stephen Thompson .....Number 10....The Paul McGowan!"
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