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    kevo_smfc reacted to rea in A Message From The Players   
    Or to paraphrase if you cant say something positive during the 90 mins say nothing at all!
    it does make an enormous difference
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Howard Hughes in BlueSuedeShoes in The Worst Thing About Last Night’S Defeat?   
    Is the fact that some of you clowns will actually, in your own wee twisted way, be happy about it as it gives you an excuse to abuse the manager & shout for him to lose his job.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to div in Personal Abuse. Have A Think.   
    We are all hurting very badly after the start to the season, and we are all very frustrated.
    By all means criticise the management team, the players and the board if you think they are at fault. That is your right and the forum is here to take your opinions.
    Please do not however allow your criticism to become over the top personal abuse. Have a think about the effect that sort of thing might have on potential signings who DO look at boards like these, or indeed the family and friends of the individuals you are abusing.
    These guys are doing their best, and if they come up short then fair enough we can be critical, but they don't deserve abuse.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Kendo in Queen Of The South V St Mirren League Cup Round 2   
    Or he noticed that Gowser got caught in possession which lost us our first goal on Saturday. Or he has a knock or the fact that he isn't on top form so far this season.
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from Hambud in Loan Signings : The Way To Go?   
    Aye, but surely the players on loan will be putting in performances to impress their parent clubs? Certainly benefited Dummetts career.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Tam M in The Manager   
    Couldn't really see another topic for this, as it's not really a post about today's game, but if there please feel free to merge.
    Firstly, I would like to say I think Danny Lennon is a really nice guy and I wish him nothing but the best. Unfortunately, I feel that his time is up. I lost faith in him last season but felt that after the league cup, he deserved another chance. I feel that he hasn’t taken it.

    I done a few rough sums tonight and since Lennon was appointed manager in 2010, we have played 139 competitive games (league, league cup and Scottish cup games). We have only won 37 games in this period of time, and 13 of these were in the cups. This means we have only won 24 league games since June 2010, an average of 8 a season. This is clearly not acceptable.

    When he first joined, I’m sure you’ll all agree that the football was great to watch compared to the dross we were served under Gus McPherson. However, the inability to turn that good football into points on the board gets boring after a while, not to mention frustrating. The scary thing now is that actually, we are not playing the nice football anymore. It’s a pass, pass, pass around the back then a boot up the park.

    I do not expect us to be challenging for the league title or anything like that, but when you look at the progress of Inverness (who rebuild a new team every year), St Johnstone and Ross County, it frustrates me that we cannot achieve anything close to what they have in the league.

    Pre-Season he let go of players such as Imrie and Guy. I did not have a problem with this and was not particularly sad to see them go, but as they were contracted, it baffles me as to why they were let go without reinforcements being in place.

    There is a bit of talk that the budget has been cut significantly, however if this is the case then I’d hope the board would come out and explain this to us. However, it must cost a few quid to take the whole squad to Spain for a training camp for a week. I understand that this is a great team bonding opportunity, but with Harkins and only two Goalkeepers being signed up at this point (one of the keepers had already been training with us for a while), was there really a need for this with it basically being the same squad as last season minus a few. Surely this money could have been better invested within the squad.

    I was also told from someone that spoke to a few players (who are a bit pissed off apparently) that McGowan is on 4K a week! Which would explain that if Danny has spunked this amount of his budget on McGowan why there has been a lack of signings and replacements for those who left. I think Lennon brought in Harkins as a replacement to McGowan as he did not expect him to stay, but when he did, left Lennon a bit snookered.

    Danny has never really spent too much cash on the goalkeeping position and does not see it has a key area of the team, and this personally doesn’t bother me as there are plenty of keepers out there. To be fair, I think the new guy has taken a bit of stick, but apart from one howler due to a short pass back from Grainger against ICT, I don’t think he has been at fault for any of the goals in the first two games. (Can’t comment on today’s goals as not seen them and wasn’t at the game)

    The defence clearly isn’t good enough as we are leaking goals left right and centre. He brought in Grainger which was a good experienced signing, and I personally don’t mind McAusland and Goodwin at the back, but feel we need a bit of competition in there to keep team on their toes, and as of yet I don’t think it would be fair to rely on McGregor after two years out for that. As much as I love DVZ, I think his time is up at this level and David Barron is forever injured. What really annoys me is that we have an experienced player in Lee Mair (all be it not the best) but we don’t even have him in the squad! He’s sitting in the house watching the scores on fecking Sky Sports! Lee Mair played RB for Aberdeen before, but a midfielder and a central defender gets a look in before he does! The way he is trying to force Mair out the club in my opinion is disgusting.

    We have a great few midfielders, but the problem is we have too many of them and too many of them are too similar! Teale is an automatic pick on the right hand side, as is Newton for the holding role (as we don’t really have anyone else for that role). This leaves McLean, McGinn, McGowan, Robbo and Harkins all fighting it out for a central role. One of them usually ends up stuck on the left, where we don’t actually have a natural left winger. As Harkins is now in the team (and looks like Lennon will not drop him), McGowan is being put into central midfield rather than behind the front two and has so far this season not really done anything. McGinn is our best option on the left, but McLean comes back after missing part of pre-season and jumps straight into the team leaving McGinn to warm the bench!

    Up front we have Thompson on his own. It has been clear from day 1 in pre-season that he cannot play up front by himself! The only other striker we have is Thomas Reilly, who missed most of last season with an injury. We should have another experience striker to partner Thompson, and allow Reilly to break into the first team coming off the bench and making an impact during games. I would have been happy to have kept Sam Parkin as a cheap back up for Thompson to provide us with a bit of height in the team should Thompson get injured.

    The above is a pretty grim reading of how our team looks at the moment, and the fault of this has to lie on Lennon’s shoulders. He’s f’ked up spectacularly this summer.

    The fans have lost confidence, the players appear to be getting pissed off, the likes of Thompson was having a go at a supporter today as well apparently. We’ve been down this road before with Hendrie, Coughlin and McPherson. Let’s not prolong the agony, let’s not lose supporters that end up finding something else more enjoyable to do on a Saturday, let’s make the change before it’s too late.

    It’s too late for a new manager to be able to build a new team. If I was the board, I would say to Thompson and Teale, we’ll give you a chance as Caretaker bosses until the January transfer window. Get on the phone to your old pals down South, get a few of them up here to do you a favour, and if we’re doing well the jobs yours. If not, we get a replacement ready to jump in before the January transfer window and get a bit of wheeling and dealing done and hopefully keep us up.

    Like I said, Danny gave me the greatest day of my life as a St Mirren supporter and for that I will be forever grateful and will always list him as a hero. For whatever reason, it’s just not working out.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to dblue in Estonian Striker   
    I don't post too often but even reading all the threads is wearing me down. I'm a St Mirren fan, until I pass away ( a few years yet, I hope) and will support my team until I draw that last breath. Of course, I want a Champions League winning squad that will dominate Europe for decades to come but I am a St Mirren SUPPORTER (season ticket for those that want to have a pop) and I realise that we are what we are. Unfortunately, we have not come out of the traps running this year (excuse the clichés) but I believe that we will turn it around. I expect the usual sack the manager, sack the players and sack the supporters comments that will invariably follow. By the way, todays result wasn't good enough but it's only one game.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to R1877 in Estonian Striker   
    What about the Board's blame in all of this? How do we know DL has been given any money to spend in the first place? Remember him saying there were a few players he wanted way back in May...until someone from the club actually communicates with the fans about what is happening we're none the wiser and will continue to slate the manager who I'm beginning to think is an easy target for the board to hide behind.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to bud77 in Estonian Striker   
    Hopefully his English isn't very good or he'll have a quick look on here, see some of the comments about players and the manager and go elsewhere.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Isabella Duke in Speculation Thread   
    We play a 4-2-3-1 formation. We play with one striker.
    We therefore do not need a striker to partner Steven Thompson.
    Harkins will bag 10-15 goals this season in his role behind Thompson. Kenny McLean has the potential to score goals if he is played out wide. He has the Andy Dorman habit of making runs behind defences. He can do that from a wide position where defensive midfielders can't track him.
    Darren McGregor will help tighten the defence at full back IMO. He'll also add something at set plays, both in attack and defence.
    What we need is someone as back up to Thompson, someone who can come off the bench when needed or, better still, give Thompson a run for his place in the side.
    All in all, I actually think we have a really good squad, one good enough for the top 6.
    The main problem we have is Danny Lennon's pseudo Barcelona tactics...
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    kevo_smfc reacted to oaksoft in Speculation Thread   
    ETA: Sod it. Your post isn't even intelligent enough to warrant the obvious put down.
    You should definitely email these "hilarious" jokes to as many people as possible and ask them what they think.
    You could start with any organisation representing ethnic communities.
    I'm sure their ribs will be tickled as much as everyone else who "liked" your post.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to rabuddies in Steven Tames   
    Very impressive scoring record according to the Southport website. Six goals from no appearances. If he doesn't play for us could he bag 15 this season?
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    kevo_smfc reacted to shull in Taser The Tailgating Tumshies !   
    From tomorrow police will crackdown on pish driving, specifically on tailgating cnuts and middle lane hoggers.
    Tasing will no happen but 100 pound fines and 3 penalty points for the culprits will.
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from Mr Zo in Let's Move On .. Saints V Killie 17/8/13   
    I think we will actually finish yhe season better than many expect..
    As for Saturday, im going 3-1 saints
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    kevo_smfc reacted to oaksoft in Adam Campbell Tonight   
    There's one thing I can be absolutely certain about. There's not a single fan on here other than directors who has the faintest idea what it takes to sign a player worth having in this day and age. In that context, talking about "ample time" is pompous pish.
    Danny has no more control over making good strikers decide to sign a Saints contract than you have.
    We can only sign players who want to come here and play for the amount we are able to offer.
    Not one of us knows exactly why he's having trouble getting bodies into the squad. Not one of us.
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from insaintee in Speculation Thread   
    Colin nish is rhyming slang for the guys ability. No thanks
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    kevo_smfc reacted to ds10 in Adam Campbell Tonight   
    The may encourage Campbell to sign up.
    Some faint praise from Dummett.
    He does mention that getting abuse on Twitter made him a better player........Although if that's the case, Imrie should should be as good as Messi by now.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to E=Mc2 in Famous Supporters   
    Our most famous famous fan must be our Chairman who almost singlehandedly, in the glare of tv coverage, sorted oot that 888 p*sh.
    Jesus might have walked on water, but Stewart, I'm sure, could cartwheel across the Clyde if he wanted.
    Too far?
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Murray7 in Adam Campbell Tonight   
    You are missing the point completely.
    None of those players had the same potential as Campbell has, people have even labelled him as the next Wayne Rooney. Now, that means nothing at this stage as he's yet to be given many opportunities at first team level. Alan Pardew said that he's 'quite possibly the best finisher at Newcastle United'. There's a reason why he's being courted by Championship clubs for a loan, he's already a good player and has the same experience as Newton had prior to joining us ie; nothing.
    On top of that, we won't be paying a huge contribution towards his wages, our Newcastle freebies are working well and Campbell could be the best one yet if we managed to get him in. I don't just want him to come in and boost our striking options for next to nothing, I don't want to be saying in ten years time "we almost signed Adam Campbell back in 2013".
    As John McGinn, Conor Newton and a few other 2013 League Cup legends will tell you; experience is overrated.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Saint since 58 in Adam Campbell Tonight   
    Maybe he used it all up cycling that bike in the corner to keep the floodlights going.....if Campbell comes,then keep him away from it!
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from W6Saint in Newton Rejoins On Loan   
    I would imagine that Robertson isnt on as much of a demanding wage as most of the first team, therefore he is a good squad player at a low cost compared to have already left in the summer.
    I still think he hasnt had a consistent enough run in the team.
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from Maximillion in Ok I Will Start It Sack Danny   
    We budget for 11th every year. This is fact.
    I still get the impression the board are using this season to blood the youngsters whilst we have a 15pt starting cushion, but how many times have I seen slip a lead? If this is the boards vision then it is a big risk if you ask me, especially when the dans are under the impression we will be replacing departing players.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Kemp in Lewis Morgan   
    We have another thread on how Scotland doesnt develop any young players yet here is our own club looking to build a first class under 20s squad and Danny Lennon gets pelters from the brain dead element because "we already have midfielders"
    See the bigger picture. It might even make you proud to be a buddie.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to The Black Pele in Geordie Shore Season 2   
    I suspect neither of us will win it...
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    kevo_smfc reacted to windae cleaner in Lewis Morgan   
    We have Naismith and Kelly who are centre halfs.
    It's forwards who are in very short supply at the club
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