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    kevo_smfc reacted to tafkapp in Speculation Thread   
    Cheers. Gonna get that played at my funeral when I depart this world lol
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from mattman in Speculation Thread   
    Some of the best memories at Love Street are of your PP days. Outstanding performance. 10/10 every week.
    Leap like a salmon!
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from Russian Saint in Speculation Thread   
    Some of the best memories at Love Street are of your PP days. Outstanding performance. 10/10 every week.
    Leap like a salmon!
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from Big_Mougie in Speculation Thread   
    Some of the best memories at Love Street are of your PP days. Outstanding performance. 10/10 every week.
    Leap like a salmon!
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from ALBIONSAINT in Speculation Thread   
    Some of the best memories at Love Street are of your PP days. Outstanding performance. 10/10 every week.
    Leap like a salmon!
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from St.Ricky in Speculation Thread   
    Some of the best memories at Love Street are of your PP days. Outstanding performance. 10/10 every week.
    Leap like a salmon!
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    kevo_smfc reacted to lenziebud in Plans for next season   
    Budge will be delighted with that.
    She thinks current set up is best hence 1 season change, but if she gets any deal that allows Hearts to remain in the top flight then she will be more than happy.
    I think the likely option is long term 14-10-10-10 solution rather than 1 season change.
    Hearts should not be relegated under any circumstances with 8 games to play, totally wrong and the same applies to all other clubs affected.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to magnus in Plans for next season   
    Why does Budge want this to be temporary? Is it because the current league works best for Hearts financially and she doesn't expect them to be this shit again? If so she is so Hearts centric and conflicted she should be removed from the committee 
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from Doakes in Films to watch on Amazon Prime and Netflix   
    I've been following these guys on Facebook. Some really cool stuff. 
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Lord Pityme in Coronavirus   
    Ah... if only that were true....
    The problem is people travel to outside venues together, up close and personal on buses, trains, planes, car shares etc...
    They gather before and after in pubs, cafe"s etc... then they mass in a stadium or arena and swish it all around a bit.
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from St.Ricky in And The Future's....?   
    I think it is the reality now.
    The pool of players available and good enough/ready in Scotland is shrinking. I think this was something the board and manager identified, hence our link up with the company that provides stat resources to players across Europe.
    We can certainly try and bring players into our youth set-up, though until they are ready its a bit of a waiting game.
    Nick McAllister was a player we picked up from Queens Park in the summer. Hasn't quite made his way into the first team yet though. 
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Big Yards in Plan Ahead   
    The bigger the lie the more it will be believed by the masses.
    How anyone can deny 9/11 as an inside job for instance is just beyond me
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Big Yards in Plan Ahead   
    Aye just like 9/11 wasnt an inside job and Diana wasnt murdered by the establishment 😄
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Big Yards in Plan Ahead   
    So you just ignore those 3 FACTS and laugh at me for stating them? 
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from St.Ricky in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)   
    Time will tell Ricky. 
    I am sure there has been discussions been all parties over possible future ventures and it will move at its own pace.
    As the deal is due to completed at the end of next year, I wouldn't expect any change to act immediately once the deal is complete. 
    I'd imagine phased improvements will happen over the next couple of years, whether that is cosmetically or through workforce in the community.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to hamlet in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)   
    Please don't tell me Messrs Atkinson, Stewart and Henderson were/are died in the wool supporters.
    Naughty of you not to complete the story of Reg Brearley. Our white knight Stewart Gilmour won the day. The majority of shareholders did not vote to
    sell a controlling interest in the  club but the Directors with majority shareholding power did. Sounds a bit like what the concern is now!!
    Do not understand your statement " St Mirren fans have a history of getting it wrong. We have been in existence since 1876, so must have been doing something right.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to FTOF in SMISA/ Kibble proposed BTB changes   
    The partnership flourishes, we generate numerous new revenue streams and the club becomes a real community club with a really solid financial footing.
    Just as likely an outcome as your scenario.
    I haven't voted yet. I'll continue to mull it over and vote at some point tomorrow.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to FTOF in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)   
    Glad that's over. Surely the petulant whining will stop now.
    I was so unsure of how to vote, I didn't vote until 11.00 this morning.
    In the end I voted "No", as I wasn't satisfied with the answer to my questions by e-mail. I like a lot about the deal, but there were a couple of uncertainties that I just wasn't sure about.
    I'm neither happy nor unhappy as to the outcome, as I believe either outcome came with risks.
    I'll continue to pay my money and get behind the club. After all, for St.Mirren to flourish we need this deal to work.
    I think someone has just teetered over the brink...…………………….💥😡
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    kevo_smfc reacted to div in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)   
    And fair play to you for that.
    The only thing that surely binds all of us is a desire to see the club be the best it can be on and off the park.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Dirty Sanchez in Welcome Jonathan Obika   
    I notice when Jon made his debut for Crystal Palace, he came off the bench to replace a certain Andy Dorman.

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    kevo_smfc reacted to Ayrshire Saints in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)   
    Can you please point out to me one instance of SMISA trying to smear anyone. I have yet to see SMISA post on any thread on BWA never mind this one. Every post is the persons personal opinion. I think you are imagining / hearing things again. As I stated well back in the thread you are gagging to call the vote "rigged" if it goes against how you would have voted if you had a say which we all know you don't. The result will be a fair and binding one no matter which way it goes.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to W6er in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)   
    I am reluctant to comment on this, as I am not in possession of all the facts. To do otherwise amounts to speculation. 
    https://www.kibble.org - info gleaned from the website indicates it's a children's charity. I can see why a relationship with such a charity might be mutually beneficial - football being a good, wholesome activity and the club helping local children and potentially growing our fan base. It costs the club very little to allow kids to sit in unsold seats, for example.
    The charity certainly has a large income: https://www.oscr.org.uk/about-charities/search-the-register/charity-details?number=SC026917
    What are people's concerns about the charity's involvement? Personally I cannot see any problem. It's clearly a professionally run organisation and if the club can benefit from the charity's management, then all is good. I think the club and the charity have some shared aims, and can work together.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to bazil85 in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)   
    Time to support the LPM coping mechanism that has managed his hatred of all things GLS/ SMISA for so many years… Did I say support? I meant rip apart.
    You asked the question on other threads, a new one isn't needed. There is little to no indication the numbers will drop noticeably. the majority of comments over social media are positive and there are very, very few people that have said they'll cancel their membership. I've actually seen more re-join than cancel posts. 
    The nature of football fans is not to assume a minority shareholder is in charge, what on earth do you base this on? 
    That is not a clear and present danger, it's wishful thinking so you can continue to moan and claim you were right. You've had a fantasy about BTB failing for best part of four years, that has continuously been wrong and to add insult to injury, you’ve had to watch SMFC factually progress on and off the park in that time. 
    Fan skillets can still be used if available and required, getting the knowledge and experience from the Kibble isn't a hindrance to this point. 
    Only one of those clubs has recorded profit for four years in a row, can you guess which? If GLS formed a fan buyout model identical to Hearts or identical to Well, you would oppose it. This is clear given your changed stance since the Kibble announcement. 
    More spin and wishful thinking that the current BOD are saying they’re “done” You’re just incapable of accepting them presenting a good deal.
    At “point break” so the best option in your opinion to stick with the current proposal and continue to “save SMISA” as you have previously claimed, required?
    Throwing in the cap, picking the wrong people, trying to save faith. Turning away from the fans, having shortcomings, choosing the wrong people. This is all baseless, as I say above, coping mechanism.
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from lovestlegend in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)   
    Have you never given it thought that in the time of building a business, you see room for improvement or alternative ways of generating additional income in that period of time? There is always room for change for the better.
    Buy the buds is 4 years in and within that time, like any business I am sure there have been may learning curves, just like GS when he took the chairmans role has learned a far deal greater than he did before about the running of a football club.
    The club will STILL be fan owned regardless if the Kibble proposal is approved or not. Kibble are not here to take over, they are here to help generate extra revenue whilst boosting their own profile. As you are very aware, SMISA itself is run by many volunteers who already have full-time jobs elsewhere and dedicate a large chunk of their time to the association. Something I think that at times, these people get very little credit for. 
    I know I am explaining points that you already know and will result in a negative reply, as you have nothing positive to say about either SMISA, Kibble, GS or St. Mirren Football Club in general. 
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    kevo_smfc reacted to div in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)   
    If Kibble wasn't giving Gordon £300K then SMiSA would be.
    The only real tangible benefits I see Gordon getting out of this is;
    1) He is getting his money earlier than he thought
    2) He's shifting the 8% of shares he'd have been left with in the original proposal
    The shares he is selling to the Kibble are not an asset of the company, they are an asset of Gordon Scott.
    The assets that Kibble are getting access to WILL benefit them, but they WILL also benefit St.Mirren Football Club.
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