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  1. If you buy a season ticket for the family stand and the decision is to keep stand for saints fans how will this work re pricing
  2. I have Heard from a media source that the board is in discussing the removal of Goodwin with jack ross coming back no transfer movement until resolved
  3. What about the directors and SG Auctioning their seats for the sevco Match would show some solidarity with the displaced south stand season ticket holders
  4. Gilmour to appoint tea lady as manager next season Seemingly she will work for half of teals salary
  5. I'm not going either plus 4 other season ticket holders I am aware of We need to take some action to make the BoD take notice Anyone else?
  6. I don't think even the happy clappers will be pleased with this cheap option
  7. Blame the chairman not Danny Manager should have been removed long ago
  8. paisley panda Daffy Duck Anyone that gets Danny ta f**k
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