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  1. I've stuck by Danny for his tenure at the helm of st mirren but after a run of poor performances. 4 in a row lost. lack of goal scoring threat. failure to provide suitable cover for the Cb's and comments that don't make sense example "some things are harder said than done". I have been more than disappointed recently and as much as like Danny ( although everything said above doesn't show it ) he should go ASAP. For those looking for a suitable replacement I think Steve lomas would be a good appointment but hey that's just an opinion
  2. Cannot wait to hear what Danny says about that
  3. No sorry it was Declan Gallagher for people wondering why he hadn't resigned for Dundee
  4. Apparently his agent and the board have been butting heads over fees in the new contract that was going to be proposed to him which were described as ludicrous which doesn't fend to well for us
  5. There a Cb at Dundee called Declan Gallagher who's contract runs out this season could be a handy back up with mair leaving can't think he'd ask for too much
  6. People overlook Danny and what he's done for us although his transfers can be woeful he has picked out a few good ones such as thommo, teale , Newton , dummett, McGowan (I think) , Campbell looks promising and isma so they aren't all bad all of these players have become influential while at the club and seems to have a good sense with our youth bringing in mcginn , Kelly , Naismith and breaking McLean into squad as a regular. Obviously the highest league finish in god knows how long plus the cup and if that isn't good enough for a club like us then what is?
  7. Nice addition to the squad IMO hope he contributes well
  8. I felt the guy never got a fair whack a couple of sub performances when the team was playing poorly in the dying embers of these games would've been nice to see him get a few games and judge him then
  9. He breaks up the play with big tackles. He gives our midfield more muscle as without him it would be pretty flimsy and of course scores the occasional 30 yard screamer
  10. If we are independent what income would scotland actually get and don't say oil as it is owned by British petroleum as when we split from Britain we lose our right to the money
  11. He's happier with the goal because it's the club he supports. It would be the same if you scored for the st mirren
  12. Stand by Danny he is much better than McGhee in a shorter managerial career. Mchee is a halfwit who guided a good Aberdeen side to a 8-1 gubbing of Celtic
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