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  1. I support St Mirren because they are my local team - and not because of their style of play which can vary from manager to manager. However, I would argue that our playing style or approach is not all that different from Livi's at the present time. We are hardly currently reknowned for our free-flowing football more for 'keeping our shape' and hitting on the break. We have a number of players who would fit in nicely at the Toni Macaroni stadium.
  2. It's the St Mirren influence which is making the difference for Scotland. 3 ex Saints players + the manager as the 4th.
  3. The big difference between the 2 halves? In the first half we competed and defended aggresively - albeit we started with 11 men. In the second half we sat back (as we do) and defended passively. Scottish football in a nutshell. And how often has Dunne commited needless fouls and put us in trouble?
  4. Why was there no foul given against Johnstone? It was as clear as day - could you imagine that being allowed if it had been scored by us?
  5. Looks like we will now have to settle for a draw!
  6. There's more aggro between Walker and Boyd than there is on the park and thankfully Boyd did not even play for St Mirren. Walker is showing his biased prejudice.
  7. Celtic will have to raise their game if they want anything out of this. Or perhaps a predictable/inevitable penalty - it'e the Celtic way.
  8. That's not a bad looking lineup despite the injury problems. However, looking at the bench we can't afford any more injuries today.
  9. A day for the true fans to turn up in large numbers and support the Buddies. Blighted by injuries - we are not expected to beat the second bottom team in the league. At the best of times, there's not much between the teams ranging from 4th to 12th.
  10. I think it was Jim Goodwin, several years ago, who expressed admiration for the set up they had at Fir Park. However, surely we have taken things too far?
  11. We now have 7 ex Motherwell players in our squad + their ex manager + their former assistant manager. If it wasn't for injuries we could have played all 7 players tonight. So long as those playing don't feel too sorry for the sad plight their former club is in at the present time.
  12. So you did - but just goes to show how little you know about football.
  13. It would be even more marvellous to see St Mirren beating Celtic tonight.
  14. Apparently, the TV punters are more impressed with our first half performance than some of our own so-called supporters on here.
  15. On this form there is not a lot that separates us from Celtic. If we could play like this every week, we could be in 3rd or 4th place by the end of the season. However .............
  16. Not much between the 2 sides today - as can be said for for all the teams below the two sectarian Glasgow clubs. However, although we will experience results like today's from time to time, I think we should finish in the top six. What we are guilty of, is sitting back too much at home. We give the opposition too much space to get on the front foot.
  17. 7000 + today The capacity of our dinky little stadium will have to be extended if we keep on at this rate. Or alternatively - we can just plan for decline.
  18. Life does not get any better for a Saints fan right now. If we were to win this one - we would go 5 points clear of Hibs with a game in hand. And a draw between Aberdeen and Motherwell would see us consolidating fourth spot.
  19. We're more likely to go behind - this is St Mirren.
  20. A win tonight would almost certainly put us up to fourth place in the table. However - back to reality. We are St Mirren!
  21. Disregarding our encouraging points total so far this season, we are however St Mirren and past history dictates that in this type of situation, where the opposition is in a bad place, they will start their recovery against us in spectacular fashion. Hope I'm wrong, but we will find out on Wednesday evening - we can watch the gory details on BBC Alba at 10pm to find out.
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