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  1. And Ryan Flynn must be half the player he was last season if he can't get into that team on merit.
  2. PPV should refund customers £12.50 for that spectacle - infact they should credit us that amount as a new year goodwill gesture.
  3. Going by the HT scores today - it looks like we will be moving down the table unless there is a huge improvement by us.
  4. Ooops! Didn't notice that. Flynn would be an improvement.
  5. Obika is having another of his 'on his pants' days. Cammy and Morias should come on to give us more bight. If we don't improve in the second half we will get nothing out of this game. Sadly, we don't look like scoring again.
  6. I'm a supporter of Erhahon but he's having a howler today. MacPherson would be a better fit today.
  7. This is an important game from the confidence-building point of view after the disappointing result (not performance) against Sevco.
  8. Doyle Hayes again looked the classiest midfield player on the park - and Jamie McGrath was not far behind. We have a lot to be positive about as we approach 2021. Overall, Jim Goodwin's signings have achieved an improvement in our performances and (in recent weeks) also in our results. Let's hope that we can improve our attacking flair in the January transfer window.
  9. The score flattered Sevco. A draw would have been a fairer result. But as I said earlier Sevco got the rub of the green - not like them or their predecessor.
  10. As others have pointed out it has been fairly even so far. One deflected shot and one gift from Shaughnessy. It's not like Sevco to enjoy the rub of the green!
  11. If Morias could find a bit more composure in front of goal - he would not be playing for us! Ditto Obika
  12. I know it's sad, but I can't take my eyes off the league table! And if we win our games in hand (if they're not forfeited) we will be 5th top.
  13. Fairly accurate summation of the match. The only comment I would take issue is that in my view there is not much separating anyone outside the sectarian twosome.
  14. Easy to be critical sitting in the comfort of our homes - but the effort was there in huge quantities - just like the rain and wind. It was also good to see Ryan Flynn come on for a few minutes at long last and for Dennis to get his first goal for the club. Some on here won't be happy until we win the Champion's League!
  15. Yes - it certainly was. Having said that, I thought Obika played well when he came on, and I have not been one of his greatest supporters.
  16. Like Nicola - I'm kicking myself - did not pay attention to kick-off time and only saw the last half hour. From what I saw in that time I thought we played well but we missed Doyle Hayes' composure and direction in midfield. Having said that, I thought MacPherson and Erhahon played well, as did most of the team. Based on this form we are more likely to move up rather than down the table before the end of the season.
  17. We have often battled against consistency - but surely we should really be fired up for Wednesday's game against our B team?
  18. There were many candidates today for MOTM but my vote would go to Doyle-Hayes closely followed by Jamie McGrath. And then there are those guys who did not get on the pitch today - Ryan Flynn and Sam Foley. It makes you appreciate the good signings that have been made over the past year or so that have made it so competitive for places. Today's result will boost the confidence of those who have struggled to show their ability - eg. Erwin, Morias and McAllister.
  19. A fantastic result and great use of subs. We now have a pool of players who are certainly capable of getting us into the top six. If we can defeat Newco on merit we can certainly do similar against our B team! COYS
  20. Having said earlier that I would settle for a draw.........
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