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  1. Everyone in the SPL below the ugly sisters will be scrapping against each other this season. Although we are bottom at present we should not stay there for long. As others have said - if only we could sign a couple of decent strikers in the January transfer window.
  2. The defence is now looking very solid (by St Mirren standards). Our midfield is looking good by SPL standards - McGrath, McPherson and Erhahon are amongst the most talented in Scotland (not forgetting Foley and Flynn) and in Doyle-Hayes we have our very own 'Xavi' - he's a true class act. We have a real attacking threat down the wings. The least said about our strike force the better. However, surely with this pool of players we can't get relegated?
  3. Not helped by the 6 points deduction! Other clubs like Livi on the other hand have benefited from the impact of Covid
  4. What match were you watching? We are not the finished article just yet but we are night and day better than last season. We had few failures today other than the 3 strikers.
  5. Saints the better team by some distance - what a difference Doyle Hayes is making to our attack. Perfect picture and sound from St Mirren TV.
  6. I feel like doing an Elvis with 2 minutes to go!
  7. We must have played together at Love Street. Not on the pitch but on the heap of sand! I can vaguely remember Len Crabtree but not Willie Miller. Some of the players at that time used to park their cars on match days in Mathie Potato Merchant's yard in North Street, and I can remember Campbell (and Davie Lapsley) taking shots in at Sheena - the Mathie's collie dog who used to act as goalie for us kids in North Street. Perhaps Campbell picked up a lot of tips from Sheena for his future illustrious career.
  8. Sad to hear of Campbell's passing. I can only remember one goalie before him - Jim Lornie. Can anyone go further back?
  9. Not the worst performance of the season. Maybe we are starting to turn the corner.
  10. Dream on guys. In reality, we are, and will continue, to battle against finishing 12th if we ever reach the end of the season.
  11. Just as well it's Motherwell we're playing tomorrow and not Hearts or Dundee. They're both light years ahead of us in terms of forward/midfield play. However, there were 4 ex St Mirren players performing at Tynecastle tonight.
  12. Congratulations to Paul McGinn on his selection to the Scotland squad. That's now 4 ex-St Mirren players in the squad + the Manager who is also ex-St Mirren. When have we ever had such an influence on the national team - albeit retrospectively?
  13. We did until we decided to let him go to St Mirren's big team.
  14. On past form and in accordance with the St Mirren tradition, Thistle must be favourites to win this convincingly.
  15. For the umpteenth time - we did not get off to a good start. We were being consistently outplayed in midfield (against the weaker teams in the league) and powder puff up front. Only the defence performed to an acceptable standard. We were lucky to accrue the 7 points we have so far.
  16. Many of us on here did not want to be too negative too soon although the clear signs were there from the very first game of the season. But now is the time to wallow in just how poor we are. Would we feel any better if we were performing better but still losing? Our only glimmer of hope is that Magennis and Flynn will make a difference when they return.
  17. Never mind - we're keeping our shape - that's the main thing apparently! Not winning - that's secondary!
  18. Let’s get one thing straight - we have not had a good start to the season. Most will acknowledge that we were fortunate to win the games we did against some of the weakest teams in the league. Apart from Sevco, we have still to play the stronger teams and our only glimmer of hope is that Magennis and Flynn return soon and that the new signings help to make a difference. Yes we are comparatively strong in defence but our midfield has been consistently overrun in every game so far. Tactically we are as negative as any team in the league. Let’s hope things improve drastically within the next few games, otherwise we will be heading back to the Championship.
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