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  1. Brechin game sounds like a plan Brian and the usual bankhouse after it. Then wherever we take a stagger to [emoji106][emoji106]
  2. Seen one sitting to the left of the door on my way out maybe the guy behind the desk may have it.
  3. I'd be happy with either day Brian not fussed Ps who feked teamer
  4. Don't think so kevo maybe next time buddie
  5. Still two spaces for the night lads. Get the finger out and get the replys in before Brian starts moaning again [emoji12]
  6. Good wee games the night lads. Was a bit more space than the six aside the other night but was still enjoyable! Hope everyone enjoyed it. I'm happy either way with 6 aside or 5's Brian. It's a good wee change from the dome and definitely a bit more demanding on the old legs! [emoji6]
  7. get aff our thread or there will be a retrial [emoji6]
  8. 17 playing on teamer for some reason. Fek sake Brian get it sorted :-P
  9. 100 games lads eh, what can I say, been a good laugh playing with you's well chuffed with the trophy. Thanks alot lads Bring on the next hundred :-)
  10. ya cheeky so and so lol thats it nae passing to him the night(no change there then)
  11. Footy cancelled? Whatsthe story wae the dome lads
  12. we will see whit he says the night I can see a two footed challenge even before we kick off. blouse ehh we'll see ya grumpy c**t
  13. no its cool caseys tackles are powder lol
  14. coming fae the guy that got sidelined by a speedbump lol
  15. I theres about four folk wanting revenge on casey lol