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  1. Let’s face it, Baird is pish, never good enough for The SPL, Morton is his level, best of luck Jack.
  2. Far too much confidence here, I will bring it down a notch or 2, I reckon we will take nothing from this game, and will be lucky if we keep it down to less than a 3 goal defeat.
  3. First Scottish club to win a trophy in Europe.
  4. We have not beaten Aberdeen at home for 8 years, this needs to be rectified today.
  5. It seems this team would struggle in League 2, we need a lot of new faces before we head to Easter Road a week on Saturday or we are in for a hammering!
  6. When you think we can’t get any worse
  7. How many ex managers is that we are paying now, I’ve lost count!
  8. I wouldn’t mind someone who won promotion in his second year in charge at a club who were favourites for relegation, kept that team up against all the odds while in charge, and in that time also won a national diddy trophy, and got to the final of a major trophy too. If only there was someone out there on our budget for our next manger.
  9. Who gives a f**k what it looks like, it will be worn in the top division, that all that matters.
  10. Probably end up at someone like Hearts
  11. I doubt people will still be listening to Gerry Cinnamon in 40 years time. [emoji23]
  12. Gerry Cinnamon is just a shite as the Proclaimers, f**king embarrassments to our country.
  13. The thought of penalties if giving me the fear!!!!
  14. The team need one more performance this season, we need our match winners on their game from kick off, the keeper needs to have his game of the season, we want no mistakes from our defence, and one more wonder strike from whoever plays up front will be very nice. I’m nervous as f**k too, there is so much at stake tomorrow, the team and support need to be up for this!
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