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  1. Who gives a f**k what it looks like, it will be worn in the top division, that all that matters.
  2. Probably end up at someone like Hearts
  3. I doubt people will still be listening to Gerry Cinnamon in 40 years time. [emoji23]
  4. Gerry Cinnamon is just a shite as the Proclaimers, f**king embarrassments to our country.
  5. The team need one more performance this season, we need our match winners on their game from kick off, the keeper needs to have his game of the season, we want no mistakes from our defence, and one more wonder strike from whoever plays up front will be very nice. I’m nervous as f**k too, there is so much at stake tomorrow, the team and support need to be up for this!
  6. I like the look of that lineup, let’s f**king do these cunts COYS!!!!
  7. Utd are a great bet at 13/10, if I was a neutral I be sticking a few £££s on that.
  8. If that’s all we are getting, give them half the away stand at The Simple Digital, we will easily fill our stadium for the 2nd leg.
  9. Got to keep it tight up there, a draw will be a great result, then it’s all to play for in Paisley.
  10. St Johnstone have a full strength team to start at Hamilton [emoji106]
  11. I reckon it’s the playoff lottery for us, I can’t see anything other than a Hamilton win tomorrow, St Johnstone will do us no favours, the damage was done earlier in the season.
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