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  1. Don’t fancy our chances now with this starting lineup.
  2. That’s the end of his managerial career, probably stick to being a pundit now.
  3. Win tonight and we would go above Hibs, providing they lose, and Motherwell, who both had great starts to the season.
  4. I doubt they could offer more than we have.
  5. 7 points from the first 3 games I reckon, as I think we will only get a draw at Dens.
  6. Curtis Main to sign in the next few days.
  7. Euan Murray has signed for Kilmarnock.
  8. Makes you wonder if Zander Clark is a doubt to make the game?
  9. Hopefully the club are talking to Conor McCarthy too, player of the year this season for me.
  10. Season 2006/07 we had 7 points from our first 4 games.
  11. Can someone close this pish down, delete the thread and delete the account of the clown who started it please!
  12. Why wait till Monday, the virus is out there already, get the Glasgow derby behind closed doors too.
  13. Never in doubt, great result, and once again we get it right up the jam tarts!
  14. I fear we will be bottom after the game tonight, Hearts are going to be well up for it and I don’t think this St Mirren team has any bottle. The bookies who are rarely wrong also agree with this. I reckon 3-1 Hearts.
  15. We will be bottom come the split I reckon with the run of games we have before it, hopefully we have the bottle in the 5 games after the split to keep us in the division, I’m not hopeful to be honest.
  16. We will go here and defend in numbers to try and keep the score down, but we will lose and take nothing from the game. We will maybe have 1 shot on goal if we are lucky. To be honest if this is all we have to offer against the Glasgow teams we don’t deserve to be in this league, the other teams round about us at the bottom at least give it a go when playing these two and don’t just write the games off as damage limitation.
  17. Hard run of fixtures now for us before the split, I’ll be surprised if we are not bottom going into the split.
  18. I don’t see us getting anything from this game tonight, St Johnstone will sneak this 1-0, probably scoring late on to take the points.
  19. I reckon Hearts are at it regarding Boyce, I find it very strange they would let us know that he is a doubt for this game.
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