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  1. I like the look of that line up, and Hodson being fit is a bonus, COYS!
  2. Don’t think I’ve ever been so bored reading a match day thread! Anyone know tonight’s lineup yet?
  3. Who gives a f**k, did you see the crowd Motherwell took to Livingston, considering it’s only a few miles along the M8 there should have been a far bigger away support.
  4. No doubt we will lose this game, when do we ever make it easy for ourselves!
  5. Decent point, next few league games there are points to be had, hopefully a couple of signings in this week should make a difference.
  6. Another Scottish player never to be heard of again, career wise this is a terrible move for him.
  7. Great news, Jack is not good enough for the top division, seems to have found his level.
  8. Great servant to the club, he will leave with my best wishes and hopefully has great success with the remainder of his career, apart from if he ever faces us again.
  9. Collum is the ref, I wonder which St Mirren player will see a red today, I’m going for Waters.
  10. The Bankhouse which is close to the train station is good, it will be full of supporters going to the game, service is good, prices are reasonable, plenty of TVs to show the early kick offs, and the place does food too. There’s a train at 2.52 which will get you to the stadium on time for kick-off too.
  11. Was Broadfoot not a permanent signing?
  12. Do we do 2 wins on a row, I reckon we will this time, 2-0 for the Paisley St Mirren. I’m in the corporate for this game so hoping for a great result to make the day all the better.
  13. Let’s face it, Baird is pish, never good enough for The SPL, Morton is his level, best of luck Jack.
  14. Far too much confidence here, I will bring it down a notch or 2, I reckon we will take nothing from this game, and will be lucky if we keep it down to less than a 3 goal defeat.
  15. First Scottish club to win a trophy in Europe.
  16. We have not beaten Aberdeen at home for 8 years, this needs to be rectified today.
  17. It seems this team would struggle in League 2, we need a lot of new faces before we head to Easter Road a week on Saturday or we are in for a hammering!
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