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  1. Half way there with that bet, Paisley is now 4/5 to win!
  2. Paisley 7/4 favourite with Ladbrokes, next best is Coventry at 9/4.
  3. He’s tweaked a groin, hopefully back next Saturday, but possibly the Dunfermline game.
  4. Mallan would have buried the free kick we had in the second half yesterday, which incidentally why did Eckersley take?
  5. Not an easy game tonight, Livingston are the form team in the division and are the best team away from home so far this season, added to this is the fact we have never beaten them on our own patch. I think tonight we will break this hoodoo though, 3-0 Saints.
  6. I don’t think this is the worst tie we could’ve got, someone like Ross County or St Johnstone away is worse, there should be over 10,000 at this so we should at least make some money out of it.
  7. Happy with that, hopefully Eire get pumped out also.
  8. Got my ticket for the game today and booked a seat on the bus, great value for money, bring it on!
  9. Steve McLaren being interviewed when he was boss at Twente is pretty funny, if you’ve never seen it check it out on YouTube.
  10. Could it be these trolls on Twitter are supporters of other clubs on the wind up, ie Morton, I can’t see why any St Mirren supporters would go on the internet abusing one of our own, especially the player who has been a standout for us this season.
  11. I’ve a feeling we will win this with something to spare, the team are going to be well up for it to make amends for the game at Cappielow, and going by the Morton fans on P&B they are struggling at the moment, looking forward to the game. 4-1 Saints.
  12. First things first top of the championship after the first quarter of games, thank f**k we have Jack Ross in charge than that f**king ginger mumbling c**t who played for Morton who obviously hates us and can't get it into his ginger skull that we were by far the better team today and totally deserved that fine victory.
  13. His cross for Torfasons goal at Parkhead was a thing of brilliance, and what I will always remember him for.
  14. I reckon if there was a beer tent more would've attended, most people like a beer or 3 before the game. [emoji481]
  15. Nice one, I think I'll head down, just for the swapping of shirts at the end!
  16. Chris McCarts son I take it, he's the f**king double!!!
  17. Got to agree with on Clancy, the best referee in the country by some distance I reckon.
  18. Makes you wonder if Dunfermline done this on purpose so that we were not in the ground to support our team. We should treat their support the same when they next visit, only open one gate and have it break down, let them stand outside for 45 minutes!
  19. So what happened to the West Stand being for only home fans this season, or does this just apply to league games?
  20. So if it's only the main and west stands open where are the away fans being put, not that there will be that many?
  21. Makes a mockery of us having to play our first team against Hearts under 20s.
  22. Another great performance yesterday, this season is shaping up to be better than the millennium winning championship!
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