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  1. To be absolutely fair, that is not how it is written in the actual document - http://smisa.net/images/docs/election2016/Job_description_v1.pdf For avoidance of doubt, the document also states: "The successful candidate will [...] Be a SMISA member and be passionate about St Mirren and the community around it." and: "No specific qualifications are necessary for the position."
  2. Craig Samson is out of contract having only managed a handful of games for Motherwell last season....
  3. The counter on the website is updated manually - so whilst there were 20 sign ups during the meeting, they won't be added to the counter until that's done
  4. The Smisa website says there will be some form of recognition in the main stand for the fans who back the bid.
  5. Well it depends how you interpret the wording. The board sets the subscription rate and a change to that rate is (arguably) a change to the society's rules - although I get where you are coming from. And as you point out - if the members are unhappy at the decision, they can easily vote to replace the board. The second point is really more crucial - ultimately if 'future smisa board' decided to set the membership fee at a rate that was deliberately prohibitive, they would be in breach of their own rules, the spirit of SD more importantly, the laws governing CBSs. I think we agree - its pretty unlikely.
  6. Two quick points:1 - The trust is one member one vote - the membership fee is decided by the membership - so the scenario you describe could only happen if the members voted for it. 2 - the constitution of the trust (and I believe a condition of being part of SD) is that membership has to be 'affordable' and open to all. Whilst this is a bit subjective, ultimately it would protect against the situation you describe.
  7. further info: SMISA is today launching our #BuyTheBuds campaign, meaning St Mirren fans now have the chance to make sure our club can stay forever in the hands of the people who will care for it most...you, the fans. If the bid is successful, it will see Gordon Scott become the next chairman of the club and SMISA get a director on the board - with the option of majority fan ownership within the next ten years But if can only happen if the fans come up with the money. That is why SMISA is launching the #BuyTheBuds fundraising campaign this weekend, with full details on our relaunched website now.. You are also reminded of our public meeting tomorrow at 12:30pm (after the SMISA AGM at 12) in The Wynd Centre, School Wynd, Paisley, where Gordon and the SMISA committee will be taking questions on the bid. The next few weeks are a chance for us all to come together and seize our chance to write the next chapter in the history of our great club together. Read on to find out more now www.smisa.net
  8. Update from SMISA: BID FOR THE CLUB - PUBLIC MEETING ON SATURDAY As you will already know, there has been major progress of late on our joint bid with former St Mirren director Gordon Scott for the majority shareholding in St Mirren. As a result of that we are holding a public meeting on Saturday at 12:30pm in the Wynd Centre, School Wind, Paisley. Existing SMISA members are being asked to come along at noon for the trust's AGM, where we will deal with routine trust business. Non-Members should join us at 12:30pm for a presentation and Q&A on the bid, where you can put your questions to Gordon and the SMISA committee. Be aware capacity in the venue will be limited, so in the event of exceptional demand, entry will be first come, first served. See you there! More details on the NEW LOOK SMISA WEBSITE!!!! www.smisa.net #BuyTheBuds
  9. Alex Rae's view wasn't that he didn't want to play passing football or a passing game (both he and DF said they wanted to play good football, but wanted to be winners first and foremost), I think its more that he just feels there is limited value in teaching youth players to 'dink' it out from the goalie to the full back, who then 'dinks' it to the centre half, because once these youth players start playing senior games, they won't get away with that - if that's all your youth players know, they will get slaughtered in the senior game, and their confidence will get destroyed. I think he means he wants a balanced style of play, passing, but not passing for the sake of it, because that will usually get you into difficulties.
  10. AR did say at one point he always wore a short sleeved shirt growing up so no-one could call him a Jessie....so I think the coloured boots have had their day at the Paisley 2021 stadium.....
  11. Released by Sheff Utd! Yeah I'd take him, but would be after too much money I think.
  12. Hopefully have something in the local press over next couple of days
  13. to be fair, in '96 he wasn't supposed to get it, he jumped in because the board had called a press conference to announce the new manager and Iain Munro then told them he wasn't coming after all! Tony got the gig at 5 minutes notice, to bail the club out. (at least that's how I remember it!!)
  14. http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php/topic/39432-smisa-agm-4th-april/
  15. The new committee members were voted on at the AGM - all members were invited and SMISA issued a report to all members, on here and on the SMISA website advising of the outcome of the AGM.
  16. This is not correct. SMISA are working with Gordon on a bid. They are not involved in any other bid for the club.
  17. Waiting to move players on maybe?
  18. Oi! that's enough of that!
  19. There are not many people who get involved in football and get their money back, I'd say....
  20. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/14144982.Gary_Teale_on_St_Mirren_s_lack_of_ambition_and_what_next_under_new_manager/ GARY TEALE, the former St Mirren manager, has accused the club of lacking ambition in the wake of their latest managerial casualty, while urging them to back the next man charged with turning their fortunes around. Ian Murray was the fourth head coach in the space of two years to leave Paisley, the 34-year-old falling on his sword following a 1-0 defeat away to his old club Dumbarton that leaves them four points off the foot of the Ladbrokes Championship table. It was a tenure that didn’t even last seven months as only two league wins from a possible 16 led their manager to walk away from the position that was previously held by Teale. The ex-Scotland winger had hoped that he would be chosen to remain in the position before the club’s board decided to go in a different direction with Murray. Now those in charge at St Mirren must begin their search once more of finding the right candidate to deliver a team on the pitch that will deliver the success they seek and return them to the top flight at the first time of asking. And as they start that familiar process once more, Teale has urged them to choose wisely and give their new man the support to thrive in the job. “Ideally as a manager you always want money available for your player recruitment. I learned that very, very quickly,” the 37-year-old told HeraldSport. “You take the job knowing how much finance is there for you so you can’t complain too much, but I don’t think the club, in terms of them trying to sell it, have that much ambition to try and progress forward really.” Relating to his own experience of the club supporting him during his spell as caretaker boss, Teale explained: “It wasn’t in terms of money it was just really Kenny McLean. When you sell your best player and top goal scorer in January – who is still your top scorer at the end of the season – who is now performing at Aberdeen, I think everyone understands what I had to work under. “You also had Ross County and Motherwell to who were strengthening their squads. “If we had kept Kenny we might have ended up closer. In the end we were only six points off a play-off place. Having more money would have been great, but that one alone I think would have given us a better opportunity.” Teale refused to be drawn on questions regarding what has gone wrong under Murray, respectfully stating that it was not his position to comment. However, the former Scotland manager cannot help but wonder what might have been if he had still been in charge. While he will be credited as the manager who went down with the St Mirren ship last season, a lot of damage was done by the time the former Wigan man inherited Tommy Craig’s team this time last year that left the rookie caretaker coach with an uphill task. “You never know for certain,” he said. “From a personal point of view, you feel as if you might have been able to make a difference. You can’t say that it would have definitely happened, but I felt that having been in the job five or six months I knew what the club had to do going forward. “In the end Ian came in with maybe fresh ideas, having to get to know the players and the place. I thought I may have been a little bit ahead in that sense, but there’s nothing written in stone to say I’d have been a success. You just need to trust your own beliefs that you could have made a difference.” Teale has yet to find a way back into the game since he left Paisley at the end of last season, and the former St Mirren man insists he would not rule out a return if an opportunity ever presented itself. But no matter who the next man is to take charge on a permanent basis, whether young or old, experienced or not, stability is the key to getting St Mirren back to where he and those around the club believe it should be. Teale said: “It’s a hard one because I enjoyed my time at the club. I’d have loved to have been in that position. I think I would have progressed it forward because I had an understanding of where it needed to go, but they chose to go in another direction. “Now they look like they need to try something else again. I think they need a bit of stability and give a bit of time to whoever is in charge, and a bit of backing as well. “I don’t think there are a million things wrong. Sitting here as a young manager, you need an opportunity. Experience is good but youth brings a lot of enthusiasm and some fresh ideas. “Ultimately they just need to get things right and put a structure in place. You have to have a plan and know how you are going to do it, whether it’s a young manager or an experienced one.”
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