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  1. Thanks for the welcome buddies. My next question. Living in North Yorkshire I am obviously unable to listen to any radio commentaries. Is anyone aware of any internet radio stations that broadcast Buddies home/away games.
  2. The wife is watching X Factor so I'll stay here. So, having now decided to attend a home match, in which pub would I find myself most welcome. And is there a night life to be enjoyed afterwards. Suitable obviously for Mrs Jonah to attend.
  3. As a Leeds fan I thank the Buddies for Gordon McQueen. We gave you Jimmy Lumsden, not maybe in the same category but he was an honest professional.
  4. Hello Shull, thanks for the welcome. Just to make sure I start off on the right footing, do I refer to St Mirren as The Saints or The Buddies.
  5. Hello, serving in the army in the early 80,s I was invited home on leave to my pals home in Paisley, as I recollect it was a flat above a pub called the Maxwelton?, whilst on a pub tour of Paisley we went for a pint in a pub called The Buddies, I remember it being full of St Mitten photographs, does it still exist. Ever since I have always looked out for The Buddies, forget Celtic and Rangers, St Mirren is my team north of the border. I am a Leeds United supporter having been a fan for over 40 years, I am really pleased to have joined your forum, and thought I would drop in this post just to let you know that the Buddies have one more fan than you were aware of. Cheers for now ect, Jonah.
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