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  1. Felt obliged to put my tuppenceworth here. Ordered through Braehead store, 1 away top medium boys two weeks ago. Customer rep ordered from depot for delivery to High Street, Paisley for pickup (it is closer to me than Braehead). Delighted to receive email two days later stating that said shirt had been dispatched from the depot. Waited three days but no confirmation sms or email intimating arrival at store. Fed up, went to Paisley Centre to ask if the shirt had arrived to be told that the High Street address that Braehead had ordered the shirt to be sent to was the small shop that used to be next door to Sports Direct and the last time that this had happened the goods had been shipped to Amsterdam for collection. I laughed . True Enough. Yesterday I received the text message to collect my shirt from the Netherlands. Phoned customer services asking for an explanation to be told that they use a four digit code to represent each shop and that the store in the High Street that was now closed had had its code reassigned to the JD store in the Netherlands. Advised to go to Braehead to be refunded and reorder again to a different address. Got money back with a small apology. I do not intend to use JD sports again and will not be buying any more St Mirren goods through them! PS if any Buddie is in Holland soon I am sure they must be selling St Mirren memorabilia cheap, because it must cost more than its worth to return the goods, indeed maybe this is the reason for the stock shortage!
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