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  1.   Hi Belfast billy here . I livein Banbury as well over near orchard road good  to find out another buddie in banbury

  2. With the best will in the world, I don’t think for one minute that Gus or Danny is the answer. I have total respect and pleasure from what they did for our club. But, in my opinion, their ship has sailed and neither has done any better since leaving us. Goodwin, cup winning captain and legend that he is, is too much of a risk at this stage with his lack of experience at this level. Bearing in mind he had a bit of a nightmare through Craig’s tenure. We need someone to steady the ship, someone who can galvanise and inspire the squad that we have. McIntyre? I’m not sure about although im only basing that on that he has been out of work since Ross county and, if I’m not mistaken was interviewed previously but Stubbs was chosen. The board need to be clear, careful and totally confident in this crucial appointment.
  3. I have to agree with this point and something I’ve been thinking about. He didn’t seem to embrace the club in any way. In his interviews he always used the term ‘they’ as opposed to ‘we’ when addressing team matters
  4. I don’t disagree with you bud, not in the slightest. But they were acting quickly on their own mistake. This is a situation made by their own poor recruitment.
  5. Maybe the right call, maybe not. I don’t know and respect to everyone’s opinions for and against. Can’t help but think how this reflects on the club. Three of the last four managers have been a disaster.... the successful one couldn’t get out quick enough. Historically when we are on the cusp of something good our club has a terrible tendency to self combust. I know Stubbs clearly got wrong, the board have a lot to answer for..... So to the next chapter
  6. I see Plymouth have not had the best of starts. So what chance Adams getting bagged and ending up with us........[emoji848] I’m sure he wouldn’t be a popular choice but just a thought....
  7. As I say, mate, it is only my feelings. I am allowed to have them. I stand by what I said and don’t think it is proving to be beneficial to one of the parties....
  8. Fair dos mate. Maybe I shouldn’t have posted. But all I have is my club that I have supported for the best part of fifty years at heart. I’m sorry for having a view
  9. Thanks for that, mate. Maybe I am but even if I am, I’m still allowed an opinion.
  10. Perhaps you are right mate. But I only speak through my passion and frustration of being a fan. As you know I live out with the town but I bought into the Jack Ross ‘on our way’, bandwagon and rightly so, because I want what’s best for our club. But today’s game reaction (you were there, I wasn’t, played more to Jack’s ego as opposed to any benefit of our club. What I would say would this game have taken place had jack Ross not left St Mirren for Sunderland? I do not wish for a moment to cause offence to anyone. I’m just merely stating my personal opinion and feelings
  11. So a 6-0 defeat worked out for our club and fans today?? Not from what I’m reading. I never said Jack wasn’t good for us.
  12. For me, and only me and my opinion, this game should never have taken place. This was an opportunity for a man to strut his ego and say GIRUY St Mirren as I can make so much more now that I got you promoted and a little bit excited. I wasn’t there today but I travelled up to the championship winning day to hear a man on the microphone speak to an adoring and passionate support saying ‘we are on our way’....... the only person on their way was him and the sheep that followed. He was a lucky man to have the game changing talent of Lewis Morgan who did much to bring that passion and excitement back to St Mirren. But that lad didn’t profess to be ‘on our way’. He gave his all and appreciated what St Mirren did for him as much as he did for them. We now have a new manager who now has to take the mantle on of taking this side into the top division of Scottish football but with the added task of maintaining a feel good factor that everyone bought into with the now departed egotistical manager. A manager who, in my view, brought nothing more than Tom Hendrie, Gus MacPherson or Danny Lennon brought to our club. I’m no advocate of Stubbs but we need to understand that the previous manager used us and the new one has to pick up the pieces. I’m not sure he can but I hope he does. This game today has done nothing, absolutely nothing for St Mirren Football Club.
  13. I may have missed this though all the changes so far. But, can I ask, are Alan McManus and Jamie Langfield still on the coaching staff or did they go with Ross?
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