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  1. A season that was in danger of imploding with the changes midway through has ended with some level of stability. I think the fact that only the top three had less defeats (equal with Dundee United) but we have had the most draws, shows the fine margins of where we are. the lack of cutting edge, as it has for a few seasons, is the only difference. All in all can’t complain as we have proved that we can compete and are close to the next level
  2. A decent performance against a strong, physical livi. we pressed well throughout and Gogic was once again immense. good to see we have found our fighting and team spirit again. the two lads up front work their socks off to their credit. just lack that wee bit of quality and killer touch. things are looking positive although Alnwick will be a big loss. just to add I thought Ethan had a good solid performance tonight being more positive in his passing and tackling.
  3. In the cold light of day, we were playing a team who, like ourselves, were in free fall. I think they hadn’t won a game this year? A significant day for both sides and that three points have made a massive difference. unfortunately I feel we are going to end up in a playoff which was inconceivable about a month ago. I am loathe to put this on the manager but his comments after the game are bizarre on so many levels. I can’t imagine how he thinks he can keep the players onside and motivated. He says what he likes and likes what he says and totally different, as someone pointed out earlier, to previous managers. so many things have happened both with the team and behind the scenes recently which adds to worrying times. We have scored two goals in each of our last two away games, coming from behind but end up with a 4-2 defeat (trying to find a wee positive there) Once again, as on many previous top flight seasons, we are looking over our shoulders…..
  4. I thought overall, and I don’t take any consolation from it, we contributed quite well to the game and scored two good goals of which one was extraordinary. But we were all over the place for first 15 and last 20 minutes, after we equalised. defending and midfield cover was our downfall tonight losing 4poor, poor goals. I don’t believe, however, that we should be sniping at the manager at this stage, come on! I know it’s hypothetical but would Goodwin have won that game? Not so sure…..
  5. Gut wrenching that we fought like trojans to get back into the game only to be badly let down by our defending. Yes we put a lot into the game but the score line is all that people will see
  6. All the hard work undone by more sloppy and lazy defending. They’ve barely been a force in this half until that
  7. Jeez that half went past in the blink of an eye. A good cup tie and we are playing not to badly going forward. Harem scarem at the back so far mind you.
  8. We started playing decently enough after the first goal and pressed them well enough but little creativity. both goals were poor defending and they cut us open. great goal from Brophy. hopefully we can settle now. jones beginning to grow in confidence and and causing them problems.
  9. Fair play! No we weren’t brilliant and our lack of ability to take chances is eternally frustrating. heads and confidence could have been shot heading towards four without scoring and having a, in my opinion, legitimate goal disallowed. Pulled it out the bag and will happily take that
  10. Three games, zero points, zero goals does not make for good reading at this stage. I didn’t see today’s game so can’t judge. I don’t like the persistent playing of Main and surely to goodness the manager can see the minimal impact he has or offers. He said at the start of his tenure he didn’t need to change much but seems to have reverted to the pre break set up which was fruitless. The concern now is that we don’t go into free fall, like county did in covid season, and the bottom two start chipping away at us. I think the manager now has to make his mark and an impact on the team as I feel he just thought it would tick along as they were, so to speak. Can I ask was Jak injured today?
  11. Amazing the turnaround in a couple of weeks. Unbeaten this year then all of a sudden we are looking over our shoulder again a little bit. As usual didn’t expect anything from tonight, although still is always disappointing at the end. I hope we manage to pick ourselves up for what are two vital games. Hope too that the manager picks the right players for the task at the weekend.
  12. Fair enough bud. Didn’t realise he had played up here. Fair banging them in this season
  13. This is a very good, swift and well managed appointment by the club. Like many he didn’t even cross my mind. A good, solid, experienced manager who is the type of manager we need right now. This was not the time for an inexperienced experiment. The compensation, for me, is irrelevant and for once we have not stuffed the money in the bank and been proactive. Like any appointment we can’t guarantee success and he does, in fairness, have a decent track record despite Morecombes position. we have given ourselves a chance and wish him all the best. By the way, would be nice if the striker Cole Stockton follows him up at some point. He can certainly put the ball in the net.
  14. As much as the way he left us previously left a bit of a sour taste he, like the just departed manager, had a high stock at that moment in time. He was voted manager of the year from the championship which was a top accolade. To say he did a bad job since is harsh. Play off final and a cup final with Sunderland and they have got worse since he left. Hibs record, apart from his last few games, was good. so not bad overall and at worst choking in finals. An obvious candidate and I say that with some trepidation. Could we afford him?
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