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  1. Predictable and typical Scotland. The dust has settled and the feeling of deflation is still there. Today was our opportunity to be creative, to be bold and to give talent a go. Our chance in a tournament where we are playing at home to go out and make a big step to make history. Now I hear all the ‘let’s stay behind the team’ I get it, I honestly do. I get ‘we had 19 chances’ but how do you account for the absolute amateur play from our goalie for the second goal But today we did the typical Scotland thing and blew it, well and truly! Now the younger generation can understand the feeling of all those glorious failures of years gone by…. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  2. Sheffield Wednesday were after him too
  3. Three solid signings with SPFL experience. Surprised St Johnstone let Tanser go, to be honest. A good days business all round. 👍🏻
  4. For me I would sum the season up as comfortable. We, probably from January onwards and after we got the points deduction reversed, gained enough momentum and points to (on hindsight) take the usual relegation dogfight away. We also achieved some good away results this season that helped massively. That, in my view, is the ‘success’ as for the cup semi finals, I would have to agree with Ronnie’s view whereby going out at that stage does not amount to success. I firmly believe that we were sucked into the hype of both teams we played in the semis were on form at the time and, to a large degree, negated our tactics and confidence. but, all in all, a 7th place finish is progress so well done to the boys for that.
  5. A typical end of season game but great that we got the 7th place finish. We deserved that over the season and feared that we would drift down the table after missing top 6. we were comfortable in possession, although we seemed to panic when they went down to 10. Brophy looked fit and sharp today which was nice to see. Cammy and Jamie very good on link up.
  6. As it stands we don’t need a winner but our play this half deserves it
  7. Some of our link up play has been a joy this half. Shame about the end product.
  8. I totally agree, bud, but these are the margins that we have to deal with. We should have had enough about us to be more positive in our play. I would argue that St. Johnstone/Livingston are no better than us but they believe more in the game plan that there manager sets out for them.
  9. I read many posts that we were beaten by ‘the better team’ today as was said after the Livingston semi final. I, after a few hours of reflection, am still finding that hard to believe and is nothing more than an excuse. I have seen us play in many semi finals over a number of years and, in my opinion, these two provided us with the best opportunities to progress. so my thought is, why are St. Johnstone and Livingston ‘better’ than us? we have the best squad we’ve had in years and the manager has been very well supported yet we have fallen at every hurdle this season, apart from not in relegation with games to spare. so, from my own humble opinion, this season has been no more successful than the play off season. Only my opinion, mind but poor game management has a helluva lot to answer for...
  10. I thought we were very weak in the middle of the park and, no harm to him, but Ethan way out of his depth. poor, lazy defending for the first goal. Durmus and Alnwick were top for us today. i understand that people are saying it’s been a good season. I reserve judgment as we could have done so much better. the only plus for me, at this particular moment, is that we were safe with games to spare
  11. Well there goes another one...... substitutions key today, in my view! theirs was inspired and ours were just baffling! was Tait injured? I also felt Dennis was beginning to find some space before being hooked.
  12. I don’t agree with this ‘we have a cup semifinal’ or ‘the game means nothing’ so rest players! momentum is everything and every game is important. If we were in relegation trouble, which we have been and probably will be again in the future, we’d be raging if someone put out a weakened team. Be careful what you wish for and we are not a team who can afford to be arrogant. don’t get me wrong I hope it pays off next weekend but losing at home to Hamilton and dropping in the league is still hard to accept.
  13. Absolutely magnificent game! It had everything. Great shoot out. I think my heart has stopped!! ye can shove yer super league
  14. No matter how this ends and no matter what we think of the performance, we have shown never say die fighting qualities tonight
  15. Credit to the team played the last twenty like the first twenty and got the reward. Quaner never looked confident with that chance at the end. Shown some fight in the latter stages of the second half
  16. Yet another one for the list of strange substations from the manager.... let’s see if I’m made to eat my words 🤔
  17. The midfield have gone right out of the game. They have let mulumbu and power bully them with persistent fouling. Both should at least be booked. We’ve got to man up in middle of the park
  18. I know it’s our way but we were in no danger, in fact they looked really nervous at the back. But, in true St Mirren fashion, within minutes we’ve just fallen apart
  19. Composed and in control for 30 minutes and we’ve just capitulated!
  20. I have to say watching that first goal back it is just magical, fantastic play. precision pass from Alnwick, brilliant control, pace and accuracy from Tait and controlled header from Erwin! wonderful goal and, if that was in the Hollywood EPL they would be raving about it! 👏🏻👏🏻
  21. A great second half performance and a much deserved victory. The team showed great character following the, undeserving in my view, Motherwell defeat and a poor first half tonight. Alnwick, once again, with a vital safe at 1-0. great for Erwin to get a goal his work deserved. Quaner showed some class and Jamie back on the spot. My fear of dropping down the table put to bed 👍🏻👏🏻
  22. Agreed bud. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a flash in the pan. my biggest gripe this year has been the constant bigging us up in the media by Jim and Tony when all too often we have ended up with egg on our face. I would much rather we kept under the radar and let the football talk for itself without the unnecessary added pressure
  23. That’s a really sickening result I feel. Not unexpected, to be honest, but it’s what I have feared since missing out on top 6. As FS rightly says 6th to 8th in two games and can only see that continuing. Our total inability to take chances and lack of threat upfront is there gaping at us week in week out. Then after making the point about McGrath and his penalties last week by the manager..... The only positive I can take from today is that we officially can’t finish bottom 😃 otherwise a potentially good season is just fizzling out! Shame really
  24. A lot of credit due to the team today. We could easily have folded after the unfortunate situation two weeks ago. I think the international break gave time for the wounds to heal. A thoroughly professional performance today and pretty much everyone played their part. Great to see Dennis back, tremendous goal too, and a safe pair of hands in goal. great response today 👏🏻👏🏻
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