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  1. Langfield is past it we need a new keeper for the number one spot one that can save shots.
  2. Go to Morton if you have nothing better to say DICK
  3. I was asking a simply question then I get shit from you no wonder St.Mirren are in the position that they are in when people like you come up with the shit that you wrote.
  4. Go to Morton if you have nothing better to say DICK
  5. Go to Morton if you have nothing better to say DICK
  6. Are there any transfer rumors
  7. I dont see why the fans should put money in and the board dont.
  8. We got not beat Alloa or even East Stirling
  9. Then you are going to get your wish because if we dont get any money we will go down and I dont think that we will ever get back to the Premier league.
  10. yes put the younger players in what do we have to lose we are going down with the players that we have so give the younger players a go.
  11. Get a loan from the bank if not then we are going down, you just have to look the last time we were in the Premier League the teams around us bought them self's out of trouble we did not and went down and that is what is going to happen.
  12. Yes on paper we do have a descent squad but they are not getting the results the defence should not be letting in all the goals our keeper is past his sell by date the midfield are a joke the strikers can score if given the ball but dont get enough from the midfield so again I will say it again we need the new director to give the new manager money and again I think it has to be about £500,000.
  13. Because that is what happens at this club as soon as the team does not get a win then the shouts for him to be sack, I myself tinnks that Rae should have been given more time.
  14. Ok Shull so you are saying that our new BOD dont have any money so nothing has changed from the old board in that case then St.Mirren will go down again and again.
  15. We never give the manager a descent amount of money this team needs a lot of money put into it to get the best players that we can get.
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