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  1. Most clubs run matchday lotteries / 50:50 draws in normal times. 
    Is this not something that the club could do during this period to help raise some revenue? Not sure if there are gambling restrictions that would rule it out but surely worth considering. 
    Given that fans are not spending money of tickets, pies, programmes and merchandise I’m sure many could be tempted to to part with say £10 a ticket each week. 
    Say we can get 1000x £10. 
    £5k to the club
    £5k to the winner
    Hold the draw at 3pm on a Saturday to give everyone something to look forward to. 
    Must be easy to spin something up online to sell/purchase tickets online. 
    What like 50/50 who's gott the virus?
  2. Spfl already have a blueprint for league reconstruction with an amended 8-8-8 format.
    Dont think it will be opposed this time round.

    The problem is getting clubs to agree what happens if this season is written off.
    Namely Celtic want to be appointed champions and Sevco dont want that...
    Surely a common sense, tried and tested, non controversial method is to let celtic keep the titles as long as the rename themselves ' The Celtic FC' for the new season?
    Cant see that being a problem..

  3. Yep, absolutely. Parkinson had a slow start as manager, but the club is only 3 points off 2nd place. 
    Clusterf**k of a club it may be, but Jack Ross had many international players to call on during his time as manager. He had players on the books for the season that were taking in five figure weekly salaries. He was given money to spend and wasted it on Will Grigg FFS! And the most telling factor about Ross was after he took the Hibs job he did a BBC interview boasting about his record at Sunderland because he only lost a handful of games. Quite clearly he didn't grasp at any point that Sunderland are a club with an annual turnover larger than that of Celtic playing at an all time low level for the club against sides where NINETEEN!!!! draws were simply never going to be good enough. 
    The first Wembley final, the EPL Trophy, you talk about shows the true potential of the club. That day at Wembley drew the biggest football crowd (85,021) of that weekend anywhere in the world. Sunderland v Portsmouth in a diddy cup final! Yet they came off that final and won just 3 of the last 9 league matches and in the last four matches of the season they took just 2 points. 
    It'll be very interesting to see what the issues were off the park. Many suspect that Ross had an over reliance on Aiden McGeady who played out the season with a broken toe. Some also claim McGeady was a disruptive force in the dressing room that Ross failed to deal with. I suspect that quite simply it was as I predicted it would be when he first went there - quite simply far too big a step up for a football manager of limited ability.      
    Ross pleaded with Douglas NOT to sign Grigg, and promised to get him half a dozen better players for that fee.
    You are as I'll informed as off the ball.

    Douglas panicked (familiar theme to his stewardship) at fan reaction to selling Maja when he was scoring goals.
  4. Nicola Sturgeon revealed On Sunday afternoon that Scotland had called on the military to help amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Speaking at a press conference, the Scottish First Minister told reporters that the military was needed to evacuate a coronavirus patient from an island. This comes as Scotland's Chief Medical Officer Dr Catherine Calderwood told the same press conference that around 54,000 people will die from the virus in Scotland.


    So given the population of England that'll be times ten.






  5. Could you show this as I couldn't find this?
    You understand why I have my doubts, don't  you? 
    Why have you posted the daily death rates? 
    I suppose the country is waiting for you to be fully comfortable with the invisible killer that is ravaging London, and will do across the piece.
    Italy, France and Spain all seem to be faring far worse than the UK. I’ve read a lot of criticism of the testing in Japan.
    When the early cases surfaced in the UK, I read quite a lot about those people being isolated and the work going into tracing everyone they came into contact with.
    There doesn’t seem to be an real explanation yet or any evidence as to why some countries are faring better than others.
    Testing and contact tracing may well be the answer, like in South Korea.
    Epidemiologists suggest for every one death... there are 1000 people infected...
    So as of yesterday that 422,000 in the UK infected.
    And as the death rate almost doubles on a daily basis now if it's an additional (87 yesterday)190 today we are looking at 612,000 infected.

    Aye it's just like the flu this....
  7. It’s like some folk actually want the situation in Italy to happen here just to prove their point and to suit their agenda
    Wanting a fascist state to be imposed with absolutely no evidence that it works.
    You’ve really got to wonder about the mentality of these evil people
    And your proven alternative to save lives is?
  8. Looks like scammers are upping their efforts, I've received 2 texts in the last 3 days................
    1st one "from"the DVLA gleefully telling me I have a vehicle tax refund, click this link to process.............................
    2nd one "from" HSBC scaring me with the message that my account has been suspended due to a security visit....................
    I texted both back with the same message..........................Feck Off.
    You texted back a scam text...?
    Your next Bill might be Interesting.
  9.  You are right, there is no perfect solution, but ...
    If you void it there can be no promotion. League reconstruction, yes, but not promotion. How would you decide who gets promoted if the leagues are voided. If you take, say, the top two from the Championship into the Premiership then you are saying that this season did "exist" as if it didn't there couldn't be a top two. You could have league reconstruction but how would you fairly decide who was in what league if this season is voided. If it is voided then next season had to start with exactly the same teams in exactly the same leagues as this season. It is the only "fair" way to do it if this season is voided.
    UEFA don't have the power to tell the leagues what to do, so they will bat it back to each individual country to decide. The countries may get together and decide on a single approach but if the decision is to void everything then there would be no teams qualified for next season's UEFA competitions.
    To me, the "fairest" way is to average the points (due to games in hand that can't be played) and then call the leagues as they stand. Avoid the playoffs by having no relegation, promoting two teams from each league and the highland and lowland champions. The Premiership could play each other twice (26 games) then split and play another twice (12 games), meaning the same number of games as usual. It would, however, mean that one team from each section is without a game each week after the split.
    The only "losers" would be those in the other two play off places in each league, but, in reality, they weren't guaranteed anything in the first place.
    The leagues could be returned to normal, if required, by adjusting the number of teams relegated/promoted for a season or two - or just keep it as a trial for league reconstruction for a couple of seasons.
    Anyway, what do I know?
    Could the attached be half the solution to determining the final league positions if the season is postponed?
  10. Been reading on the difficulties food banks are having as panic buying/hoarding and just general disruption to normal life is having on donations to their cause.

    So thought given the fantastic response to the BAWA 12 goals of Christmas, and the superb effort buddies make when there is a food bank collection...

    Could a Cross Bar Challenge be organised with Saints Legends, Managers/Coaches past and present, to be conducted live, but streamed with no crowd attending, and reasonable safeguards in place for those taking part.

    Then we could all wager on our favourite, or better still have a number draw so you dont know which legend you've got if you drew Number 7 until the name is pulled out the hat just before they shoot.

    As well as raising much needed funds for a great, and in immediate need cause, it could be a bit of a tonic for footy starved buds across the globe.

    Any thoughts?

  11. It's just ironic that the biggest drama queen says he's got symptoms.
    Probably the sniffles.
    Nice of you to let everybody know, more "look at me" behaviour. :byebye
    Sorry wheres the drama in repeating what the govt have put out on all media channels, compared to someone screaming blue murder like Trump that is all a Hoax..!
    Feck me that's some own goal. lol

    This is what happened to me today at the shops. I think that one of the most unreported side effects of this Coronavirus situation is that it's making people incredibly rude.

    I was in Waitrose this morning when I asked a lady working there,

    “Is there any more toilet paper?”

    She screamed,


    before running off, and fetching security.

    To make matters worse I then had to shuffle all the way back to the toilets with my trousers and pants round my ankles whereupon I had to wipe my arse with a sock.
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