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  1. It's coming...!

    Dozens of people who attended a football match last week in Tel Aviv, Israel, have been ordered to self-quarantine, Israeli news website Ynet reports.
    A teenager among a crowd of away fans at the game between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Tel Aviv was infected with coronavirus, Israel's health ministry confirmed on Wednesday.
    The teenager is believed to have contracted the virus from the manager of a toy store who had visited Italy and earlier tested positive.
    "He is currently in isolation in his room and hasn't been in contact with the rest of the household [since testing positive]," the boy's mother said, adding that her son had a stuffy nose and a cough, but no fever.
    The health ministry initially requested that thousands of fans at the match be quarantined, but limited the number following an outcry.

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  2. Sorry is someone suggesting mixing Hearts fans in with our family stand?

    Hearts fans..? The fans their own club can't control..? f**k off.

    Besides why would you want to give any extra encouragement to a side you are in a relegation dogfight with? Do these muppets even think before switching their brain on?
    Put the family stand offer on and full the feckin places with Buds!

  3. In recent games we have been starting with ONE academy product Scottish national.

    With one scottish loanee

    And one or two Scots on the bench...

    Is this our reality now? Is the mini conveyor belt of young talent, developed and sold on u/s..?

    How do Livi manage to punch above their weight with a lot more Scots in their team?

    Are we resigned to sifting the flotsam & jetsam of lower league footballers across Europe, hoping to unearth a relative pearl every now and then?

  4. I Put out a bone for Oaksoft and he bit. I then posted similar figures to yours. World population in 1918 1.5bn, 500 million infected, deaths 50 million from Spanish Flu. Lesser figures for Asian Flu despite world population growth by 1957. Health measures have improved but this bug has hardly got going yet. This poses a very real threat, particularly in view of the way people travel widely compared to 1957 and 1918. Very simple example. Down in the pub yesterday to watch the St J v Celtic Cup match. Young guy there. His sister flew back from Tenerife the day before the cases were reported. She had stated in the hotel involved. Modern travel has opened new channels of infection spread globally. 
    So many things wrong with that first line... mental images that could haunt your nights.
  5. Will the season actually be played out? Looking dodgy.
    Read This

    Over 60s are being urged to avoid crowded areas because of coronavirus

    By Finlay Greig

    Monday, 2nd March 2020, 3:12 pm

    "Try to avoid crowded areas, or places where you might interact with people who are sick."

    He added: "It’s normal & understandable to feel anxious, especially if your country or community has been affected by #COVID19. Seek official sources of info to protect yourself, loved ones & your community. Plan on how to stay safe at work, school or your place of worship."

    If you are 60+, or have an underlying condition like cardiovascular disease, a respiratory condition or diabetes, you have a higher risk of developing severe #COVID19. Try to avoid crowded areas, or places where you might interact with people who are sick. #coronavirus

    — Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (@DrTedros) February 29, 2020

    Elderly more at risk

    Severe cases of Covid-19 are far more likely to occur in the elderly and those with serious underlying health conditions.

    According to statistics from China 15 per cent of those aged over 80 who have contracted coronavirus have died, compared to the 2 per cent death rate for all cases.

    Dr Margaret Harris of WHO, has also advised that the most vulnerable restructure their routines in order to avoid catching the potentially deadly respiratory disease.

    She advised them to avoid public transport, mass gatherings - such as football matches - due to potential close proximity with those who have the disease.

    Harris even advised that people think twice about going to busy shops and supermarkets.

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  6.  Spanish Flu in 1918 killed 500 million people, one third of the world population. Asian Flu in 1957/1958 also killed large numbers including 675,000 in the USA alone. The last thing we should do is to take this lightly. Early days yet in the potential spread of the disease. 
    Aye Rickzo... auld duffers shouldn't be booking summer holidays etc, and dont count on another strawberry season.
  7. If you want to talk about the problem of people in general, you won't get much argument from me.
    Virtually every single problem I have ever had in my life can be rooted in the behaviours of other people.
    Other people?
    What like all those accidents you dont have, but see in your rear view mirror?
  8. Stop making shit up................it only weakens your argument and makes you look like a diddy. :1eye

    19:00 GMT - Italy coronavirus death toll rises to 21, positive cases 821 

    Just saw 28 deaths being reported on sky... split the difference 25...
    That's 25 more than sars in the uk.
  9. Killer, aye it is right enough.....................enough to cause the current hysteria, away and bile yer heid....................and wash yer hands. 

    Covid-19 has caused severe respiratory disease in about 20 per cent of patients and killed 2-3 per cent of infected individuals. Sars, in contrast, killed 10 per cent of confirmed cases. Older people, whose immune defences have declined with age, and those with underlying health conditions are much more vulnerable than the young.
    But fatality rates are hard to estimate in the early stages of an outbreak and depend on the medical care given to patients. For example, ventilators save lives by enabling people with pneumonia to breathe.
    Go look up how many people got SARS over two years...
    4 in the UK no deaths. Feck me nearly 30 have died in Italy alone from Corona. And Iran..? Who knows.
  10. It's a severe flu virus FFS. I can't believe the level folk are losing their minds at. Influenza kills tens of thousands every year as well. 
    Unless you have a weak constitution that causes it to be life threatening, you're going to be floored by it if you catch it and then get over it in a few weeks.
    You can get a flu jab.
    There ain't a Possible vaccine available for at least a year for this.
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