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  1. The Great post when it says "pay at the gate " I expected to get to ground wait in MOVING queue pay and get in not have to wait in one queue for ticket then join second long NOT MOVING queue to get in so your right an apology should be the least we should get which we won't as Dunfermline Stewart's seemed to think we had nothing to complain about
  2. I agree and also have our stewards walking about not knowing what to do and when the fans get a bit impatient and upset at having to miss half the game without explanation or apology think it's a great idea to bring up police who were armed how frightening for any kids in queue and a disgraceful way to treat away fans paying full price for half a game
  3. Entitled to your opinion were you in the queue ???????
  4. I certainly didn't expect to get in right away as you put it and if the queue had been moving then fine but 45 mins to get in was a disgrace considering there was about 30 in front of us
  5. We arrived at 2-45 plenty of time to get in joined long queue which didn't move got into ground so 3-30 absolute disgrace if it was "pay at the gate " then the gates should have been manned nothing to do with the result I also want to complain but who to ??? Before half time went down to pie stall to be told there was no hot food what a joke dunfermline football club should be ashamed they might be top of league FOR NOW but bottom in organisation
  6. NOTHING !!! and hope that the teams roung about us lose points
  7. So well done the BOD for doing all that but they are killing our great club now with all the bad decisions this season .They give Gary Teale the manager's job and then sell one of our best players last day of transfer day
  8. Don`t just blame the team when the manager comes out and says hes fallen out for the love for football its not helpful . I was a Lennon fan and dont think we would be any worse off if we had kept him .First wrong decision by BOD second was putting Craig in his place .Can't see us taking points from next game won't blame Gary when BOD sell one of our best players last day of transfer date and we're fighting religation .So well done BOD
  9. No confusion on my part think you are missing my point !!!!!
  10. Good for Gary to voice his opinion .Britain is supposed to be a country of FREE SPEECH don't think the SFA can know that seems to me refs can consistently make bad decisions but if the manager comments he gets penalised so what happened to free speech in football
  11. I am all for giving a new manager a chance but I think Tommy Craig has proved now he hasn't got a clue he comes out each week with the same rubbish . It's time for a change the fans see it so surely the BOD must see it or have they lost interest in our club I'm
  12. I think we have a good team which makes me think it's the manager whose got it wrong . What's the answer ? Change the manager it's simple!!!!!
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