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  1. Heard a lot of discussion at game today about wither people would renew season ticket or not depending on what division we are in. Im a true supporter and regardless of what happens I will be renewing mines and my families. Is that not what you are meant to do? follow your team through thick and thin? Hope most of you agree?
  2. I only saw a few fans leave. On the whole tho we need more fans and esp. season ticket holders. The people paying money through the gate every week are true supporters not the ones who just turn up for cup ties or just towards the end of the season. Also loyal fans do not leave the ground regardless of wither we are getting bet!!!! #true fan
  3. Fed up with people slagging Lennon off. People have short memories of what this man has done for our club. Its the players that need a bloody good shake and need to get their fingers out.no more excuses lets pack out the stands till end of season that's what TRUE fans will do show loyalty to Lennon and our team.
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