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  1. Still think he could go a job for the first team. Has to be better than Agnew
  2. Will believe something when it's officially announced. Too many false dawns to get our hopes up.
  3. We can only hope Rae can either get the best out of him or move him on.
  4. Good decision to take Baird out of the team. He needs a break.
  5. Time to give Rae a chance. He has watched quite a few of our games so should know how bad we are and where the team has to change.
  6. Too many rose tinted glasses when it comes to Lennon. The cup win papered over the cracks. We need an experienced manager who has no connection to the club.
  7. The board have to listen to the fans now and not just appoint Miller.
  8. Hardly out of our own half and sitting off Rangers. We cannot hold the ball up and making no chances. This is yet another poor performance. How many times are we letting them get in behind the defence?
  9. Murray was supposed to know this division. There are better than Reid.
  10. Billy Reid can gtf he is the last manager I want to see at our club.
  11. I am sure Div is not looking for the pats on the back however he is looking for a change in fortune. He is 100% right in everything he says and it definitely needs said. I was in favour of Murray being the manager but he has failed big time. The Morton game is a watershed moment and only a win will do.
  12. This is basically last chance saloon for Murray. If Miller is on a no contract working relationship then if we continue to flounder then the board can say well we tried. I think this is a low risk move by the board and if it works then it's all good. If not Miller moves on at nk cost and we sack Murray. I hope it works and we finally get back on track.
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