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  1. I've been hearing that since May 2012, when the yes campaign was launched. That was more than 2 years ago, there's little over 2 months to go. How much longer do we need to wait for this dramatic swing?
  2. Oh, come on I would concede it's likely that yes is winning among football fans that post and vote in polls on online forums. Thankfully, this makes up a minuscule fraction of the voting populace. Does it concern you that YES is losing heavily in every single properly weighted and conducted poll? If it doesn't, it should.
  3. Another poll out today, TNS: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.Ku/sto/news/uk_news/article1431131.ece No 59 Yes 41 The union appears to be cantering home to a decisive victory. No complacency though, let's all get out there and vote and bury this nationalist nonsense once and for all. A 20 point win is more than achievable here, indeed wouldn't surprise me if it finished around 65-35.
  4. What a success story our training complex at Ralston has been. We've went to producing one first team player every few years to producing two or three every season. Great to see it being recognised as the third best in the country.
  5. Kello Naismith-McAusland-Plummer-Kelly McGinn-Goodwin Teale-McLean-Wylde Thompson Ridgers Marwood Reilly Williams Yaqub Hughes Brown
  6. What source has him available for loan incidentally?
  7. Well we had the 7th best defensive record in the country, not bad for a team who finished 8th. Reilly looked a great prospect when he first broke into the side. I remember he played excellently in a game at Easter Road playing wide right. Then he was ' Shaun Hutchison'd ' at Fir Park, had a lengthy lay off and never came back the same player. I watched him a few times for 20's last year and he struggled at that level. I would be astounded if he does enough in the next year to win a new contract, but I hope he proves me wrong.
  8. We've signed a kid keeper from Watford. Daniel Willis I think his name is.
  9. If we had scored loads of goals aswell as conceding loads... Would you say our problem was in attack? Because we conceded relatively few and never scored enough, yet somehow that's our defences fault...
  10. Ah he's a 20 year old kid. Wouldn't be averse to having a look at him for a year. Low risk and would give us a pace option from the bench.
  11. Disagree with you there. The defence wasn't the problem last season, it was scoring goals we struggled with.
  12. I would certainly sign him up. I, unlike others, have a lot of faith in McAusland, Kelly and Naismith and I'm sure they will be 3 of our back 4 next year. We'd need 1 of Plummer, Yaqub, Williams and perhaps this guy or another signing to step up and be good enough.
  13. I heard it was Callum Fordyce. Edit that Mevlija guy is a free agent, he was released by Livi.
  14. You should heighten your depressing threshold, it's only a football strip for goodness sake.
  15. Absolutely fantastic news for the rest of the league. Hartley has no idea what he's doing.
  16. Welcome aboard Ellis. Things motoring along nicely now.
  17. The guy he's playing (Grigor Dimitrov) is a talent and has been tipped for the top for a couple of years, he won Queens a few weeks ago, and he's dating Maria Sharapova.. Andy's really going to have to pull it out the bag here..
  18. Signing of the summer for us, no way we are topping that. Tremendous news, congratulations to Tommy, Brian and all the others at the club who made this happen. Kenny has the raw talent to be one of the top midfielders in the league and a Scotland regular. He's now a senior pro on senior pro wages and he needs to add a level of consistency to his game, as he did toward the end of last season when he won the young player of the month gong. This contract gives him that platform to showcase his undoubted ability. I would like to see him played further forward behind Thommo in the role occupied by Harkins and McGowan for much of last season. Kenny has the knack of timing runs, the goal scoring touch and is one of the best strikers of the football in the country. I think he could get at least 10 goals next year if he's played there. Great news regardless though
  19. They're just the Germany tops with St Mirren badges and black strips on the home one aren't they
  20. Someone scored 5 minutes ago?!
  21. I love Arjen Robben. Fantastic player, probably the 3rd best in the world at the minute. What a career he's had.
  22. They're both absolutely terrible Oh well, it's just a strip.
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