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  1. Yeah i'd say a 3-0 win is a par score here, but we really should be winning by more. I can't see Arbroath not getting at least four points from their games against Edinburgh City and Airdrie, and if they do we can no longer win the group. To get through we will surely need nine points and a best runner up slot. With that in mind, goal difference may be important as there is likely to be a few second placed teams with 9 points.

    This game is the ideal chance to run up a score and get the goal difference that may be needed. By all accounts Cowdenbeath are expected to struggle in the lowland league next season. 

  2. 50 minutes ago, waldorf34 said:

    Did we not get Kenny McLean  and Lewis Morgan  from old firm academy for free?

    Yeh we did, both of them got released by Rangers (lol).

    With Reid it's obvious he has no interest at being at the club beyond next summer and he will certainly not be signing another deal with us. We either let him go now and accept a deal that we can tailor to what we believe is best for the club long term, or let him go for a development fee next summer, where we will have much less control. There's no third option.

    I can't see him getting many minutes this season, so him leaving now is not going to have a great impact on the first team. He will be below O'Hara, Baccus and Erhahon and probably Flynn too for the centre midfield position.  So yeah, i'd be inclined to take the money and the add ons now as opposed to going down the development fee route.

  3. I'd expect our under 23's team to win this game. Cowdenbeath finished bottom of League 2 last year and got rinsed 4-0 on aggregate by Bonnyrigg in the playoff, and it seems like they've lost alot of their best players since. Airdrie beat them 3-0 on Saturday and we should be doing at least the same. With that in mind, i hope Robinson rings the changes from Saturday and gets some of the youngsters on from the start. He's been vocal about giving youth a chance, this is the game to do it:







  4. 2 minutes ago, CraigyBoy said:

    Fact is things have changed & quickly-  New management team in place and Robbo has certainly got in " his players " - Now , some would say that they need to be allowed a bedding in period ,Others will say this type of result should never happen. Although, if the latter was correct we would never get results ever against the majority of teams in the league who have superior transfer budgets . 

    The new manager seems to polarise opinion,  this in part explains some of the off the wall stuff being posted after 1 game. 

    Anyway , time will tell and the transfer window isn't complete . I said end of last season the manager was fully entitled to have at least 1 window where he was backed. 

    I struggle to believe the football could be less adventurous  and bereft of attacking intent than the ones witnessed by the teams JG put on the park.

    Frankly it was turgid at best under JG

    If however we don't kick on I will put my hand up and say I was wrong 

    I don't think it's unreasonable to say we should not be losing at home to part time teams. It has happened before, but it doesn't happen often, it tends to occur when the club is at a real low point. The last time we plunged such depths was a 0-1 loss against Dumbarton in 2017 when we were in the midst of a relegation battle in the second tier. The result and performance on Saturday was a return to those dark days.

    Don't see anyone realistically saying he should be sacked now - that would be ridiculous. However his record since arriving in February has been atrocious. 14 games, nine defeats, two draws, three wins. Two of those wins came against Mark McGhee's joke Dundee team. 

    Given how terrible our end of season form was under him, he really needs to get a good start this season. That would be getting us out the league cup group (ideally as a seed) and getting three or four wins on the board from the opening set of 11 fixtures. If he fails to do either of those then his position will rightly come under threat. The league cup situation is out of our hands now, nine points might not be enough to get us through - it wasn't in 2017 - we will simply need to win our remaining three games and hope results elsewhere go our way.  If we play in the league like we did on Saturday we will just lose every week, like we mostly have since he arrived.  

    He's been backed in the window and he's been backed early, I don't remember us before having six new signings announced by this stage in the season before. Isn't he on record saying there might be one more, budget dependent? There's not going to be a huge amount of new arrivals, the vast majority of our summer business started the game on Saturday, and i thought all five of them played terribly.

    Since you brought up Jim Goodwin, we hadn't lost in any of the previous nine league cup group stage matches under him, up till Saturday. He never lost once in eight games against non full time opposition. And that lump it long to Ayunga - who didn't win a header all day - strategy we employed on Saturday was some of the most turgid football i've ever seen at St Mirren Park. Our only chances of note were headers from crosses into the box, we offered nothing else at all. It was a truly terrible watch.


  5. 9 minutes ago, kevo_smfc said:

    I wasn't at the game on Saturday, so I don't have an idea of how we played, though what I can't understand is how a part-time team, who have had less time pre-season training than us to prepare for these games, can come away with victory and hold their own? Do they take a different mental approach to these games and we still use it as a 'pre-season'?

    It doesn't worry me in the slightest that we were defeated in this game with it being so early on, though the comparison to resources etc, I would have expected us to pick up the required points.

    We were a shambles tbh. We played a strange 4-3-3 formation which didn't really work at all. None of the five new signings that started played well and we got what we deserved, which was a defeat.

    Arbroath obviously have players who aren't as good as ours, and a much lower budget. The difference was they're a well coached and well drilled side. We certainly aren't and we haven't been since Robinson arrived.

  6. 20 hours ago, elvis said:

    Why is it unacceptable we have been losing at home most weeks for years no one at the club seems to fussed about it.

    Not sure where that is coming from, but it isn't true. We lost one home game in all competitions between July and February last season to teams outside the top three, so certainly not 'losing at home most weeks'

    On that performance on Saturday, it was down there with the worst i've ever seen from St Mirren. It was an important game and we were at home to a part time club with some of their team on holiday. We can't score and we can't keep a clean sheet.

    Simply good enough and things need to change and they need to change quickly.

  7. 20 hours ago, Rascal said:

    Any change in your thoughts now that the match is only a day or two away?

    Yes, why has no one moved this to the correct forum? 😅

    We will surely win the game, a few of Arbroath's players are still on holiday apparently. It's a very kind draw and really four wins out of four in this group is what we should be aiming for. 

  8. Under six weeks till our first competitive game of the season, and we will welcome the best part time team in Scotland to Paisley. How many new signings will be making their debut here? A win against the team seeded second in the group will put us in the driving place for top spot, qualification to the next round and well on the road to Hampden.


    O'Hara '12

    Greive '84

    Attendance 3,015

  9. 11 hours ago, shull said:

    Definitely not Pre Season.

    First League Cup match is the first game of the Season.

    No doubt whatsoever.

    Spot on, these are very important games for the football club. We have two chances to win a cup every year, and this is one of them. We must - and i'm sure we will - take them seriously and we need to make sure we win the group. 

  10. 54 minutes ago, W6er said:

    I imagine the money raised annually by SMISA is less than the additional money we make from the extra stand. What do you suggest we cut back on? A player? Community activities? We'll need to save the money somehow. 

    You imagine or you know? What are the figures? The club must have them, why aren't they being published?

    The figure we need is the extra ticketing revenue. Then we take away the additional stewarding / vandalism costs and the lost ticket revenue from home fans in the south stand for those games. Then we can weigh that figure against the less tangible effects of pissing off and displacing several of our fans and the sporting disadvantage of having opposition fans behind both goals in a home game. 

  11. 52 minutes ago, bazil85 said:

    When you break down the number of people against it, there are thousands of posts but maybe only a few dozen people. Sometimes those that scream loudest, aren’t necessarily a majority. We’ve seen topics from SMISA that have been panned on here & won by landslide votes. 

    They are literally putting a survey to SMISA members & other areas of St Mirren fans, surely that’s better than just a one off vote to indicate views? It gives more choices to fans & an informed picture. 



    Nah it's certainly more than a few dozen. Anyway, let's hope for transparency. The results of the survey should be published in full and then along with an explanation of why the decision to continue to give them two stands has been made.  Not sure what we need a survey for right enough. Surely a simple yes or no question would suffice...? 

    It's clear what is happening is the club knows that the majority of fans want the OF to have one stand only. However, the board and the chairman want to continue to give them two. There's now gerrymandering and spin going on before they inevitably announce the unpopular decision. My guess is we will get a mealy mouthed statement in the next few weeks along the lines of:

    ' The results of the survey were mixed and we appreciate that some fans have strong feelings about this. However, due to the current financial climate the board has decided to continue to offer Rangers and Celtic two stands for the coming season'

    Hope i'm wrong!

  12. 12 hours ago, bazil85 said:

    We don’t know that a majority of fans don’t want it at the expense of losing the income. It’s an assumption by a vocal minority of St Mirren fans. 

    The survey will give us a decent indication. 

    Anecdotal i know, but i can count on one hand the amount of St Mirren fans i've spoken to in person and/or online who support giving them two stands. Just need to look at this thread or any of the other various platforms to see that the vast majority who are active on social media are against it. Why don't we put it to a SMISA vote, and then publish the results? That's surely the most democratic and transparent way.

    I think we know the answer to why they won't do that, because it will show overwhelming support for cutting them back to one stand ( i guess at least 80/20) and that would go against the wishes of those running the club.

    FWIW i'm not that bothered about the one or two stand thing, there's clearly arguments for and against and i don't have strong feelings either way. It's very clear a lot of very loyal fans do though. 

  13. I see Callum Hendry scored again for the Saintees last night, he's been excellent for them since coming back from his loan at Killie. He's 24 and out of contract in the summer, definitely one i think we should be offering a deal too. 

  14. 2 hours ago, lenziebud said:

    No selection dilemma for me. Grieve has offered way more than Brophy and with Main in his current form then 2 decent strikers. I think Robinson will bring in another striker in the summer window. 

    Robinson also know how to get the best out of Main.

    We are paying too much for Brophy who I know has been injured quite a bit but hasn't justified the outlay. Not convinced he ever will. Personally I'd offload him if we could.

    Brophy has been good for us, when he's played, he is our top scorer with eight goals. His problem has been he's never been consistently fit, he seems to play for a few weeks then get injured for a few weeks.

    I am sure he will be here next year along with Main and Greive and they will all get minutes and goals - like they all have this season. I think that Lewis Jamieson and Kieran Offord will come into the squad as back up to those three, and depending on how they do in the league cup and early weeks of the season we may not need another striker. 

  15. 2 minutes ago, kevo_smfc said:

    I know there was probably a bit of pressure on Goodwin to play him at such a young age last season, so it looks like we may have to sell this summer if he isn't guaranteed regular game time and all we would get is a dev fee next summer. 

    Would be hoping for something close to John McGinn's sell-on or at least alternative add-ons.

    When you see the likes of Ramsay after one season at Aberdeen and Doig after one season at Hibs being touted for big money moves, it makes you wonder if he had more exposure this season, could we have added value to his price tag? 

    I don't think he's ready for first team Premiership football, hardly anyone is at 16/17. John McGinn was nowhere near the first team at that age, he made his first start when he was 18 and Kenny McLean was the same - hasn't held either of them back. Bare in mind he went on loan to Queens Park in January, and couldn't get a game.  If he can't get a game at League 1 level should we have played him more in the top flight?

    That's not a slight on Reid, saying he's not ready now doesn't mean he won't be a fantastic player in the future, i'd be surprised if he doesn't play for Scotland one day. Can't see him signing an extension though. 

  16. 1 hour ago, kevo_smfc said:

    Was surprised when he signed 2 yr deal last year, we hadn't pushed for at least a 3 yr (unless there is a rule for that young age) as his first year in first team could have been limited which it has been. There was a similar sort of buzz around his academy development to that of John McGinn. His trials with Bayern and Benfica a couple of years ago only confirm this. And here we are, as per usual, down to last 12 months of a promising players contract. Only hope is that change in manager could encourage him to sign an extension. After all, he is only just turned 17. This is a massive season for him if he decides to stay.

    We did push for a three, he just didn't want to sign it - understandably. We'd have signed him on a five year deal if he was up for it. He could have left for next to nothing before he turned 16, so him signing for us in the first place was a decent coup, he had plenty of suitors then. We cannot force talented young guys like this to sign long term deals, sadly!

  17. 13 hours ago, Rascal said:

    What have I missed TC? Is Main out?


    8 minutes ago, scam75 said:

    Think I read Main is waiting till season over for his ankle op. We will find out tomorrow I suppose.

    Sent from my SM-G981B using Tapatalk

    I'd heard his season was over for the ankle op, could be wrong though. Tait looks out, his missus posted a picture of him in a moonboot on her instagram, so it will probably be Henderson RWB.

  18. Pretty slim chance of us over taking Livi, even if we win here. Given they have a much better GD and are three points ahead, we would need to win this and better their result on the last day, and they’re at home to Dundee while we are away at Aberdeen. As anyone who seen Dundee play on Saturday will know, Livi are very likely to get three points in that game…
    However, 8th place and finishing above Hibs and Aberdeen is still on the cards. We will likely need six points to get 8th, while four points will be enough for 9th.
    Can Robbo avoid defeat to someone who isn’t in the bottom two for the first time in his tenure? Four games between the teams this season; three draws and a Saints win. Livingston haven’t won in Paisley since 2018, when a certain Alan Stubbs was in charge.
    Main is out, so that should be a straight swap for Brophy. Can’t see any other changes to the team that won at the weekend.

  19. Just now, kevo_smfc said:

    St. Mirren have given him a pathway. 

    I would hope the offer of a 2-3 year extension is already on the table. These 12 month remaining situations we repeatedly get into is costing us a good selling fee.

    I think a 3 year deal is very low risk, considering he is already on a reported smaller wage, he has just made his international debut and is only going to get better.

    I suspect it is on the table, i also don't think he will sign it. If he continues his performance levels and/or plays for NZ at the world cup he's going to get a load of much bigger contract offers in January. If they don't come, sign our extension then. Signing ours just now might be a small pay rise for a few months, but will put an obstacle in the way for bigger deals next year. If he is considering signing it he needs a new agent :D 

  20. He's been a cracking find and another great signing by the club. You can't expect much when you sign a player from the amateurs, but he's proven he's more than up to it at this level. In the home win against St Johnstone he sets up the first (won the penalty) and scores the winner, in the away win against St Johnstone he set up the winner, and in the home win against Dundee he scores the first. Absolutely huge contributions to the cause and I have the fear around where we would be without them. 

    We'd do well to get him signed up on a longer deal, but if i was his agent i'd be advising him to sign nothing till the new year and i suspect that is what he will do. Might aswell have a look at what PCA's get offered in January, and if there's none you fancy can always sign with again with St Mirren then.

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