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  1. Can't see us paying Killie compo for McInnes just a few weeks after he joined them. I'm hoping for Paul Lambert.
  2. No, and that's kind of the reason he should be taking it. He might not be in the running in seven games time either. Managerial stocks fall and rise very quickly. It seemed to be a question of what bigger club Callum Davidson would be moving to in the summer, now he looks like he could be sacked by St Johnstone. None of our previous managers are currently managing at full time level and Jim is always a bad run away from being out a job. He may never get a chance to manage a bigger club like Aberdeen again, so no one can blame him for taking it.
  3. Are many out of contract? Off the top of my head it's just Alnwick who will be away regardless of who the manager is. and Tanser, who has an option of another year. The three loanees will be away regardless of who the manager is too.
  4. The way people go on about the three at the back you'd think we were sitting cut adrift at the bottom of the league at Christmas, we weren't of course. The lowest we went was 9th, which had we finished there would have been the third highest finish the club's had since the 80's. Not quite the 'shambles' some would have us believe. We also won three top flight games in a row using that system, something we hadn't managed since Gus and indeed haven't managed since. The main contributors to the winless run were injuries, yet more COVID issues and a bit of bad luck. There were several decent results and performances in there too, in fact i still think the best football we have played all season was the 2-2 draw at Fir Park in October. The stats for that game were something else: With performances like that the wins would have came anyway, but no manager should be wedded to any system and Jim isn't. If/when we go on a bad run he will change the system again, which is what any good manager should do.
  5. Three seasons under JG & LS, three Scottish Cup Quarter Finals in a row To put that run into context, in the six years before he arrived we made the one national cup quarter final out of twelve. On the Aberdeen link, it's obviously up to Jim and if he does get offered the job you can hardly begrudge him taking it and the big pay rise that will come with it. Many Saints fans have called for his head on here and other platforms at various points in his two and a half season in charge, and we are a bad run away from that happening again. It's the most precarious of jobs and maximising your earning while your stock is high has to be on his mind. He could turn this down, get sacked by us in October after a bad end to this/start to next season, and never get a similar sized opportunity again. If i was him i would look at McInnes and turn it down though. He went up there and was a success. Got them as high second and never finished outside the top four, won a cup and consistently got them into the business end of tournaments and got some decent results in Europe. He couldn't have done any more, and Jim won't do any more. Derek still got chased out the door, and then he had to go into The Scottish Championship to get back into football. It's an absolute poison chalice up there and you're dealing with a deluded fan base that is stuck in the 80's, you could be a relative success and they'll still hate you and want you sacked. If i was Jim I'd hold out for a shot in England, which will surely come in the summer if he gets us top six.
  6. Agree i think we should move quick, i'd offer i'm an extra year tomorrow. If your his agent would you advise him to sign it though? Not sure i would.
  7. We are one of the form teams in the country, only Celtic have more points than us in the last six games. Only the two bigot clubs have lost less games than us this season. Just one defeat in nine games and five wins out of six in 2022. We are sitting pretty in sixth spot with a game in hand on fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth. We are just one point off fourth and a European spot and we are as close to third as eleventh.. We are all but assured of top flight safety in February, for the second year running, it's now just a question of high we can finish. Our next three games are Kelty, Livingston and Dundee. What a chance to extend the fine form further and put ourselves in a great position to finally finish top six. If we manage that fourth will be very achievable. What a time to be a Saints fan. Jim Goodwin and Lee Sharp everyone
  8. Someone edit his name to the correct spelling in the thread title fs πŸ˜… Anyway looks like yet another fantastic signing
  9. Surprised if we signed anyone now. It was 3-4 weeks so he should be back for the end of the month, and Greive has shown himself to be an able replacement.
  10. Griffiths signs for league 1 Falkirk. Thank goodness we steered well clear of that huddy.
  11. Thought you'd been quiet recently, since we won three in a row. Soon as we (shock horror) draw a game you're back with your doom prophecies. Never change elvis
  12. He hasn't had a good season for years. He has one goal from open play this season for Dundee in 17 appearances, that's a shocking return. He's completely finished at this level and it's no surprise he's been linked with Queens Park, he'll end up somewhere like that. No team in the Premiership will go near him.
  13. Griffiths has been terrible for Dundee this season. He's clearly not fit and has alot of off field issues. I hope (and think we will) stay well away from him.
  14. Yeah he's been excellent, definitely the best Saints keeper I've ever seen. Wouldn't grudge him a big contract elsewhere in the summer, he's earned it. Can see him getting a gig in the English Championship, or maybe even back to Rangers to challenge McLaughlin for their number one spot next season.
  15. Teale certainly, he is old mates with Caldwell. Nothing to do with Thommo though. Thommo is a St Mirren fan who was on record long before Caldwell joined us saying that he planned to end his career at St Mirren.
  16. Almost 20 years I've been reading that our financial collapse is imminent on here. Maybe it will come true some day? I think i'd be quite worried if i logged in and read that everything was fine.
  17. We've had one defeat in six (which was at Ibrox) and we've won our last three. We are now sitting comfortably midtable and we're closer to fourth spot than 11th and we have a great chance to make our third Scottish Cup Quarter final in a row. What a job Jim and Lee are doing
  18. Remarkably, I feel like I’m in the minority when I say: ’ I don’t want a self confessed bigot to be chairman of St Mirren β€˜ What times we live in. Time to go John. You know it as well as we all do. Monday morning is resignation day. Get your letter in and let us all move on. We were fine before you came and we will be fine after you leave.
  19. The sectarian stain on our club remains in post at the top of our club, it seems. A truly dark day for St Mirren.
  20. Yeah he's got to resign surely. We don't need John Needham. There is surely plenty of other people capable of doing this job, without the bigoted, sectarian baggage that our chairman clearly carries.
  21. First time we have won three top flight games in a row since Gus's team of 2008. The milestones just keep coming!
  22. Of course that is the case. This is no criticism of the club, we are absolutely right to be asking the question and its a no lose situation for us. Just seems some fans thought he might be signing it - of course he won't be (barring some exceptional event like a leg break between now and January). This is just good PR from the club.
  23. Griffiths?! More chance of Brophy getting called him up than him - and he has no chance of being called up. Griffiths hasn't had a good game for years.
  24. Would you sign this deal if you were him? I wouldn't. There will be other clubs willing to pay him far more than we can - even with this club record offer. Why would he put an obstacle in the way of that? He doesn't owe us anything. He will be away for a cut price fee in January or nothing in May. And good luck to him. We've been good for him, he's been good for us. Everyone's a winner.
  25. Another wee update after another strong start to the season. Just two defeats in 13 competitive games this season (did lose one more on a penalty shoot out). Unbeaten in five games now and we have won two in a row. Sitting comfortably in 7th place, and in a better position now than we were this time last season, in which we posted our highest league finish for a generation. New boys are settling in just fine. It's a good time to be a buddie, well done Jim and Lee, what a job they're doing πŸ‘
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