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  1. Aerosmith's version of Julie London's Cry Me A River... Aerosmith - Cry Me A River (Official Audio) - YouTube
  2. Minor 50s classic The Girl Can't Help It on Sky 328 @ Sunday 3:30pm... As the tagline said at the time - BABY, IT'S THE GREATEST! Forget the plot and focus on the music and Jayne (hubba-hubba) Mansfield... The Girl Can't Help It (1956) - IMDb
  3. Me and Greta say just stay at home... Maybe the USA, all the virus you can eat...
  4. I see some dude on P&B has posted BBC Scotland's footy schedule where they've announced a highlight's show on Saturday night and live coverage of Q/F games on Sunday afternoon and Monday night, just not which ones yet. BBC Scotland - Sportscene - Next on ************* Monday night
  5. Well that's the Q/F line up sorted, I guess it only remains for TV to decide the times the games will be played. I'm back at work next Sunday so hopefully ours will be on either Friday or Saturday. ********************** As the top flight have a full schedule on Wednesday night I guess Friday night is not an option for the Cup games.
  6. Many artists in the past chose to live on benefits long term. One example is KT Tunstall admitting she had been on the dole for 9 years before finding musical success. This is what she said Actually fuck it get the workshy bastards shot... Pedant Alert: 21 → 28 is only 7 years
  7. Next weekend - it'll be our first match against them since they signed Kyle Lafferty. Bring it on.... ***************** Edit - I don't think Lafferty at 33-y-o is reason enough to think the tie is beyond us but I do think he has strengthened Killie.
  8. Yeah, this still has the potential to be a red number season.
  9. No I didn't, I identified this as an issue that had to be addressed a year ago - before you had even adopted your current username Cap'n . A year on and there is the hope that Biden's proposal that all G20 countries adopt a minimum rate of Corporation Tax might be the first step in reducing the inequality we see. I still say "Eat the Rich" because I know the real cause of poverty at home and in the world at large is down to them and not fur'ners as Boris and his ever richer chums tell us - a distraction happily repeated by lickspittle reactionaries like yourself. I look forward to your next hypocritical post on the topic - not.
  10. There are two aspects to today's funeral the personal and the pageantry, I respect the former but the latter has descended into pantomime levels at times.
  11. If we can beat Killie (presumably) in the Q/F and hold onto eighth spot then it will be a good season, miss out on one and it will still be decent but miss out on both and it will be a bit meh....
  12. Only one thing better than a last minute winner... One of the few things in life me & Gary Lineker both believe...
  13. St Mirren: Alnwick, Fraser, McCarthy, Shaughnessy (c), Connolly, McGrath, Doyle-Hayes, McAllister, Durmus, Dennis, Obika Subs: Lyness, Tait, Mason, Finlayson, MacPherson, Reid, Henderson, Erwin ************ That's an attacking line-up!
  14. So this is how it all began... Human cells grown in monkey embryos triggers 'Pandora's box' ethical concerns | Science & Tech News | Sky News
  15. The BBCs coverage of PPs funeral on Saturday is going to be very much pared back compared to the hagiographies of last Friday...
  16. I'll be waiting for you - be afraid, be very afraid...
  17. It seems Ridley Scott's biopic of Gucci (see above) has attracted the ire of the Gucci family who have accused the auteur of hiring an actor to play Gucci who is horrible, horrible, short, fat & ugly... I'm sure Al Pacino will know how deal with unwelcome critics...
  18. So it seems BJs claim of Capitalism/Greed riding onto the scene like the 7th Cavalry to save the world from Covid were untrue and that 97% of the funding for the Astro/Zeneca vaccine was publicly sourced - ah the benefits of accounting, or ahem, hindsight. Perhaps Boris was correct to say "Fuck Business" after all. Throw in that the government's agreement to underwrite any claims against vaccine suppliers and you see how little the capitalist model offers in times of adversity. Oh well onwards & downwards as we cheer the end of Lockdown & prepare for the return to Austerity followed by the inevitable economic crash. With any luck I'll be dead before the one after that.
  19. When the figures change my opinion will change, until then it's not a rabbit hole I intend to go down again.
  20. It's not really news as NS has already admitted as much unlike BJ who still insists no mistakes were made and any criticism is based solely on hindsight...
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