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  1. Well that's a convenient distinction but it doesn't change anything - anyone reading the rest of the Mail/Telegraph articles in full will see it's clearly a gammon ploy...
  2. That's a bit sad but the science of building a squad over a period of a few years is a thing of the past. Ideally we'll get a few replacements in at the start of the window and hold a bit back till near the end of August when the bigger clubs are cutting their squads - as ever I look forward to @Flareybobs tips!
  3. When the UK passed the 150,000 Covid deaths milestone it was not the headline but Para9 with a disclaimer... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56709870 .
  4. In a weird case of double standards the BBC is highlighting the NRS figures that Scotland has recorded 10,000 Covid deaths while still using the 28 day total for the UK as a whole - bizarre!
  5. On days like today when I'm not working I prefer to get my news online rather than watch the Breakfast shows which are now very "lightweight" - Dan Walker interviewing BJ after the last election reminded me of "wur ain" Chick Young's fawning attitude to Walter Smith, even BJ recognized this by asking Dan to make the last question a "hard one". Back on topic some online forms now have the Mobile Phone slot mandatory and I've had to enter my partner's number for simple things like getting my gonorrhoea treated...🤮 I will prob'ly be forced to relent and get one soon but I'm gonna hold out for as long as possible. ********************** Staying off-topic I can understand the desire to cut costs for milk delivery (below) and the extra expense & inconvenience of leaving people on old systems of payment but somewhere inside me there's a caveman just waiting to shout Yabba-Dabba-Don't! A sour taste: Milk delivery giant turns its back on loyal customers - because they don't have the internet (msn.com)
  6. As one of the last "hold-outs" without a mobile phone I read this with dismay until I realized I very rarely visit pubs these days, or even back in them halcyon just before Lockdown daze...😵 Older drinkers risk discrimination says charity, after pub refuses to serve man without smartphone (msn.com)
  7. Little shocks me about grift in politics these days but the emerging news that a senior civil servant (Bill Crothers) joined financial services company Greensill while still employed by the taxpayers comes close. Mr Crothers is no relation to 60s US comedy duo The Smothers Brothers but his insistence that there was no conflict of interest is a comedy classic...
  8. Since the heyday of this thread - winning the Championship in 2018 and our return to the Top Flight I'd say only 3 candidates - 2 keepers (and they are in both senses Hladky & Alnwick) and the mighty, mighty Jeff King. McGrath prob'ly deserves a mention in the Cult Heroes category for his spot-kick brilliance even if he did blot his copybook against Well last Saturday...
  9. Does anyone feel up to making an argument for anyone from the class of 20/21?
  10. The Brexit Bonus Pt. 247 - JD Sports owned by Brexit & ex-UKIP supporter Mick Ashley is opening a new warehouse in Dublin. Obviously it's a complicated issue but is their any doubt that the long term goal of big business, the Tory party & the gammon press was to push back workers rights by scaremongering and encouraging people to see the differences between us & Europe - roll on Hartlepool and the next triumph of the gammons... apparently...
  11. There are two aspects to PPs death, the personal and the institutional, and Patrick Harvie has got it right by acknowledging this.
  12. The Grapes of Wrath for a new millennium - makes me want to cry...
  13. The forum's most middle class poster still pedalling this nonsense - high spot of my morning reading this.
  14. In the run up to the last election many of Labour's policies were well regarded but they lost the "Battle of the Leaders" and their Brexit message was, erm, ambiguous, they're obviously hoping the lustre will have worn of BJ/the Tories by 2024 or whenever - don't see it being successful but they're locked into this strategy as long as KS is their leader.
  15. ....and the term is accurate, as is the the attempt to rehabilitate Andrew, meanwhile your need to express devotion to "your betters" turns rabid - yet again!
  16. There's only one person spilling their bile in this conversation and it ain't me...
  17. I will be happy to oblige. As ever you ignore the point - if it's business as usual for "The Firm" & their hangers on (especially the hangers on) then that should include criticism. ******************** Sure I'm well aware that I've indulged in "benefit of clergy" with respect to rock stars at times but my view of groupie scene is that there was a lot less procurement & coercion involved than with Epstein and his cabal, but if yer past catches up with you then you should really face the consequences.
  18. I note the attempt to rehabilitate alleged ephebophile Andrew in the wake of his father's death.
  19. Lucky page 11 - and 11th place still a possibility! Oh no, first post on page 12 - ain't life a bitch!
  20. S'pose the writing was on the wall when our lucky talisman missed the penalty. JGs got his work cut out now to prevent the season petering out in disappointment.
  21. One of BJs lies "there will be no border Czechs" coming home to roost, it's a dangerous game Johnson is playing allowing the DUP leadership to talk up the idea that they can bump the EU into conceding the Irish Sea Trade Border encouraged by the gammon sector of our press, in the end the US will never allow it especially not with a President who likes to play up his Irish roots. As ever it's the people at ground level, the police & the young Protestant protestors (sic) incited into rioting who get hurt most. Most likely BJ thinks it's a quarrel in a far away country of which we know nothing and care even less - and who knows he might even be right!
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