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  1. There's only one person spilling their bile in this conversation and it ain't me...
  2. I will be happy to oblige. As ever you ignore the point - if it's business as usual for "The Firm" & their hangers on (especially the hangers on) then that should include criticism. ******************** Sure I'm well aware that I've indulged in "benefit of clergy" with respect to rock stars at times but my view of groupie scene is that there was a lot less procurement & coercion involved than with Epstein and his cabal, but if yer past catches up with you then you should really face the consequences.
  3. I note the attempt to rehabilitate alleged ephebophile Andrew in the wake of his father's death.
  4. Lucky page 11 - and 11th place still a possibility! Oh no, first post on page 12 - ain't life a bitch!
  5. S'pose the writing was on the wall when our lucky talisman missed the penalty. JGs got his work cut out now to prevent the season petering out in disappointment.
  6. One of BJs lies "there will be no border Czechs" coming home to roost, it's a dangerous game Johnson is playing allowing the DUP leadership to talk up the idea that they can bump the EU into conceding the Irish Sea Trade Border encouraged by the gammon sector of our press, in the end the US will never allow it especially not with a President who likes to play up his Irish roots. As ever it's the people at ground level, the police & the young Protestant protestors (sic) incited into rioting who get hurt most. Most likely BJ thinks it's a quarrel in a far away country of which we know nothing and care even less - and who knows he might even be right!
  7. ....and yet here you are peddling your usual inane profanities! 🤣🤣🤣 It's a big game for St. Mirren & St. Mirren fans...
  8. It was reported that we had made an offer on Dec 22 (just checked) and that we were hoping for a reply within a week or so... He's not staying, but then come the end of the season there's always one or two players in this category (at every club), I'd still play him and wish him all the best when he leaves.
  9. I'd disagree it's only a few years since the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland said she didn't realize that Nationalists wouldn't vote for Unionist parties and vice versa. Outside NI and the wannabee element over here in Scotland I'd say the connection would be overlooked. Did a quick check and Metro has no NI edition...
  10. How many times to I have to remind you that there is no benefit for the ONS in providing inaccurate figures while there is clearly a benefit to the government in providing artificially low figures? Why do you think the government's figure is more accurate and once again why would the ONS provide inaccurate figures and numerous respected scientist back them as being correct? Even the Daily Mail knows which figure is correct... UK's real Covid death toll hits 150,000, according to the Office for National Statistics | Daily Mail Online **************************** Yeah, sure the public at large haven't been blameless during the pandemic, I don't think I've ever said otherwise, but given the clusterfuck of gammon prevarication the government chose to follow during the first 9 months of the pandemic I still say the bulk of the blame like at the top. Are the following unanswerable gripes, saying we should have followed the majority advice of the government's scientific advisors all along and that now we have a roadmap out of lockdown we should stick to it? I'd say No & No.
  11. Flawed/Lied - OK I'll concede the semantics - now why would they produce incorrect figures? All the examples I gave in the previous post were predictable & were predicted, up until Lockdown3 the government consistently chose the gammon options - which cost people's lives. Different politicians in different countries making different mistakes doesn't change this.. Old ground indeed but then you've never had any convincing answers.
  12. Everyone's got an agenda, even you I daresay. My opinion is that the government's preferred count is wrong and I've cited organizations and Scientists who have provided a more accurate one, I trust them above a proven liar with a reason to minimize the death toll and his gammon acolytes. Once again I'll ask the question you've never answered - why would the ONS & the scientists who've backed them lie? None of these blunders below can be put down to hindsight The "non policy" of herd immunity that meant we went into Lockdown1 too late Not making mask wearing compulsory in enclosed spaces compulsory coming out of Lockdown1. Going into Lockdown2 too late (go back to Oct4/p323 of this thread) England coming out of their second lockdown too soon and putting London into Tier2 when the new variant was exploding down there - how many lives did that cost BJ? The Christmas fiasco (again go back to Oct4/p323 of this thread) Any suggestions that the Covid getting worse over the winter was not foreseeable/inevitable and that the peak would be in the "flu season" Jan/Feb are apologies and not very convincing ones at that!
  13. The 150,000 deaths is not my "one sided view" it's the ONS figure and shared by many leading scientists who have no axe to grind, unlike the government who after a number of changes conveniently settled on the lowest figure - in reality as I said the total currently stands at 150,000 UK Covid deaths. As for spinning BJ as "some sorta hero" it's already happening, there were no mistakes. just unfortunate decisions that can only be criticized with the benefit of hindsight (Keir Starmer = Captain Hindsight) and a vaccination success which could not have happened without Brexit, conveniently forgetting that the program started before we "left" @antrin and implemented under EU emergency protocols
  14. I only have a limited number of changes of underwear - is there much likelihood pf this happening?
  15. The government's gammonesque policies wrt the pandemic from March-December 2020 were a disaster and the reason for many of the 150,000 Covid deaths the UK has suffered - that's all been pointed out before. Since then a combination of a successful vaccination program and a third lockdown has brought the situation back under control. We currently have a route out of Lockdown "dates based on data" which I see no need to change. It would've seemed incredible 3/4 month's ago but our leader and self-styled "King of the World" is likely to come out of this smelling of roses!🌺
  16. Hampden to be open in June for last year's Euro Championships - prob'ly. Euro 2020: Hampden gets approval for 12,000 fans at each game - BBC Sport
  17. Back on topic while ICT have embarked upon a run of good form I still think we're the stronger team...
  18. Once again Georgia's troubled civil rights history casts a shadow on the golf tournament - this time it's the passing of a new Voting Requirements rule. Request for Masters to boycott Augusta National after new Georgia law (usatoday.com) Unfortunately as the interweb is run a bit more strictly than BAWA I couldn't find a Klansman's robes emoji easily so I settled for a ghost's...
  19. Yup - A truly Boormanesque fillum which initially received scathing reviews altho it's reputation has since improved among the SYFY community. It's now a bit of a cult fillum... *********************** Probably his masterpiece, featuring Helen St. Mirren in a fetching metal corset!
  20. The Saint - yup Covid has reduced me to watching one of Roger Moore's pre-Bond career highlight's - as usual it's "the bird of the week" whom Simon has to rescue that's the most interesting part of the show. Shirley Eaton & her cleavage!
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