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  1. taking your analogy... You've ordered a new car - , you've paid a deposit up front, about £20, It'll cost you £71 eventually, but you are aware you don't get delivery of it yet for at least another 6 years sir? and you are aware there are a few aspects of the car we're still trying to work out how to operate, like the brakes and headlights, steering wheel seems ok though. It'll be alright though when we deliver it to you - we're sure of that, of that you can be guaranteed 🙂 A while later... Sir, you know that car you've ordered, not due for another few years - we know you really like it. Well there's an opportunity for us to deliver it to you sooner. We've found a solution for the brakes and headlights and actually the steering is much better than before and you'll not believe this - it will cost you a lot less, only £51, Sir. How does that sound? Of course you are entitled to cancel your order, but I'm afraid sir you won't be entitled to your deposit back!
  2. The Kibble will benefit greatly from brand awareness and by association with St Mirren Football Club, Positioning themselves alongside the clubs brand will project them right out into the forefront across Scotland, They will benefit from the opportunities this brings them to grow their own business activities, They will have access to St MIrren football club facilities, which will in turn benefit vulnerable young people and the community of Paisley - that's why they exist. They are not hiding any of this and St Mirren Football club will benefit as a result.
  3. not to detriment or cost to SMFC though, that's what I heard. Worth following up on your point though - just to be clear.
  4. that offer is a bit short on detail, is it not? the one we have in front of us at the moment is a bit more than 6 lines in a thread in the middle of a fans forum! Come on get sensible Sir!
  5. Ahh it's a done deal then? this particular deal has still to have a vote, so I'm not prejudging the outcome of it. I'm observing you are out of sync on most other matters on here - I may be wrong though!
  6. if it;s in a shareholders agreement, of benefit to St Mirren then it will benefit the kibble and to be fair, it's not conflict that is of concern, alternative view points are to be encouraged. It's the outcomes that are important - if these are agreeable and of benefit to all, then the partnership will work.
  7. you've not let anyone down, you tried your best, just you're unfortunately out of sync with the majority!
  8. to be fair - does this deal not answer all of your concerns? are smisa not bringing this deal to the table, to bring on board the necessary expertise that you mention? it's actually a masterstroke by the fans group!
  9. That's in the past, it can still happen like that if the new offer a is not accepted. However, a new, better, more exciting deal is on the table. It's on the table for a significant portion of our clubs support to vote to accept or deny, I'll be voting to accept.
  10. big, big benefit in this deal is 51% fan shareholding in the club, a local charity partner in place to help grow the business and help provide long term sustainability of St Mirren FC. It's a good deal, it's a better one than just having smisa running the club and it's one that should be welcomed,
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