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  1. That is entirely your option , i for one would respect your decision. I checked my post again there and i definitely never wrote anything remotely relating to that .
  2. Why would you use the phrase "underhanded" , Has it been said previously in this thread ?
  3. If we want to keep up the level of paying members , Stop using the members as a Cash Cow , its really that simple.
  4. We did vote "No" , I don't agree with the fact that this even got called to a vote , this should have been a straight "Can't happen this money is to buy the club and not astro turf".So i don't need to wait and see just not going to go down this road every time the club needs money from this pot.
  5. So how does it hurt the team , the subscriptions are not for the team or in that matter for the club they are intended to ultimately achieve fan ownership so your statement is a bit confusing.
  6. Unfortunately i don't need to wait if this is the way that Simsa intend to work i will just keep my money.
  7. Would be happy with a Willo Flood OG giving us the win or even the draw deep into added time,
  8. Me and my mate cancelled our subs after reading through this , i thought that BtB was a great thing but now see it as a cash pot for the club . Ring fenced cash should be exactly that and not something that can be tapped into willy nilly , shame the gloss is getting taken away from this excellent season.
  9. Does the wall have the names of all the fans who originally signed up ? I know of a couple who only paid about two monthly debits and then cancelled.
  10. I wonder how many monthly direct debits have taken a hit during this bad run , i know of four people who have cancelled already.
  11. No alias buddie just tried to rip it out of LB,but buggered it up.
  12. Hope Gallacher gets offered a deal and Shankland comes back ,also think that Rae knows his targets and could pull off one or two surprises, Joe McKee played well against the other week but if we could have any player from the Dodgers i would want Russell looks a good un.
  13. Could well be the point mate ,but as for the BOD riding rough shot ,any decision they've had to make is to make the club money and stop us borrowing , i really think anything they have done is solely to benefit our club.
  14. Are you saying that if the scenario arrives after a fan take over that we need a cash injection and ..... a. A club want to hire our ground to use as part of their pre -season and it requires the use of the club shop and they will pay £30,000 to £50,000. b.A club with a substantial away support require extra seats for their supporters which will give the club up to £30,000 more revenue. You as a signed up member of the bid would deny the club this extra cash.
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