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  1. supermac

    Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    Any supporters buses do a pick up in Glasgow city centre?
  2. supermac

    Smisa & Gordon Scott Submit Bid

  3. supermac

    Walking Football At The Dome On Tonight

    Yeah just turn up.
  4. supermac

    Walking Football At The Dome On Tonight

    Wee bump for this as there weren't too many of us there today and it would be good to have more bodies. I've been playing mostly in the Sunday game for about 6 months now and it's great for anyone who thinks they can't play football any more as they're too injured, too old or too unfit (I'm primarily in the first category but you could make a case for the other 2 as well). Despite the title there is a bit of pace in the game which makes it competitive but nothing too strenuous. Games are on at the dome on Thursdays at 5 and Sundays at 4. Hopefully see a few more Buds there in future.
  5. supermac

    Secret Buyers/new Owners - Threads Merged

    Story on back of The Sun today saying takeover could happen next week. Not much else in the way of detail apart from speculating it could be a Dutch/Kuwaiti consortium.
  6. supermac

    Unnamed American

    From the Herald, June 18: "Gilmour, though, is thought to have other offers on the table from overseas investors who he claims can meet the asking price. One is thought to be a consortium led by Angelo Massone, the former Livingston director, although the Italian has denied he is considering an offer at this time. The other party, thought to be led by a United States-based Scottish expat, is yet to be identified but is believed to be the one most likely to be in a position to make a credible alternative bid."
  7. Agree with all of that. I'm in.
  8. supermac

    Public Meetings

  9. As a Ralston resident I would like to complain at not being invited along to the meeting to air my complaints.
  10. Can't remember the last time I was this excited about a new signing, mibbes when Gillies came back. Fingers crossed he's as good as I remember.
  11. supermac

    Love Street 'the Movie'

    Just watched it, great stuff (though why show the goals from Fir Park?? ). Best bit was me being in it behind Millport and his wee girl at the Dumbarton game
  12. supermac

    I'm Listening To....

    The Upper Room - Black and White
  13. supermac

    Derek Scrimgour

    Next you'll be telling us Hitler didnt like Jews....
  14. supermac

    Eddie Gallagher

    I remember the Bells Cup semi at Somerset when Eddie blatently punched what would have been a winner into the Ayr net in front of the away fans. That was chopped off but he came up with the goods later on to send us thru Great tache too....