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  1. If he accepts the job he will have my full support. He would not have been my choice but I will be fully behind him.
  2. I hope not as that would be a bitter pill to swallow
  3. Is he not also an agent? Let's hope he didn't make money from players that have been signed recently.
  4. As much as I think you are right - I hope you are wrong.
  5. I agree that moving from the states will be a big shout and a hard sell however I think his love for the club would swing it in our favour. I also agree that being good in one role doesn't mean you will be good in another however every single football manager on the planet at one point took charge of their 1st professional team.
  6. As I said in a previous thread Longwell would be my choice. His coopmmitment to the club is unrivalled, he is an ncredible coach, his record in bringing youth through is outstanding which let's be honest it is an area we will need to heavily rely on and add to that he was the only member of staff at the club whilst he was there that held a UEFA Pro Licence. I think that if the board to do approach home then they are not doing their job properly
  7. I think the board needs to ask the question - keep all options open - when he was at the club he was the only staff member with a Pro Licence and if he has no managerial ambitions then why take the qualification?
  8. Because he clearly loves the football club and has been proven not only to be a great coach but great at developing players which is exactly the attributes we are looking for.
  9. Tin hat on but I see Davie Longwell has not been mentioned and I think he should be. His previous results and commitment to the club are unrivalled and has a top drawer track record with the club.
  10. This is hard work ffs I think I have made my point clear. If you dont get it you never will.
  11. I think you will find it is you that is missing the point mate. My point was that decent supporters are being tarred by the actions of a few which is unfair. You have admitted that every club including ours is not perfect. I have friends / family members who support either side of the old firm and do not deserve to be called either disgusting or horrible for doing the same as we do - supporting out team. Deary me. It's really not difficult.
  12. So you admit that even our club isn't perfect? It is the job of the club and the authorities to work together to eradicate them - not the job of the normal supporter who just wants to go along and support their team with no drama And it is defiantly the minority - I didn't see 50,00 Rangers fans throwing plastic bottles - unless you are seeing things everyone missed? And I repeat I do not condone any fan that acts inappropriately.
  13. This is exactly my point - it is the minority however you are having them all guilty and that is unfair.
  14. For being sensible and fair? I don't quite get you logic in that one to be honest.
  15. I think you will find this is what you said. People should be able to support their team without being regarded to like you have done due the behavior of a minority. Your attitude is honking.
  16. I am all for rivalry however asking their as you called them 'Disgusting' fans to be banned from every stadium reeks of hatred and makes you as bad as them.
  17. Yeah Yeah. Every song in the ground is politically correct? I don't think so.
  18. I think you will find both sets of supporters singing poor choice of songs however and bearing in mind that there will be only 800 sevco supporters there opposed to in excess of 50,000 of celtic supporters it is safe to say that even if it was the 99% as you suggest they will be in the huge minority. 1 supporter singing these songs is too many in my opinion. How many hateful songs do you sing against the unwashed when we play them? People in glass houses and all that.
  19. Why poor me? It aint me with the 'Everyone is disgusting bar us' attitude. Poor you more like. Each to their own I guess.
  20. I don't disagree that more than can be done but calling them all disgusting is not a fair refection imo.
  21. So all 50,000 at a home game are disgusting? A bit harsh in my opinion. There is a bad element in them I agree but also some decent ones that just support their team in the same way we do.
  22. I didn't insinuate it was made up - just it was unfair to blame all fans when only 1 was guilty.
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