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  1. Animals don't act like they morons, animals do what they do for survival be interesting
  2. Hear Hear Ricky good shout, wouldn’t stop the whinging right enough.
  3. Obviously never read earlier post, we now have discussed him now move on. In future don't bite.
  4. You've answered your own question he couldn't cut it at that level or any decent level Flattered to deceive, agree to disagree, now let's move on. Gav's on loan who cares.
  5. I thought he played for the mighty Bristol Rovers, oh wait they binned him out on loan Super Gav, at his best with QOS that's his level.
  6. Now at Cheltenham on loan. Ffs
  7. What league? Certainly no the premier.
  8. It's my democratic right to read and quote what I like. You want to blabber on about players who did absolutely nothing for us you batter on.
  9. No need to apologise, just don't see the sense in discussing a player that flattered to deceive. But obviously we have now discussed him and moving on.
  10. Who cares what he does or where he goes.
  11. And, he doesn't play for us anymore.
  12. A certain Josh Heaton was most sought after at one time and highly rated. Just saying like.😁
  13. Our backup/ main striker is out for 2 months heaven help us.
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