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  1. Great post mate, wonder if the stewards would act the same with both bigot fans in town?
  2. All I said was the support for away games has been very good considering the piss poor football lol being attempted to be played and the don’t give a feck attitude of some of the players.
  3. Well said, they players who for some reason don’t turn up most weeks don’t deserve a support as good as ours.
  4. Can we now move on from this debacle and concentrate on the team FFS. wish some folk would show same passion about team as they do with this Sh*t.
  5. Things we know at this moment in time we are shit.
  6. The problem is we don’t have 3 goals in us.
  7. The manager has not got a clue on tactics or formation
  8. Why surprised, more people go to their games than ours.
  9. Nonsense, you can’t win the league with a bunch of kids.
  10. Very true in what you say, but are we any better than start of season has OK improved us in any way ?? We still lose goals cheaply from set plays, we don’t offer very much from middle to up front, the basics we are are lacking, the stuff a management team show be be working on at training, are the right messages being given to players?? Are they listening? Organisation of the team considering the amount of backroom staff we have is poor. Surely the most important question is have we improved as a team since OK has taken over ?? Replies please.
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