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  1. Who are we going to attract to this shambles of a club at this moment in time, we can’t hold on to any managers and sign duds that’s why we’re in the position we’re in. (Premier league you havin a laugh)
  2. I'm still thinking ya rocket and so should you after that result.
  3. Have you just been released from somewhere secure? just asking like.
  4. Hear hear get it every day on building site, as a manger it drives me insane the amount of guys I have put off site for sitting on belts on dumpers cos it’s easier to jump on and off when getting loaded, if they leave keys I take them out and throw in the nearest foundation.
  5. That gets pumped by dunfermiline and struggle to beat Edinburgh fecking city. You having a laugh.
  6. Shambles of a club at this moment in time, no news, no rumours pretty pathetic and that's why we are where we belong.
  7. Think this is spot on,you're no telling me other less deprived countries within Europe don’t have an issue with drugs as bad as Scotland just not recorded, we obviously have a major issue it’s how we deal with it.
  8. No worries, wasn’t questioning the guys enthusiasm but come on for a guy of his age, feathers on his head with flag around neck and scarves tied to wrists, whatever rocks your boat, you go and spend a night in his company. ,
  9. Did flag man work at the airport, imagine that lunatic greeting you with your name on his card.
  10. Pot,kettle and black come to mind
  11. Brings Back memories of the wee snug with coke and crisps, you know what I mean.
  12. My god this is poor even by school holiday standards, back to school soon enough boys.
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