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  1. Johnny Rep

    Davie Longwell

  2. Johnny Rep

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Can we now move on from this debacle and concentrate on the team FFS. wish some folk would show same passion about team as they do with this Sh*t.
  3. Johnny Rep

    Things we know

    Things we know at this moment in time we are shit.
  4. Johnny Rep

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Time up OK thanks for the memories
  5. Johnny Rep

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    The problem is we don’t have 3 goals in us.
  6. Johnny Rep

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    The manager has not got a clue on tactics or formation
  7. Johnny Rep

    Club attendance rankings

    Why surprised, more people go to their games than ours.
  8. Johnny Rep

    What does your car say about you?

    Help ma boab .
  9. Johnny Rep

    What does your car say about you?

    Nonsense, you can’t win the league with a bunch of kids.
  10. Johnny Rep

    The International Rangers v St Mirren - 2nd February 2019

    Very true in what you say, but are we any better than start of season has OK improved us in any way ?? We still lose goals cheaply from set plays, we don’t offer very much from middle to up front, the basics we are are lacking, the stuff a management team show be be working on at training, are the right messages being given to players?? Are they listening? Organisation of the team considering the amount of backroom staff we have is poor. Surely the most important question is have we improved as a team since OK has taken over ?? Replies please.
  11. Johnny Rep

    Have we finished Signing Players?

    Christ Ally McCoist has lost his hair quickly.
  12. Johnny Rep

    Red Card Yesterday

    Why the big debate, ref has made his decision move on.
  13. Johnny Rep

    January Exits

    Thanks for the memories Cammy.
  14. I assume with all the posts Ricky must be fecking bored stiff, does he just do them to pass the day or annoy the life out of us all? Does he need to comment on absolutely fecking everything? just saying like !!!!!!!!!
  15. Johnny Rep

    Speculation Thread

    FFS grow up and move on.
  16. Rushin, see what you did there.
  17. Johnny Rep

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Here's me thinking I came on here to find out it RS had left the club, silly me, oh forgot school holidays again.
  18. Johnny Rep

    Speculation Thread

    Birmingham fc have been hit with a transfer embargo, don't think they will let anyone leave without someone coming in.
  19. Johnny Rep

    Speculation Thread

    Oh dear, is that it?
  20. Johnny Rep

    Speculation Thread

    FFS too many people on here with obviously feck all else in their lives, go out and do something, this is a football forum people, it I wanted gossip I just stand in the queue at Tesco and hear this drivel.
  21. Johnny Rep

    Alan's first signings

    School holidays have started early this year.
  22. Johnny Rep

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Oh dear, sorry.
  23. Johnny Rep

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Where is Jimmy calderwood this weather?