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  1. Cammy M going out on loan I’ve heard.
  2. I also see him as a number 10 these days as opposed to a winger as he has lost a bit of pace and also he has the ability to see, and execute, high tariff passes hence being highest assister for goals last season. Better to be central to use that ability to it’s maximum. He needs to add a greater consistency to his game and we have a ready made replacement for Jamie albeit very different in styles and the other two in midfield would have to be adapted to suit.
  3. Not saying they shouldn’t count at all. That’s just daft. They are your words not mine. You clearly haven’t understood my meaning but that’s ok. My point is simply that to gauge the quality of the striker, as a top flight striker, compare him with his peers in the amount of goals scored/goals per game in the top flight where it is hardest to score. A player could score three against five teams from lower leagues in cup competitions and score two all season in the top league. Stats will show they scored 17 but when you delve into it, clearly they are not top flight standard as they struggle to score at the highest level. However, strikers are and should be judged on more than goal return in the modern game.
  4. I don’t really care what the previous poster said to be honest, but league goals are how top flight strikers should be judged as heightening goals per season record when playing against lower league oppo gives a false impression. By the way, not having a go at obika. We have a lot to thank him for, but we haven’t had a 10+ league goals a season player on the top flight since thommo and obika was not the long term answer. Most teams outside the top two don’t generally have a 10+ goals a season player.
  5. League goals in two seasons was 13. So averages at 6.5 goals a season in the league.
  6. I’d take Mallan in a heartbeat.
  7. Here here. Fully expect Motherwell to be garbage this year. Beaten in a friendly by Dumbarton with a hunner trialists. They are struggling at the moment to pull a squad together after more than two thirds of their squad left at end of last season. All fine and well giving season tickets away for nothing but just won’t work for if we want a chance of progression. For those moaning, go buy your season ticket and stop bumping yer gums. In fact, try and recruit one other to buy one as well. Cmon.
  8. Don’t need a right full back. We have the following that can play/have played there: Fraser Tait Finlayson Flynn MacPherson Budget better used in forward areas.
  9. On what planet has Ethan not been, apart from a few games where his levels have dropped which is going to happen with young players, one of our success stories of the season? Anyone who can’t see that needs their head read.
  10. Did we negotiate a sell on when selling him to Ross County? Seems seal done around £300,000 to Sunderland. I would hope we have a 50% sell on or at least 30% like meatball.
  11. Bloody hell. I think of saints signed Messi there would be some folk saying “that’s shite”......”he’s very one footed”......” he is past his best”. JDH was an unknown and look how his signing has transformed us. Maybe Brophy is another missing piece of the jigsaw. Players and clubs sometimes just go together. We won’t know if it will work until he is given a fair crack. End of story. However, the makings are there and that’s why we have went out and got him.
  12. Have to agree. Good money if we can use it well.
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