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  1. Did we negotiate a sell on when selling him to Ross County? Seems seal done around £300,000 to Sunderland. I would hope we have a 50% sell on or at least 30% like meatball.
  2. Bloody hell. I think of saints signed Messi there would be some folk saying “that’s shite”......”he’s very one footed”......” he is past his best”. JDH was an unknown and look how his signing has transformed us. Maybe Brophy is another missing piece of the jigsaw. Players and clubs sometimes just go together. We won’t know if it will work until he is given a fair crack. End of story. However, the makings are there and that’s why we have went out and got him.
  3. Have to agree. Good money if we can use it well.
  4. Hoping that one of the others that Jim is talking to in LOI is this lad Daniel Mandroiu
  5. Jordan Jones on loan maybe?? Be a great addition if it was but Killie more likely perhaps If let out on loan. Rangers probably looking for permanent.
  6. Looks to have two great feet, powerful shot, quick, hard to knock off the ball. Goal at 4.10 into this video is class. High hopes. Love that we do our business behind the scenes these days.
  7. Contract ends 30.6.2020. Therefore can sign PCA in January 2020.
  8. Paul Smyth at QPR signed 1 year extension and likely to go out on loan. Linked with him before window opened. Possible other wide player we were waiting on down the food chain.
  9. It would appear the team that billy mehmet played for in India and the team Duffy played for are in the same league(Not accounting for relegations/promotions in the interim period).Mehmet 7 goals in 16 games. Duffy 32 goals in 49 games. Duffy 0.65 goals per game over a longer period than Mehmet's 0.44 goals per game. Give the bloke a chance given many would have been happy with Mehmet returning.
  10. Too big a step for Aberdeen to gamble on Ross. With their new backer some cash will be getting spent in Aberdeen.
  11. I calculate Tom Hendrie league win rate in 1.5 seasons in championship as 55-56%. 63% in championship winning season. GIRUY Rae.
  12. Season 15/16 Played 16 Points 12 Season 15/16 Played 26 Points 28 Season 16/17 Played 16 Points 10 Season 16/17 Played 26 Points 30??? Next 10 games: Home games Ayr (h) 3 points Morton (h) 3 points QoTS (h) 3 points Falkirk (h) 1 point Dundee Utd (h) 1 point Hibs (h) 0 points Away games Dundee Utd (a) 0 points Dunfermline (a) 3 points Dumbarton (a) 3 points Ayr (a) 3 points Total 20 points taking us to 30.
  13. Andy Little available. Fits AR bill in terms of being able to play in lots of positions. So, does Sadlier to be fair. With Sadlier, Little, Sutton, Clarkson, (and Shankland) backed up by Morgan and McLear gives lots of options up top.
  14. For the sake of clarity. I have supported all of these young guys that have worn the stripes with the same fervour as everyone else on here. I was as emotional as everyone else on here when we won the cup and when we got relegated. The demise of our club over the last two years has been horrible to witness. We all hurt about that. As long as I feel everyone wearing the stripes, that I'd give my right arm to wear, is giving their all, they will get my full support. When their efforts fall short of that I will ask for more. Mallan has a wonderful talent. I would love to see him showing that off at the highest level. I believe he can surpass Maclean and McGinn. He just needs to develop to achieve that. I'm sure he himself would agree he has areas for improvement.
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