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  1. Will score one goal this season - a worldy against us.
  2. Town and commune in Cameroon.
  3. One man's smirk is another man's grimace. No point in outing anyone. The players will know it's not good enough Pretty sure the fizzugs of the die hard fans looked less than photogenic. I have looked like a torn faced tit after most Saints games.
  4. Looks like Jim might have thrown a spanner in the works by having his own list of players - rightly so. An early test to the theory that a Director of football brings consistency when managers change. I feel the Clubs biggest failing so far is losing Popescu, Hodson and Muzek. All 3 wanted to stay and all 3 are the right quality. Poor imo.
  5. Popped in myself and got a lovely pair of shoes. Didn't try them on - who does? Anyway left shoe size 9 right shoe size 13. I walk in circles now.
  6. On the assumption that most bigger clubs will have their shit together way earlier than us I would hope we are pushing for the maximum number of loan deals as our priority. The big clubs will know who is surplus to their requirements and those players are likely to be way better than anyone we can afford on a permanent deal. Jim can go for stability next season with a season in the top flight and another million quid in the bank for finishing 10th.
  7. Agree on Jim Goodwin. I think he has the ability to do a fine job for us - as did Oran Kearney. Hopefully, you are wrong on the finances, and the accounts, when published, will show otherwise. However if the Club has squandered the significant income generated over the last few seasons then the judgement of the Board has to be questioned.
  8. Do you think the Club will announce his non signing?
  9. Our signing plan seems similar to Liam Fox's trade deals plan.
  10. The boy was blasting the baw over the bar and missing a pass to a bin by miles. Looked ready for selection.
  11. I would check the age on that dod of cheese
  12. Just what we need. Another league table to get anxious about.
  13. Sounds impressive though. Anything with numbers attached makes me think it must be true.
  14. Walked out at half time allegedly...
  15. I think the tweet that caused the initial concern has been deleted.
  16. magnus

    Stevie May

    Reported in today's Herald that Championship Dundee are interested in signing May permanently. Both Dundee teams investing heavily in a return to the top flight.
  17. Bizarre is right. I had thought the social media clips of Tansey training in a public park was extra training on top of Ralston. Didn't seem that long ago he was praising St Mirren for helping him come back from another operation. A week seems a long time at St Mirren. What has changed? Is this another fall out?
  18. Worth keeping in mind that he is St Mirren minded, cares deeply about the Club and has put in a shift for us. A wee bit of respect wouldn't go amiss.
  19. More likely wanting us to pay a bigger %age of his wage. DJ chapsticks felt we had covered his full wage last season?
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