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  1. First Saints passage of play this half. Dont know why we are not playing the passing game.
  2. Yep. We have lost the midfield. Accies have changed shape and we are sitting too deep.
  3. All Accies. We have not made 2 passes this half.
  4. Accies commentary team has gone haywire - we are now Ross County.
  5. Accies commentary team pointing out Saints controlling midfield and outnumbering Accies. Good tactics from Jim.
  6. Pleased to see Templeton looking a bit chubby.
  7. Wee group of Saints fans there by the look of it.
  8. We are looking dangerous on the break. Close a couple of times.
  9. Frantic start. Looks like the whole game is going to be played on the side of the park furthest away from the camera.
  10. Very winnable game. 3 points today and its been an excellent start.
  11. Hadn't realised Lee Hodson had joined Hamilton. A good player that can play in a number of positions. I would have had him back for us.
  12. I suspect you would have been having a major meltdown if Oran was still in charge. Cutting Jim a lot of slack for a shocker of a performance.
  13. I'd say what is Robert Grieve smoking?
  14. Box Office class speculation. Love it!
  15. And get Jim to Google " how much to sign Power, Dicker and Kabamba"
  16. Agreed. We should have been awarded the points.
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