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  1. Applauded the boys off at the end. I thought they put in a shift in the second half. The sending off changed the game but we showed good spirit and the faintest of glimmers of hope. It's the hope that gets you.
  2. Another disappointing afternoon. Too little too late. Saw a wee bit of promise from the Duck though. Started to look like a player. Most of the new signings look good. Bad day at the office for Jack Baird.
  3. Nut job United player red carded for awful tackle.
  4. Let's see if OK can get a reaction out of this team in the second half. As things stand we would struggle in the Championship. Goalie apart there hasnt been a single decent performance.
  5. Unacceptable performance. This team should be ashamed of themselves.
  6. Get the lights on its depressing enough.
  7. Hope the Dundee United fan taken out ill is ok and recovers.
  8. Defence shocking again. Can't deal with easy ball through the middle.
  9. Two brilliant saves and we still can't clear it. 0-1
  10. Saints strip looking sharp with the black socks.
  11. I'd be happy with that lineup Looks good. I would be interested to see young Erhahon play in his natural position.
  12. Let's get right into this mob. My least favourite team outside the OF. A bunch of Billy big baws. Fully expect us to rag doll their Championship asses.
  13. Rubber drinks waitresses and elusive steaks.
  14. Motherwell are a nice mix of pace, decent players and thugs. Two cracking goals and a lesson on how to play on the break. Beat by a well drilled team. We don't have anything up front, weak in the midfield and accident prone at the back. Doesn't look good.
  15. Looks very lightweight. No confidence. Not what we need.
  16. Looked very slow and didn't hold the ball up at all. Disappointing.
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