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  1. This is the type of communication that many supporters want to receive. Just knowing that the BoD still seem to care is a big move in the right direction. Also good to see a young, popular Paisley born player issue a battle cry. Good start. Let's get behind the team tonight. COYS.
  2. Feeling the goosebumps already.....
  3. Totally agree. Let's see what is served up tomorrow. I have absolute confidence in the support.
  4. It's almost sacrilegious to think that Thomson hasn't been anything other than inspiring but I agree with you. Even allowing for the nightmare injuries his body language this season just doesn't strike you as someone who is kicking arse in the dressing room and doing everything to lift the place.
  5. There was quite a bit more fight in them on Friday but you have to wonder if that was for the cause or the players looking to get themselves a move before we slide silently into the Championship. The lack of fight all season and lack of pride in representing SMFC makes this relegation one of the hardest to understand or accept. Difficult not to feel very angry with all concerned.
  6. It looks like the St Mirren minded requirement was dropped a while back tbh. I suspect the English and Argentinian groups would have struggled to show they were St Mirren minded. Looks like GLS is more minded to sell shares rather than buy more. I think that particular boat has now sailed unfortunately.
  7. I have been wearing it for 40 years. It's no fool proof........
  8. Fantastic news for the boy and I wish him every success. Would love to see us sign some big guys though. We are starting to look like a warm up act for Billy Smart's Circus....
  9. I am going. Could be the last game against this horrid scummy mob for some time. I am absolutely dreading the vile patter and the inevetible relegation goading but I hope and pray we show some real Paisley balls and hump them. I am wearing the lucky scarf. If we win and I genuinely believe we can I will look forward to the greatest ever escape and in my heart I believe we can still do it. If we lie down and show no fight at all then this goes down as the worst shower of shite to wear the stripes and they can all fek off.COYS STMTID X
  10. Absolutely dreading this one. But got to go.
  11. I was happy to sign up for 10000 hours albeit with some reservations about what would happen if the monthly subscriptions started to get cancelled. Overall though I think it was an opportunity missed. I hope that we can revisit some of the really good ideas and adapt them in some way to re-energise the club and reconnect it with its fan base and wider community. I liked what Richard Atkinson tried to do. I dont know him but he is an entrepreneur so I have no issue with him taking his ideas to more fertile ground. Shame though.
  12. Agree with all of this bar the view on the10000 hours initiative. I think 10000 hours had a lot of really good ideas and genuine community aspirations. A lot of the revenue generating ideas could be revived by a BoD that still had a pulse.
  13. I don't think you are either and why wouldn't the BoD want to speak to loyal fans and customers.
  14. I think Cheesy would be fine with a decent goalie (like Sammson) behind him and a proper CH be s ide him.
  15. i would argue that a proper scouting system is something we cant afford not to have. You are correct I don t know the costs but I know that the cost of going down for possibly years outweighs running the club like a top flight business. I would ban the club from banging on about tight we are and start talking up our win bonuses and how ambitious we are - that way we just might attract 3 or 4 half decent players.
  16. meant to add - develop a proper scout network to identify raw talent and a professional marketing team.
  17. The obvious ones for me would have been to pay the going rate for guys like Craig Sammon, Nigel Hasselbaink etc. bring in a Centre Hall to give us cover, keep the sports psychologist and health coaches, hire a good manager after a proper interview process - I don't think this would have been more expensive than the cheap options.
  18. Maybe we would see a wee bit effort and possibly a goal.
  19. GT should post this on the dressing room wall. It would scare the shit put of me if my job depended on it.
  20. It's a thought provoking thread though. I agree with Div's thoughts on what was the best football and most fun but it would be wrong to think First Division = Fun and Premiership = a grind. We need to be in the top division watching the best players ply their trade in Paisley. The Club is big enough.
  21. That Lennon season was the best for years and showed what we could achieve. Pity we got a nose bleed and cut back.
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