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  1. No service to speak of. Holding the ball up well but no chances. Not playing badly.
  2. Foley not playing well. Misjudging the flight of the ball repeatedly.
  3. Nearly all over there. Good save from Bobby the goalie.
  4. Reminded of the way we used to play under Jimmy Bone. Hopeful punts up either wing.
  5. Big goalie took a chance coming out there.
  6. Good to see Ethan play in his preferred position.
  7. Hibs boy comes on and blows snot out his nose on to the pitch. f**king idiot.
  8. Lives roon the corner. All boxes ticked. Game on !
  9. The Killie fans seemed to rate him before he went abroad.
  10. Good game and wonderful cheesy commentary. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Wee full back in for big centre back. Hopefully its Calum and a centre back.
  12. Totally agree. Jack is a very capable stand in centre half. The multiple positional changes were unnecessary and backfired big time. Shocker of a performance.
  13. Not making a wider point just observing that having watched the team a lot last season and streamed every game this season we are playing poorer football. No sharp passing, no quick breaks no guile at all in midfield. And regrettably way more defensive
  14. Very similar to the Rangers game. No ambition. Poor passing. Awful tactics. We are a shadow of last year's side.
  15. Kyle Magennis and Ryan Flynn will hopefully provide a much needed injection of skill and attack minded play.
  16. It will be a quiet bus ride back to Paisley that's for sure.
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