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  1. An 18 team top league would be ideal. It would save some pretty decent clubs from financial disaster. The only people that love the playoffs and the drama of relegation are the journos as it gives them something to chat about after Celtic win the league.
  2. St Mirren man. Personally very sad for the boy. Feel a bit gutted tbh.
  3. It would indeed. We can but dream.... The sad thing is that if we even looked like getting any of the above the fans would be game on for next season. Eternal optimists.
  4. I was at a conference recently and Clive Woodward gave a 30 minute talk on sports psychology and the habits needed to develop a winning mentality. The guy is different class. I think this stuff is way more important than all the hopping between wee cones that we seem to do all week. Our guys heads are as much a problem as there footy ability.
  5. To be honest that is a possibility. It would have been great if that had been his answer though...
  6. Agree 100% on GT going from open, clearly embarrased but honest after Motherwell to manager bullshitspeak 101 on Monday night right down to "didn't see the penalty incident so can't comment" Cut out the clichés Gary it doesn't do you any favours.
  7. I favour Calderwood because I remember his teams being more attack minded and skilful. Butcher would be great too though and just the type to cleanse the club of its losing mentality.
  8. Calderwood ticks a lot of boxes. I've mixed feelings about keeping Gary. Might be awkward for him to drop back to coach. He isn't short of a bob or two so maybe a move away to a smaller club would be best for all concerned.
  9. He must know we are always skint though. My concern would be that he has been out of it for a while so how strong are his connections? Could he convince good players to come to us?
  10. Only caught a wee bit of the interview but he comes across as a decent bloke. Cheery and vastly experienced.
  11. Hasn't attended enough games since Danny left.
  12. It would certainly address the "staleness" and reduce the risk of making more easy option type mistakes.
  13. I was thinking more of fans with special skills eg Div on IT; Ricky Gillies on player contracts/youth development; a big hitter on marketing and corporate sponsorship and some operational types on running the business.
  14. I want you to be the next Chairman. A true man of the people.
  15. A lot in there. If the BOD can't or won't offload the club then what you suggest might really help them. We use Non Exec Directors in this way (NED's) Don't know if the BOD would fancy it though because they would be accountable and challenged. Much easier running it like a golf club.
  16. If I was the BoD I would be 100% more worried about this than any perception of personal criticism.
  17. Hate to say it but he also looks like he has had a very hard paper round. I can't see him getting our lot fired up.
  18. Ross County are a good side. Way more skilful, faster and certainly much fitter than us. They could all walk into our team. Ridgers looked the part which is a positive.
  19. Always remember him chasing some wee terrified player off the park at half time at Love Street after being booted in a way that would have put us mere mortals in the RAH for months. Hard.
  20. I think Calderwood is a good shout. His CV is good and he seems really keen to get back into management. Don't know what his connections are like or whether he can overcome the reluctance that good players have about joining us.
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